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Posted By: Medic Mike

Summer Gloves - 10/29/17 10:25 PM

Afternoon Everyone:
I know it is fall and winter is coming soon, but I am in need of new summer gloves. My Klim Mojave gloves have had it and need to be retired. I have been looking heavily at Held Airstream II's, but I am not 100% on the wagon. Thus, why I am here to pick the brains of my fellow ST people Here are the gloves I have been contemplating:
Held Airstream II
Klim Induction (Long)
BMW Air Flow

I do not care nor want Gore Tex for my summer gloves so that I can have maximum airflow. Gauntlet or half gauntlet is what I am hoping for, though not a deal breaker. The summers here in the Raleigh area of NC can be very humid, plus I do not mind if my hands get wet from rain. I would like to stay under $200, but I have budgeted up to $250 so that I can find a good and solid pair of gloves that will last for more than one riding season (unlike my Mojave's). I am open to other brands, just do not know enough to make a solid decision.
Thanks everyone
Posted By: Selden

Re: Summer Gloves - 10/29/17 11:18 PM

Held Rodney gloves are, far and away, the most comfortable summer gloves I have ever owned. I got about 8 years out of my first pair before the perforations in the palm leather started to open up, and I ordered a second pair last month. Tan back doesn't absorb as much heat as black, and unlike many gloves, I never had issues with black dye from the palm leather.

[Linked Image]

Apparently in the USA Held has price controls, so every vendor I have seen sells them for $120 a pair. I found a German mail order company, FC-Moto, which as of today lists them at $104.39, but they have discount codes, so my net price last month was $103.80, including shipping charges from Germany with DHL.

I don't know if this discount code is still valid, but it's worth a try: FCMOTO10EN. If not, search for fc-moto discount code until you find one that works.
Posted By: Tri750

Re: Summer Gloves - 10/30/17 01:56 AM

Held has been my choice for years except for Winter. For that I use the BMW Pro-Winter or whatever they call it now.
Posted By: OoPEZoO

Re: Summer Gloves - 10/30/17 02:04 AM

I have been using Held Sambia gloves for the past few years. My requirements were that they must be vented, have decent armor, and not black. They are my favorite gloves I've ever owned. They fit great and have held up very well. They are my goto gloves anytime it's warm enough to wear them. I'd buy another pair in a second. I wasn't sure how I was going to like them originally because I've never owned anything with a short cuff. Once I got them I lost that concern. They have nice thick rubber armor patches that comes back over the bones in your wrist. Also, I loved that I could get them in something other than black. Never made sense to me buying vented gear that was black.
Posted By: Hank R1200RT

Re: Summer Gloves - 10/30/17 05:57 AM

Mike, you do not mention your hand size. If you have large hands, choices dwindle. For example, the Held Rodneys only go to 11...good enough for Spinal Tap, but I need a 12 or 3XL. Bought some BMW summer gloves about two months ago, they are wearing in OK..been meaning to write a review.

Let us know what you eventually get.
Posted By: Sonor

Re: Summer Gloves - 10/30/17 11:40 AM

Mike, I have been using Aerostitch summer gloves for the past few years and they have served me well. I must admit it is time to retire them and have been seriously looking at the BMW gloves you mentioned. All of this to say, don't discount Aerostitch but I am very interested in the final choice.
Posted By: Chris K

Re: Summer Gloves - 10/30/17 01:23 PM

I just finished my third season with the Held Airstream II gloves. They are a great 3 season glove here in GA and they look like they will last at least another 3 years. They are the best venting glove with the best protection I have owned.
Posted By: Living the Dream

Re: Summer Gloves - 10/30/17 01:52 PM

Seven years on the Scorpion Claw, still look great. Although not a gauntlet and I don't think they make them anymore, but the price was right around $60 when I got them. I've also picked up a pair of Rev it's SLR gloves for HP4 rides,....but got those at Goodwill wink
Posted By: MikeB60

Re: Summer Gloves - 10/30/17 04:01 PM

I'm a big fan of the Held's as well. Just wore out a pair of Airstreams after 7-8 years (hole in one of the fingertips). I replaced them this summer with a pair of Airstream IIs that I bought from Motardinn out of Spain. Held's fit true to size for me and they are about $60 cheaper when you buy them overseas.
Posted By: RTinNC

Re: Summer Gloves - 10/31/17 12:31 AM

I got my Held Rodney's from Bob's BMW when they had like a 20% off any one item sale and free shipping. I suspect as we get close to Christmas similar deals will appear. I pretty much only wear deerskin gloves for comfort and durability. And if they get wet they dry up nicely! Just ordered a pair of gauntlets from Sullivan Glove .... and they are MADE IN USA!
Posted By: Medic Mike

Re: Summer Gloves - 10/31/17 10:13 AM

How is the ventilation in those Sullivan's? I have two great pair of late fall to early spring gloves, it is the summer months that I am looking to get covered.
Posted By: Selden

Re: Summer Gloves - 10/31/17 10:35 AM

Just received a Halloween discount code from FC-Moto: FCHALLOWEEN10

Valid from 30.10.2017 to 01.11.2017
Posted By: RTinNC

Re: Summer Gloves - 11/01/17 03:45 AM

Originally Posted by Medic Mike
How is the ventilation in those Sullivan's? I have two great pair of late fall to early spring gloves, it is the summer months that I am looking to get covered.

The model I bought is the unlined deerskin gauntlet. Not sure if they have any perforated deerskins but for me the unlined deerskins are fine in summer. Have been wearing the Rodney gloves this past summer and while they are fine and offer the ventilation ... for ME they are not as comfortable as my regular deerskins. I also have a new pair of these I have not yet worn.
Posted By: Medic Mike

Re: Summer Gloves - 11/02/17 11:50 PM

Sorry for the delay on response everyone.
Thank you for website and discount codes. I have the site saved...and unless Revzilla or another site has stupid prices, FC Moto will probably where I will get my gloves from. After hearing about the Sambia's, the debate has now started between them and the Rodney's. I agree, black for a summer glove makes little sense.
Thank you everyone for your honest opinions and suggestions

Posted By: marknetm

Re: Summer Gloves - 11/05/17 01:57 PM

I just purchased a pair of Lee Park Deer Tourers to replace my Aerostch elk skins Ropers. The Stich gloves were my go-to for 5 years. Unfortunately, after getting drenched a few times they became stiff even though I had treated them with a high quality leather dressing regularly. Made my hands cramp after a while so retired them.
Just returned from a 600 mile trip & can report the Deer Skins were everything people & reviews had said. Very luxurious & comfy. Supposedly they will not stiffen up after repeated washings in the rain. Definitely worth a close look as a touring glove...
Posted By: Jagman

Re: Summer Gloves - 11/06/17 03:49 AM

I'm sure that the Lee Park's are good, saw them at the Chicago Show. Also saw the Gripswell gloves and liked them for their anti fatigue padding, plus the leather was ultra soft. Had them for about 6 years and decided to get some new ones as I'd had them for about 50K miles. $59.... great deal.4
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