Our 1,000,000th Post

Posted By: EffBee

Our 1,000,000th Post - 11/01/17 11:12 PM has been around for about 19 years. In that time, we've had more than 27,000 new members (and probably closer to 30,000 applicants if we count the ones we've banned who only registered because they wanted to sell you $20 Rolexes, industrial paint sprayers, counterfeit cash, annuities, work-from-home scams, oh the list we could assemble !!!). The discussion on this board have ranged far and wide, from oil to tires to Czechoslovakian anti-surge spark plugs, to deep technical explanations that are understandable by the common man, to epic ride tales that encompass a half dozen episodes along with photos that make the reader experience feel almost three dimensional.

A couple of months ago, the Admin Team noticed that we were closing in on the one-millionth post on this site. One Million. That's a LOT of posts. There was some discussion about the difference between the count being kept on the right edge of the top bar of each post, and what the Admin Team sees when we're working with the data that our behind-the-scenes controls give us access to. The mystery was solved when our IT gurus discovered that one tally accounts for posts that the author deleted within the 30-minute editing limit, and one tally doesn't. So we decided that a post is a post, separate from if the author wanted to delete it, and we settled on the count that everyone can see (top right).

We had some discussion as to what the author of this millionth post should get. A free ride in the corporate jet (it's in the shop, the final drive broke facepalm). How about a weekend at the BMWST Admin condo in the Seychelle Islands (the chef is on strike and the island girls broke the palm fronds dopeslap). So what else could it be? How about notoriety!!!

Well yesterday it happened. Our One Millionth Post (Linky). It appears that the honor goes to Mr. Josh Szurszewski. As the winner, he is entitled to all bragging rights, a free pancake breakfast at the next Un (yeah, bring the whole family. . . the board will cover it), and maybe a free 20th Anniversary embroidered golf shirt, when that comes around in a year or so and IF I get up off my butt, finish designing the shirt, and take all the requisite pre-orders once we announce and show it.

So add your congrats to Mr. Szurszewski, and take some credit for yourselves for all the other 999,999 post you all had a hand in.

Congratulations, Josh. Well done. thumbsup We might have been able to do it without you, but it wouldn't have been as much fun to spell. clap clap clap
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