Posted By: Wyn

Paint - 06/07/09 11:12 PM

Hey folks, In the fall I plan on purchasing a late model R1150RS with the intention of having it painted either Boston Green or moving away from BMW paint and going with a nice candy apple red with clear coat of course.

Question is, should I go with the stock Boston Green, where do I get it? If I go with the candy apple red, what kind? Type? Name brand etc.?

Thanks in advance.
Oh yeah, and just for old times!
Only once, I promise.


Posted By: Wyn

Re: Paint - 06/07/09 11:23 PM

Cool, got stock paint answer from another post.


Posted By: Wyn

Re: Paint - 06/08/09 10:52 PM

Hmmm,well, I guess no one here knows about paint.
Posted By: ArthurKnowles

Re: Paint - 06/09/09 05:31 AM

Actually if you want the Glauserite (don't think I spelled it right) you can get it from Hamersly. I looked in to it. A quart kit costs about $250. Enough for the entire motorcycle.
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