RT Goes Turtle, Need Paint Code, Paint Source?

Posted By: EyeBike528

RT Goes Turtle, Need Paint Code, Paint Source? - 11/21/17 02:49 AM

It was a classic.......
At my all too familiar bank and just reading about 'leaf slip' as the October and November months are approaching.
Wasn't in any kind of rush nor was I fatigued but, upon lowering my kickstand down my kick stand plate AND my boot landed on two separate pebbles on the pavement ...and Down She Goes....!
She's a 2010 R1200Rt with 37 K miles on her and a lot of life yet to go.
I have some 'serious gouges' in her L system case which are totally bumming me out, and need some automotive bond-o. I assume I'll be doing some 80 Grit sanding and wet 440 and 600 sanding and priming and more priming, and finally a color coat and clear coat to be pristine again.
So my question is, does anyone know where a source of ' BMW Ostra Grey Spray Paint' would be?
I don't have a spray gun so and compressor, therefore I need to order some color spray paint cans and a matching spray paint can of clear coat.
And now, for some photos of the 'slight' damage, try not to cry.
Thanks in advance.
Jim S.
on Holbrook, Long Island, NY.

Before all went a wry….


The moment it happened:



Details on the Left System Case


Posted By: Dennis Andress

Re: RT Goes Turtle, Need Paint Code, Paint Source? - 11/21/17 03:27 AM

I heard a few years ago that BMW was contemplating getting out of the paint business. So much as to include shipping only primed replacement body panels. Don't know if they did it or not. Regardless, in the past the only place to get BMW colors in touch up kit was at a dealer.
Posted By: Buckster

Re: RT Goes Turtle, Need Paint Code, Paint Source? - 11/21/17 05:26 AM

EyeBike528, this is the supplier that I have used. I called them and described my motorcycle and they were able to find the paint code. They mix the paint and put it into a spray can. They have clear coat and other painting products too (tack cloths, degreaser). It takes about 10 days. I am very pleased with how well the paint matched my motorcycle's paint despite it being 11 years old. I am not affiliated with the company other than being a satisfied customer. PS: You will need to call them as none of the motorcycle codes are listed on the website.
Posted By: Hank in WV

Re: RT Goes Turtle, Need Paint Code, Paint Source? - 11/21/17 11:12 PM

Must be a bad luck bike. I have the same year and color bike. I apparently didn't latch my bag on correctly and it fell of when I hit a bad bump and slid down the road at about 35 mph. Ugliness! I haven't used it yet but I bought my paint from:
Posted By: EyeBike528

Re: RT Goes Turtle, Need Paint Code, Paint Source? - 11/22/17 10:37 PM

Thanks - Giving.... to Dennis, Buckster and Hank!

I found a supplier thru Amazon.
Got the Ostra Grey and Clear Coat 'Eggshell' from a same supplier:
here's their contact info.
Touch Up Direct, 7622 Van Nuys Blvd. Van Nuys CA.
tel: (855) 600-8150

Gobble gobble gobble!


Next: how the heck do I get you guys to see my photos like that gorgeous 2018 R12RT that is on the next thread down? guess I can't use google drive for that anymore, it's no fun if you have to click on a link to see a pic!
Posted By: MIBadger

Re: RT Goes Turtle, Need Paint Code, Paint Source? - 01/01/18 04:20 PM

Hey Jim
Did you get your paint questoins answered?
I had a similar event with my 06 RT.
I found the paint codes in microfiche on Maxbmw website.
My color required a base (light grey) and top coat (red).
Then a 2K clear.

Lots of sanding and a little bondo to fill in deep scratches.

I used BASF paint. Glasurit I think. Automotive paint store will have the codes you need. Not cheap.

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