R Nine T or Ducati Scrambler?

Posted By: xbubblehead

R Nine T or Ducati Scrambler? - 07/12/15 03:34 PM

Im thinking about changing/adding a bike to the garage. I have ordered a Ducati Scrambler which doesn't come in until mid August but my mind keeps going back to the R Nine T. The Ducati dealer will have no problems selling the bike I ordered so i don't have any issues there plus i get my money back.

My thinking is, if i stay with the Scrambler I want to keep my RT. if I get the Nine T then I was thinking of trading the RT (its paid in full) in to save some cash. Ive ridden the Scramble and think its a really fun bike but lacks the polish I'm used to for the RT. I plan on test riding the Nine T this week or next. Has anyone have any experience with the Nine T? Any feeling about it? Reviews are all over the board on youtube.
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Re: R Nine T or Ducati Scrambler? - 07/12/15 05:01 PM

Moto Guzzi V7 Racer
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Re: R Nine T or Ducati Scrambler? - 07/12/15 05:57 PM

If you plan to keep it short term (two years or less), the Scrambler may be a right choice, though it's much on the basic side and with typical Ducati costs of ownership. I am not talking about reliability, but about the costs of living with the thing. wink

If you plan to keep the bike long term, know the Scrambler will end exactly like the Hypermotard: when the fad dies, nobody will want to take it off your hands.
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Re: R Nine T or Ducati Scrambler? - 07/12/15 09:07 PM

I've ridden both. I found the Nine to be much more controllable and comfortable than the Duc, which has an extremely grabby throttle and vague shifter.
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Re: R Nine T or Ducati Scrambler? - 07/15/15 05:08 PM

It's hardly an equal comparison

Chain versus driveshaft

75 versus 110 hp

Belts in engine versus chains
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Re: R Nine T or Ducati Scrambler? - 07/21/15 05:31 PM

I am bias as I own a R9T, simply the most fun I have had on a BMW since my first days with the brand. Sounds so good, great roll on, and handles quite well. Plus it feels so small when on it, having come from RT/GT type bikes is was a relevation
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Re: R Nine T or Ducati Scrambler? - 07/23/15 07:20 AM

Yamaha just introduced this little bike here:

It's pretty much a tricked out MT-07 and will cost just little more than the original MT-07, which is a great bargain for the price.

If it'll ever make it to your shores, consider it. It will surely be better than a Ducati and far cheaper than an RNineT. wink
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