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Important Board Announcements
Announcements about the board, board policy, changes and general info updates.
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Re: 2015 Board Donor List
(EffBee) - 07/27/15 02:13 PM
Rider Needs Help
For Emergency Use Only.
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Re: Stuck in Cincinatti
(enfoman) - 08/02/15 11:56 AM
Ask, talk, discuss and learn about your BMW.
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Motorcycle Talk (7 viewing)
Discuss new bikes, bike reviews, new member introductions, racing and motorcycle topics not covered elsewhere.
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Re: Lost key
(beemerboy) - Yesterday at 07:51 PM
Bike Related Things (14 viewing)
Ask About Gear, Accessories, Audio, GPS, Cameras, Seats, Tools, Insurance, Extended Warranties, and more.
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Re: GPS Recommendation
(moshe_levy) - Today at 12:13 AM
Oilheads (9 viewing)
Mechanical/accessory discussions specific to R1100/1150RT's and other 1100/1150 boxers.
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Re: Need a non-oily way to...
(elkroeger) - Yesterday at 11:04 PM
Hexheads (8 viewing)
Mechanical/accessory discussions specific to 2005 - 2009 R1200RT's and other 1200cc boxers.
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Re: ESA does not work. Bu...
(lkraus) - Yesterday at 09:09 PM
Camheads (1 viewing)
Mechanical/accessory discussions specific to the 2010 and later R1200RT's and other "camhead" boxers.
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Re: 2013 R1200RT
(tallman) - Yesterday at 07:50 PM
Wetheads (1 viewing)
Mechanical/accessory discussions specific to BMW's water-cooled boxers
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Re: This RTW is hot!
(rcklindave) - Yesterday at 10:45 AM
Gelande Strasse
GS Riders also Sport Tour. They just get a little dirtier than the rest of us.
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Re: '92 R100GS power failu...
(mneblett) - 08/30/15 04:33 AM
K Bikes
Mechanical/accessory discussions specific to all K series bikes.
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Re: K1600
(Shaolin Master Sergeant) - 08/29/15 10:06 PM
Non R/K Bikes (3 viewing)
Mechanical and accessory discussions specific to S, F and G Series Bikes. Oh yeah, and like Airheads, too.
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Re: F800 GT engine questio...
(Skywagon) - 08/17/15 07:23 PM
Where to go, what to do, when to do it and with whom.
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The BMWST 2016 UnRally (1 viewing)
Announcement, discussion and details for about UnRally XV to be held in . . . .
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Re: What do I get for $55?
(Bill_Walker) - 44 minutes 44 seconds ago
Ride and Event Planning (4 viewing)
Discuss upcoming rides, Tech Days and get togethers. Also, geographically specific dealer question.
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Re: 2nd annual Santa Paula...
(algover) - Yesterday at 11:19 PM
Ride Tales (1 viewing)
Tell us about your recent ride or gathering with other riders.
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Re: Went for ice cream tod...
(ArmyGuy) - 08/30/15 07:59 PM
Ride Well (1 viewing)
Develop your judgment and riding skills. Share what is making you a better rider.
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Re: Trying to Pass...Wake ...
(lkraus) - 08/31/15 11:44 AM
Future UnRally Locations
Parameters for submitting a proposal to be the organizer/host for a future UnRally.
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Re: WEST: Suggested Unral...
(TNT) - 08/23/15 07:01 AM
UnRally XIV: There Will Be Cows (June 22-25, 2015)
Information and discussion about the 2015 UnRally.
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Re: Excited chatter??????
(Glenn Reed) - 06/24/15 07:47 AM
Info, data, links and more knowledge about your BMW, accessories, apparel and other things that make riding more complete.
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Vendor Forum
The place for manufacturers and vendors to post about their products, and when they have special offers, to tell us about them. Vendors Only may set up Group Buys here.
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Re: New BMW RT-LC and GS-L...
(Roadwolf Design) - Yesterday at 04:32 PM
Classifieds (3 viewing)
Non-commercial private sales/purchases. PLEASE Read the Rules and Guidelines first.
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Re: FS: 2004 1150 RT - Sil...
(belezar) - Yesterday at 10:06 AM
Product Reviews (1 viewing)
Proactively tell everyone how you feel about the accessories, gear and consumables you've bought and used.
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Sunglasses for Old Blind F...
(Jake) - 08/31/15 06:52 PM
Riders Discuss Other Topics (8 viewing)
Stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere. No politics allowed.
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Re: Unreal tire issue I ha...
(Sailorlite) - Yesterday at 10:31 AM
Photos should contain a motorcycle or motorcycle-related element in action, static, or used artistically.
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Re: 2016 BMW R1200RS
(Studio Seven) - Yesterday at 08:18 AM
Discussion Board Support
Ask questions about the DB, learn how to post photos, create links, etc., and do your testing here.
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Re: New Vendor Forum Compl...
(EffBee) - 08/06/15 04:14 PM
Learn how to work on your BMW. Show your work and/or learn from others.
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Do It Yourself (How To. . .) (1 viewing)
This is not a place for questions, but for answers. Post for your fellow members how you've performed various maintenance, service and repair procedures. Photos help a lot.
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Torque Wrench Extensions/R...
(EffBee) - 07/07/15 03:40 PM
Where To . . .
Where To find information on, and retailers of, products and services to enhance your riding experience.
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Re: Forum Updates
(Boffin) - 01/30/15 10:09 AM
Search through informative posts from the past.
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Classified History (1 viewing)
A searchable archive of successful Classified sales over the past year. Alphabetical by seller.
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Re: FS: Camhead and Hexhea...
(Brad Moody) - 08/31/15 08:40 PM
The Ride Home
Farewell to our members who have made their final journey.
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Re: Passing of the Legend
(Albert) - 09/28/14 10:43 AM
Ride Tales That Last (1 viewing)
Ride Tales from the past that just bear repeating.
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Re: Dances With Cows: The ...
(ESokoloff) - 10/20/13 10:54 PM
Happy 10th Anniversary to Us!!
Memories and impressions celebrating our tenth anniversary.
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Re: We're Ten Years Old!
(Jerry Johnston) - 09/11/09 02:07 PM
UnRally Archive (2002 - 2014 and counting) 606 13649
Re: Check In
(markgoodrich) - 07/13/14 05:43 PM