Removing scuffs from helmet shield???

Posted By: Scoots

Removing scuffs from helmet shield??? - 07/04/10 03:59 AM

I just dropped my new helmet this morning. It only fell about 6", but it landed onto the pavement right in the center of the shield! Wouldn't you know it!

Now, I have 5 faint scuff marks right in the middle of my vision. I'm probably more annoyed that it is a new helmet rather than the severity of the scuffs. A new shield will eat the better part of $50.

Anyway, have any of you fellows tried any of the clear plastic scratch removers, such as Meguiar's? There are a lot of clear plastic scratch removers on the market, most of them are for the plastic windows for the soft tops on boats and convertibles.

Any experiences or recommendations out there?

Posted By: longbch

Re: Removing scuffs from helmet shield??? - 07/04/10 10:27 AM

I've had a lot of success with Novus plastic polish on old radio dials, etc.

I recommend the #2 polish for light scratches. It will take some rubbing, but it gets the job done. The #1 polish is just a spray. It makes the plastic look nice and shiny, but it really isn't needed.

Haven't used it on a face shield yet, but I need to on my son's helmet. Maybe I'll have him do it ;-)
Posted By: chrisz

Re: Removing scuffs from helmet shield??? - 07/04/10 12:45 PM

I've used toothpaste while on the road and it worked. But a dedicated product like Meguiar's would work better. I've used Meguiar's on plastic car headlights, but had to use a buffing machine to remove the haze on the car light as hand rubbing was not having the desired affect.
Posted By: Jerry Johnston

Re: Removing scuffs from helmet shield??? - 07/05/10 10:15 PM

You're a darn sight luckier than me. When I dropped my new helmet it landed on the helmet which left marks on the helmet that was visable, at least the visor is cheaper to replace.
Posted By: BerndM

Re: Removing scuffs from helmet shield??? - 07/06/10 05:28 AM

Unless I'm mistaken (my wife says I usually am) most shields are UV coated. It seems possible that any attempt to remove scuff or scratch marks could also remove the UV coating. I wonder if this will result in a splotchy look?
Please let us know the results because I'm sure all of us have some scuffing we'd like to get off our shields.
Posted By: Froggy

Re: Removing scuffs from helmet shield??? - 07/06/10 12:45 PM not laugh rofl,hey wait i did'nt tell U yet.Alright then,I saw this done on YOU TUBE and am going to try it on my ipod.
Here goes...
1. Take a piece of banana and smear it on the scratch area real well.
2. Take inside of banana peel and smear the banana goo that is already on shield with banana peel.
3. Take cotton cloth and wipe off goo.
4. Take windex or deluted vinegar and clean shield.
Saw this done and could not believe the results.
OK...NOW LAUGH!!!!!! wink
Posted By: Dick_at_Lake_Tahoe_NV

Re: Removing scuffs from helmet shield??? - 07/06/10 02:57 PM

And here's the You Tube Video--Interestng for sure.
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