Motorcycle shippers

Posted By: gthorpe

Motorcycle shippers - 12/02/17 06:58 AM

Can someone recommend a motorcycle shipper they have been satisfied with recently?

I want to deal with companies that do the actual shipping, not brokers that post your order on a bulletin board for truckers to bid on.

Posted By: TheOtherLee

Re: Motorcycle shippers - 12/02/17 09:39 AM

Glenn -
Here’s a recent thread with a happy ending. *link*
Posted By: Doug_Baliko

Re: Motorcycle shippers - 12/02/17 12:32 PM

There are several threads on this subject. I have used Federal several times and have been pleased with the outcome.

Posted By: szurszewski

Re: Motorcycle shippers - 12/02/17 03:52 PM

oops - clickable of the above:
Posted By: Tri750

Re: Motorcycle shippers - 12/02/17 11:11 PM

Bmw dealers use Federal for transfers within dealer network. They are the Cadillac of shipping companies.
A lower priced alternative that will take longer is Haulbike.
A number of customers and a guy I sold a bike to in Florida used them with positive results. They will take several weeks longer than Federal but the cost can be much less.
You have to decide what's important.
Posted By: chrisolson

Re: Motorcycle shippers - 12/03/17 12:31 AM

+1 on Haulbikes. They met their schedule, reasonable price and bike was undamaged ... what more could you want?
Posted By: LBump

Re: Motorcycle shippers - 12/03/17 05:07 AM

Call Michael... the brother and I have used him many times with no incident, no BS, and on quoted delivery time. Smaller owner operator, but he can deliver. thumbsup


Good luck with the transport!
Posted By: Bill_Walker

Re: Motorcycle shippers - 12/03/17 06:26 PM

I used (aka Daily Direct) to ship my bike home from Chattanooga after the clutch splines failed. They use a hub-and-spoke system based, IIRC, out of Wisconsin. So, my bike went from TN to WI and sat there a while waiting for them to have enough of a load going west. Repairs were completed in Chattanooga on 11/30/13, and I finally got my bike on 1/22/14. Probably not a big deal if you live someplace with real winter, but for those of us who live in places like Tempe and San Diego where winter riding is available, it was kind of a drag. I have no idea whether other shippers would be faster that time of year.
Posted By: RT5HTP

Re: Motorcycle shippers - 12/04/17 04:25 PM

Originally Posted by Doug_Baliko
There are several threads on this subject. I have used Federal several times and have been pleased with the outcome.


Me too. Nice outfit. I've always dealt with Barb(800-747-4100). I'll be using them again this Spring. The bike does change hands a few times going cross-country though. They are pretty quick to deliver MA to CA- approx 10 days. I used Haulbikes once and although they did a good job, it took way too long to go coast-to-coast(not acceptable, but thats my opinion).
Posted By: Stbell

Re: Motorcycle shippers - 12/06/17 03:07 AM

Glenn, +1 for Haulbikes. I used them awhile ago shipping my bike from AZ to northern VA. The customer service was excellent and the price very reasonable. Good luck with the transport.

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