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Posted By: Skywagon

Re: Boots - 12/19/17 06:07 PM

Alas my current boots I've been wearing the last ten years have basically blown out. They've been very comfortable to walk in all day. My only complaint is they aren't water proof. They are the ones in link below.

So....I decide to buy some waterproof boots. I bought the ones in the link below. As far as the foot goes, they are ok, not great but ok. If I had to walk a long way or long time I would need to change shoes. They are waterproof...........but and the big but, I wore them on a ride of about 6 hours. My shins were killing me. Reminds me of wearing ski boots that are too tight and hurt.

I've been looking all over Houston for something but not many people really stock boots. I don't want a high boot, nothing above 8 inches. I do prefer the taller hill but isn't a requirement as not vertically challenged.

Any thoughts on something you really like that are all day all walking comfortable, water proof ( it rains a lot here) and in the 8 inch category.

Thanks all.
Posted By: JR356

Re: Boots - 12/19/17 06:26 PM

Daytona M star.
High quality boot with all the features you want.
Has elevated heel.
These are a tall heel version of the well regarded Daytona Roadstar.
Revzilla has a review.
Can be bought thru US sources,but save some money and buy thru Motostorm or FC Moto.
Be aware,they run one size large,so if you are a 44, then order a 43.
I own 2 pair Daytona boots,with good care they should last 7-10 years.
If you want a ventilated waterproof boot,look at their Spirit XCR.
Another less costly good option in vented WP boot is TCX Airtech EVO XCR.
All these boots are 10-11 inches tall,but all day comfortable.

Posted By: powwow

Re: Boots - 12/19/17 09:58 PM

Also a fan of Daytona, however mine are the GTX model. All day comfortable, on or off the bike, right out of the box. Have also proven to be very waterproof with feet staying dry through downpours.
Posted By: JR356

Re: Boots - 12/20/17 06:12 AM

Roadstar are my other Daytona’s,just wore them on half day trip Saturday with a lot of standing and walking(nearby dealership Christmas party)
The Spirit XCR are my 3 season boots.
M Star is identical to Roadstar except sole and lift insole.Revzilla review shows it best.

Posted By: brianh70

Re: Boots - 12/20/17 02:01 PM

I have a pair of these and I love them, but they might be a bit over the 8" mark -
Breathable AND waterproof. I was totally skeptical, but they really work. I also find them perfectly comfortable for walking around.
Posted By: lawnchairboy

Re: Boots - 12/20/17 02:30 PM

the most comfortable pair I've owned. my current pair are about 5 years old now, I put beeswax on them about once a year, the waterproof "ness" of them has faltered of late but you can walk around in them all day comfortably.
Posted By: Doug_Baliko

Re: Boots - 12/21/17 02:18 AM

I have been wearing BMW Allround boots for several years now. I find them to be extremely comfortable, easy to walk in, and totally waterproof.

Posted By: Skywagon

Re: Boots - 12/21/17 03:02 AM

Thanks all...i'll take a look at all these recommendations and buy something shortly. When you can see your socks through your boots, it's time to upgrade.
Posted By: KTM Doug

Re: Boots - 12/22/17 12:54 AM

They cost a little more but as said above, the BMW All-Arounds are great. Two Doug's wouldn't steer ya wrong. grin
Posted By: RandyShields

Re: Boots - 12/22/17 12:07 PM

Here is another consideration. After about 15 years, one of my BMW Pro Touring boots finally lost its waterproofness. They were great up until then, and all day comfortable. So, I bought another pair a few years ago. One thing had changed. While they still have Gore Tex and are as comfortable to wear as the first pair, getting them on and off was much harder because they moved the zipper from the inside to the outside of the boot. I believe the rationale was to prevent scratching the bike, but the consequence of that makes them more difficult to manipulate, particularly after you have added a few pounds. I note that because I see that the GTX models mentioned above look like they have an outside zipper. (I think that the BMW All Around boot has the zipper on the inside.) A friend who also purchased another pair of Pro Touring boots recently flexed over to some Alpinestars and is quite happy.

Good shopping.

Randy Shields
Posted By: hopz

Re: Boots - 12/22/17 02:18 PM

I have avoided joining this thread because any answer will only partially valid. I will no longer resist.

I needed boots and I wanted something comfortable and waterproof. I went with Alpinestars and that was about 5 years ago. I love them. They do exactly want I want. Comfort. Ease of put--on/take-off. Warm/cool as needed. Waterproof... etc. Never leaked a drop and never a wet sock inside the boot. IIRC I thought they might be a bit spendy, but at this point in their life I cannot even recall the price nor the feeling of being hosed. They are comfortable enough to just be an issue for walking around in on a great or casual hike at a rest stop.

Mine still have many more years in them as there nol visible sign of wear except for the various bugs I seem to collect but this is not the boot's problem. I do wipe them down every now and then but have never applied waterproofing.

Good luck.
Posted By: lkraus

Re: Boots - 12/22/17 02:30 PM

The Daytona RoadStar GTX actually has two zippers per boot, a long curved one on the outside and a shorter straight one on the inside of the foot. Generally, you need to use both to slip the boot on/off easily. There is also a hook'n'loop adjustable panel in the back, to get a good fit around the calf, with pant legs in or out of the boot.. I've found these to be very comfortable for walking, even on short hikes of 1-2 miles and at the AIMExpo, which involved about eight hours of walking and standing around the convention center.
Posted By: John in VA

Re: Boots - 12/23/17 05:25 PM

I wore out the soles on my Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex boots last year so rather than pay a cobbler $80 to resole I bought a new pair. They're the best boots I've ever owned. I tried BMW All Around for one winter but its velcro was too tough and coarse -- it abraded the skin on my fingers every time I put them on and was so strong it was hard to pull them open.
Posted By: Richard b.

Re: Boots - 12/26/17 03:45 AM

Hi David,

I believe this my first post on this board, but boots - who can resist? I currently ride BMW pro touring. Comfortable out of the box and goretex. Like them a lot. However one short coming in my opinion is the very light texture on the sole. I find this makes it a little too easy to slip on loose sand or gravel. I hesitate to walk down a dirt path or trail when I'm of the bike. So I'm looking for a something like them but with a little more grip. This Canadian fellow has a very good long term review on the Sidi Canyon boots at this link - or search for "Phil on the street". As far as I can tell, he does not have sponsors. He admits to a very undramatic style of review with lots of his experiences and he is an iron butt rider. Lots of of good info. The boots are a hybrid of touring and adventure styles. Most likely I will order a pair shortly.

Hope this helps.

Posted By: Skywagon

Re: Boots - 12/26/17 11:41 PM

Thanks Richard and welcome on your 2nd post. I suspect those are really nice boots but I am looking for something shorter. If you do get them report back on how you like them.
Posted By: BigTup

Re: Boots - 12/27/17 04:26 AM

I didn't care for any motorcycle boots that I saw. I bought Harley boots 10 years ago, but they were really work boots marketed by Harley. The soles keep coming apart, so I bought Keene 6" work boots, waterproof., around $150.
Posted By: Selden

Re: Boots - 12/27/17 04:08 PM

I have been lusting after the Gaerne's, but my 11-year old Aerostich Combat Lites are still in great shape, still extremely comfortable, and have never leaked in the rain.

Gaerne seems to have several variants of what appear to be the same boot. These are available on Amazon for ~$200:
Posted By: lawnchairboy

Re: Boots - 12/27/17 06:45 PM;psc=1&refRID=TAGHMN4672GNX9GS4WT5

most comfortable pair I've owned. they are older now. about time for another pair.
Posted By: Lucky Dave

Re: Boots - 12/30/17 06:20 AM

BMW all arounds.
Good protection with a reasonable amount of armor (not race boots, but for touring boots they're OK), good build quality, completely waterproof, semi comfortable to walk in (better than most dedicated riding boots in this respect). Good price too.
What more do you want?
Posted By: RPG

Re: Boots - 01/02/18 03:49 PM

I have a pair of the BMW All Around's and for most riding they're excellent. They are a bit uncomfortable after a long day and a bit warm, but they ARE completely waterproof in the rain.

Since I won them at my local dealer's Open House, I can't complain about the price. smile

If I was buying a pair, I would 2nd JohnH's comments and get another pair of Alpinestars. Definitely the most comfortable boots I've ever walked in. AND, they lasted about 7 years of everyday use.

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