We're Ten Years Old!

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We're Ten Years Old! - 05/31/08 04:36 AM

May 31st 1998 marks the earliest iteration that we can find of our founder, Cary Littel's BMW RT Resource Pages.

We'd like to celebrate that by inviting you to share your beginnings with the site, special impressions or great stories that you have to spin here around our virtual campfire.

This invitation goes out to everyone. We hope that if you're lurking out there, you'll step out of the shadows too.

We'd also like to ask the "Old Timers" to chime in with some site history that will give us a sense of all of the rides, meetings and stories that have contributed to the greatness of this community.

Ten Years is a good, long time on the Web.

Let's party!!
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 05/31/08 06:42 AM

Meeting Nando at the shop and telling him about this great site I had found, ADVRider!

He, in his own restrained manner, let me know about this other DB, which he said was a "bit more civil", BMWST.

As usual, he was right. I co-mingled for a while on both, quickly tiring of the, uh, antics, over there. Stayed here ever since.

Steve Carr, reaching through the screen, with a PM that "us local guys should stick together. He opened the door for so many rides and people I can't begin to thank him enough.

Finally getting to meet this guy, Gleno, who some warned (tongue in cheek) was gonna kick my arse over an innocent comment I made about some rock guitar guy named Jimmy something.

Whip, Bounce, Roy, The legendary Old Fart, Paul. The list goes on.

So, it all boils down to the people.

A group of people who, even if I'd never met them in person, for the most part, I'd be happy to call "friend"....well, except for maybe that No Cal smoke eater
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 05/31/08 11:33 AM

lET mE gATHER my thoughts...too many just now running through my head.!

10 - years..! wowzee...what a ride..!
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 05/31/08 05:30 PM

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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 05/31/08 05:46 PM

Hmmm...while we were preparing for the first CT Tech Daze (I was PMing/posting with some guy Samsar)

I had just parked the bike in the garage at work, when this guy came up to me and said:
"Hey, we're planning a get-together at my house to work on our bikes. I know this other guy with an RTP who's going to be there too."
"Ummmm, really? Are you Samsar?"
"Yes, how did you know?"
"Because I'm the guy with the RTP who's coming to your house. I am Woodie"
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 05/31/08 06:48 PM

Happy Happy anniversary...... I'm one of the 'noobs' so I'll wait with my story until later...... curious to hear from all the 'old timers' first \:\)
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 05/31/08 07:13 PM

Congratulations on the 10th year of providing a great forum.
Coming off a Honda Pan to an 1150RT last September has recently brought me to this great cyber-place having amazing technical insight and know-how. a great sense of humor, ( love it when it gets a bit dark and sarcastic) real social and philisophical commentaries and sometimes a word of comfort to those that need it. I have read through a "family spat" or two and have been fortunate to meet our Dutch gentleman Francois which I'm sure we both enjoyed.

I read and participate in this global forum for various reasons. There are lot's of places to stop at on the internet, but IMHO this is one of the BEST
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 05/31/08 10:05 PM

Only been with you the past 2 years and posted very little but gained so much!!

Love the Ride Tales from both across the pond and Europe and am determined to join you over there at one of your meets before I am too old to 'get my leg over'!

The technical knowledge and information available on this site is unsurpassed.

Here's to the next 10 years!

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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 05/31/08 10:12 PM

Happy Birthday BMWST(RT?).

Although I'm a relative nOOb, (my 2 year anniversary is Monday), I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Bumps & scraps included.
Killer & Paul Mihalka were the first to "welcome me to the asylum." I'm still anxious to meet both of you.

You can thank Jackie for turning me on to this joint. Met her at Daytona BMW the morning after she finished her 50cc. Helped her a little with her Nat. Forest stamps, too.

And then there's The Whip's. They welcomed me to their home after being here less than a year. Great home cookin' by Mrs. Whip, a comfy bed, & comfier dogs. The weather? Not so much.

I won't even talk about Richard staying with us after his 50cc.

Here's to another ten years.
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 05/31/08 10:51 PM

Just checked my profile to see how long I've been on the board.... well, I don't have a lot of posts, but I sure have learned a LOT in the nearly 6 years I've been lurking. was THE place I first asked about what kind of BMW might work for me. Rightly so, I was quickly, and gently, talked out of an LT, but I was NEVER questioned about my ability to ride (being a girl and all)!

My first UnRally was crazy. Had barely gotten off of the bike before I was handed a beer and made to feel very at home. It was one of the first times I realized how wonderful being around other "crazy" thinkers could be.

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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 05/31/08 11:18 PM

(being a girl and all)!

Who knew?!?

You really SHOULD speak up. There's a lot of respect for female riders around here.
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 05/31/08 11:29 PM

It was late 2000 when a chance meeting with Sean Daly in a parking lot would introduce me to Cary's site. Those who know me know what a fantastic memory I have \:\/ , but the two first large group gatherings which pretty much sealed the deal for me was Gleno's Tech Daze and the Pied Piper run to The 2001 Redmond BMWMOA rally. Met a great group of people at both events and have been meeting more ever since. (Many I have the pleasure of meeting for the first time multiple times! ref. memory above!)
All the Unrallys except Eureka Springs.
All Spring Torreys since 2002

Happy 10th!
Hoping for many more!
Thank you Cary, David, and Leslie in addition to all the moderators past and present!

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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 05/31/08 11:51 PM

Happy Birthday This board is the best that I have seen and had the pleasure of participating on. The depth of knowledge is only surpassed by the depth of friendship and support mixed with compassion and good hearted fun. Rarely are the rubber hoses used by the moderators and for the most part, civility reigns within the domain. Thank you to all that have worked to make this Board such a pleasure to come to on a daily basis.
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/01/08 12:11 AM

Coincidentally it's been 2 years almost to the day when I registered on this site. Since then I've had a tremendous education about my bike, how to ride as well as general conversations about the world and other things, funny and serious. I went to a tech daze in Salt Lake City and, as it turned out met some of the more infamous cadre of this site, Killer, Jamie, Kaiser and have had major fun with my ongoing story about being 4' 11" and owning a 1200 RT and the trials of getting on and off my bike with the height disadvantage. I think that thread must have been over 20 pages and it was just before Torrey.
After Torrey I moved to North Carolina and what connects me to Utah, where I lived for 25 years, has been the ongoing trips that many take there. I miss that and plan to make the trip again when things settle down for me. In the meantime, thanks for the great information, fun topics and feeling like I'm part of a family even though I'm not as active as many on the site. It's important to me.
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/01/08 12:29 AM

Wow! 10 years already?

I think the best times are those spent meeting others. Things like "In Search Of" or maybe the Lighthouse Tour or even the Tech Days.

Speaking of In Search Of... I happened by The Brookdale Lodge the other day. Looks like they're remodeling. Could be time for another trip to see the ghosts soon \:\)
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/01/08 01:40 AM

It's great to wish the board 10 years, and thanks to Samsar who got me associated with all of you great folks out there in cyberland. see ya on the road!

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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/01/08 03:05 AM

Torrey I, Unrally I, and Dirty Wurty! What more can I say.

Happy Birthday.
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/01/08 06:25 AM

 Originally Posted By: Agent86
Torrey I, Unrally I, and Dirty Wurty! What more can I say.

Happy Birthday.

Don't forget Pied Piper 1!
Speed Bump is your middle name!
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/01/08 11:43 AM

Here since 2002, I've found this a friendly place that offers lots of excellent info. I've even learned to tolerate the 150th oil post, the pistoleros (should I pack my Glock?)... because I've discovered some great folks here...even to my (Yankee-New York-Northeastern Liberal) surprise from the state of Georgia. They were as wonderful a surprise as the N. Georgia mountains.
Happy Anniversary...Thanks for the hard work of Cary, David, and Mama Hoon. Thanks to the moderators. Thanks for El Paseo, the UnRally, Torrey, Beer,Brats & Beemers, etc.
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/01/08 12:15 PM

I really don't remember how I got turned on to I think is was dogpile the search engine. My first real interaction was when I met Cary, Jim Lawson, Sean (K1200LT), and another local RT rider in Frisco CO. for a ride through Rocky Mountain National Park. That was summer of 2000. My profile says registered in August? In summer of 2001 "Short Cut" posted asking for help with unloading stuff in Redmond for the BBQ, so I decided to ride out and help. What a great bunch of folks. "Chris from NYC", aka Tender Vittles? The now infamous Tom Roe, of Betty's Bikes and Buns fame. He introduced me to Team Strange Link and they introduced me to IBR syle riding. Boy has that been great for me. When the UN-ONE was held in Gunnison,I helped out as much as I could. Meeting Gleno, EffBee, Ebie, Stan and Jan, it was great. I haven't been able to make any of the rest of the UN's, but that may change. I still buy all of my parts from Marin BMW. This site has been a valuable resource for me since summer of 2000. The "collective" nearly always knows the answer! Thanks to Cary for starting it, David for keeping up the high standards, and Les for continuing the tradition. It has been my go to site for all things M/C for at least the past 8 years.
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/01/08 02:54 PM

Wow, 10 years! Congratulations.

I only got my RT last July, and as at the time I I didn't know anyone who owned a motorcycle, much less a BMW, I looked around for data. And I found exactly what I was looking for--information, a group, entertainment, help, advice, tips. I've met several people and I haven't been disappointed.

I've mentioned to several of my local friends about the camraderie of the BMW community and what a refreshing and genuine community it is. And am feverishly hinting to them that it would be a very Zen-ful thing to get a BMW so that they also could be on this forum. \:\)

I bought my first motorcycle 26 years ago to impress a girl, and although that might not have been the most honest motivation, I have thoroughly enjoyed motorcycling since. And I still am looking to impress girls now that I am on my own again (after all, it's very hard to tell that I'm a middle-aged/almost-eligible-for-the-Senior-menu-at-Denny's fart underneath the full-face).

I am very grateful to the folks who run this show, and if you need any help, I will be one of the first to step up.

Muchas Gracias!

John C.
2004 R1150RT carport queen
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/01/08 03:45 PM

Well, congratulations on a great site!
The work is much appreciated, I am sure, by the whole community.
I found out about this place from a BMW dealer who was complaining about all these people posting stuff on the internet that doesn't exist, such as "surging". So I went looking and found BMWSportTouring. Never looked back.
Again, keep up the good work!

Thank you.

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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/01/08 04:48 PM

10 years, time flies. congrats.

The forum concept (for everything) has evolved quite a bit with the internet, we are all in the middle of it. Think about how you did things 10 or 15 years ago, from shopping to paying bills to renewing your driver's license or researching a topic, or remember a time before email.

MRN, the background behind the name as I remember it is interesting. I remember how this forum was dotted with cyber skirmishes and some profanity and the "offenders" either left or got booted and went off to advrider and IIRC they coined the name Mister Roger's Neighborhood. At least that is how i remember it.

The one that stands out in my mind is the guy who quit and got kicked off at the same time because he threatened someone over their distaste for his removal of the evap cannister. Whoever came up with that popcorn eating emoticon really nailed it...

Happy Birthday.
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/01/08 07:15 PM


I've almost been here 5 years of it, and it has been amazing. What a cast of characters.

I couldn't begin to ask for more from a group, either in "love," knowledge, OR entertainment value.

For my 1000th post, I did a short summary of my tenure here with a quite a few pics. It might fit the bill of what Leslie was looking for.

Link here

Now let's get some more tales/stories posted and make the next ten even better!!!!
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/01/08 08:11 PM

I first registered in 2000, I believe. Let it lapse and re-registered in Nov. 2001. Great community. Best part was meeting Cary and getting to thank him in person.
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/01/08 08:14 PM

Two years ago, I was looking for an RT. That's when my good buddy John (motorman587)told me about this site. After buyin the RT and then hanging out on the board, Richard's traveling "love in" (50cc) came to town. I stayed out a little (several hours) past my shift and, umm, gave him an "escort" through town. Besides John and Tim (Tallman), he was the first board member I'd actually met in person. Then came Cedar Key 07 and met a great group o' folks. Friendships were made and grew via the 'net and phone calls back and forth. Biketurkey Fest was my next meeting of the minds. Made a great friend, Matt(Matts_Vstrom) and his wife, Diane(bsfmfu) . Then came Dec'07 and I had a difference of opinion with my bosses, so I retired at 20 years. During this time of let down so to speak, relationships got tighter and I was happy to see my friends at Cedar Key again, especially meeting the ones I didn't know I had! I really enjoyed playing human forklift putting Calvin's bike into Matt's truck after Marty pushed him over with his mind powers. It showed how tight this group is (well....)

More calls (drunk folk from the left coast), tequila teasers and meetings along the way have brought me great joy.

Here's to another 100 years and maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to make it out of this flat state for a get together!
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/02/08 01:06 AM

Four years ago, was looking to get back into motorcycling, and wasn't sure which bike to buy. Not having alot of experience wrenching, I was searching for a site that would help out a fellow when he needed it - boy did I find it here!!

Went looking for a bike, found one, and have been an almost daily lurker ever since.
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/02/08 01:20 AM

I'm a relative NOOB considering 10 years of history. But, I was made to feel welcome by everyone. The UN at Gunnison was the first time I met many of you.

Then the PPR which stopped here last year was the icing on the cake.

Thanks to all who made this happen.
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/02/08 01:55 AM

Happy Anniversary to BMWST(RT).com, don't know what I'd do without ya.

In early 2001 we had just purchased two new BMW's and wanted to find out as much as we could about them. I poked around the internet and found this site. I bought a couple of shirts and lurked on the site for a while. I joined about six months later and have been hooked ever since; it's been 6 1/2 years.

Thank you BMWSportTouring for helping me learn so much about my then new ride and more than that....thank you for the friends I've made. This community has become a part of my life and even though I've only attended a few member get togethers I have always been made to feel welcomed and valued. you've been my one and only. I feel so lucky to have found the right group. I wear my shirt proudly and it's always a treat when a member of this community recognizes the shirt and introduces themselves.
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/02/08 02:10 AM

So I'm bring up my internet after a typical hard Arkansas thunderstorm, and I decided to bop by my favorite mc stite that I don't visit as much anymore, and I see this 10 yr anniversary. Let me tell you this place has added immensely to my riding enjoyment. Of course my hat is off to Carey, David, Leslie and all the moderators through the years for creating such a great community online and on road. I've been privileged enough to talk, pm,chat and meet a lot of you and it's always fun and insightful. Now where is my champange to toast with?
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/02/08 06:10 AM

Hello from someone who started hanging out here in the last century! I remember how in the begining we used to watch the number of members and were impressed when we reached 500! It was my great pleasure to have seved as moderator for a time but had to retire due to time constraints. I still have my KRS1200 and was rinding this past weekend here in the Texas Hill Country. I had the privledge of meeting some of the guys and I still think back to those days with nostalgia. This has always been a great place to learn and share in the wealth of knowledge held by the members. CONGRATULATIONS BMWST on 10 great years! Gustavo Medellin
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/02/08 10:55 AM

Ten years - time sure flies! How did I get into it? Well, in '99 I was getting ready to buy my new R1100RT at Bob's BMW where I worked selling them, and searching the web I found In retrospect, it was one the best things that happened in my life. I found a bunch of guys and gals I could relate to. They were RIDERS.
Started with exchanges with Cary himself. Later when he started his plan about becoming a dealer, I had to warn him that owning toys and owning the toy store is not the same thing. I'm happy he is doing so well. Some interesting technical cyber conversation with Dick Frantz. Some times we had to agree to disagree. I miss him. Soon I found out that a good customer of mine, John Spicer, is on the board. He is Spike. Now we are good friends. Kris Beasley made a round-USA ride and stopped by visiting us at Bob's. Laney and Kathy R were on their epic ride around the country. I was glad \:\/ that Laney had a fried clutch and that brought them by the shop. That kid Marty was also one of the first BMWRT guys I met.
After that I started meeting more BMWRT people in person, and that was the best part. Mayhems, the first UN in Gunnison (!), El Paseo-s, Torrey. The last few years I manage to do one long ride to western USA each year. If the Un is in the west, that's it. If it is in the east, I visit Torrey. My yearly riding plans are guided by the schedule.

Motorcycles are nice. BMWs are nice. Riding is nice. But what makes this group so special is the PEOPLE in it!

Just to illustrate what this is about, a short recap of one of my adventures, that some of you may remember.
I am on my way from Maryland to the UN in Cody WY, via Canada/BC, on my trusty R1100RT with 150K miles on it. Close to Vancouver my (the bike's) rear end is beginning to make expensive noises. I hole up in a hotel in Whistler. Now what? I make a phone call to Spike. I give him location and phone. Within a hour I start receiving phone calls offering help! Calls like Russell Bynums's, offering to remove the rear drive from his bike and ship it overnight, so I can continue. Then Pilgrim, out of Seattle, offers to come and get me. he leaves his home at 7am, rents a Uhaul, comes and gets me and we are at his home at 9pm. They feed me and tuck me in for the night. Next morning we double check, drain the oil from my rear drive. Comes out with chunks of metal. Diagnosis correct. His R1100RT is a bit in pieces in his garage, for maintenance. The rear drive is sitting in a box waiting to be re-installed. We take that rear drive and my bike to the dealer and in a few hours my bike is ready again! While in Seattle I also stay with MIcky (occasional poster) and lovely wife to practice my rusty Hungarian, and "Wiener dog" Steve comes by to visit. All in all, I lost one day of my trip which really was one day adventure and friendship and I was on my way!

This was just to illustrate what I said after that event: This is not a website/discussion board. THIS IS A BROTHERHOOD!
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/02/08 11:41 AM

joined in 9/04 shortly after purchasing my 2004RT. the next year we did our first brunch meeting in mt. dora, fl. wish i had a copy of the group pic. met a bunch of the florida folks then. also that year i organized the initial biketurkeyfest. this year will be our 4th annual. as most of you know it's not really organizing. post a time and place...50 folks show up.... like the huckleberry's barbecue get together in 12/07. have met so many people from all over including the capitol gang (tallman, prc, motorman), the jax group (lots of them), the tampa folks and our local guys who occasianally get together to work on the bikes (randys). even have a marty hill slept here sticker at home.

it's been a blast, informative and most worthy. here's to 10 more great years.
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/02/08 12:56 PM

Well, May marks Bullett and my one year anniversary on the board.

For us it started as we were buying our R 1200 RT's and wanted buying advice. You all came through in a hurry, and with more. We were excitedly informed about the upcoming Torrey in a few weeks, by Matt (bakerzdosen) I believe.

Actually, that made a big impression that has lasted: I mean you go on line to a forum, and find that they love the country you love so much that they, this big international group, meets there twice a year. Oh, and the newbie is welcome. We felt at home right away.

Through the year we have come to realize that this place, the board, has developed many traditions: civility, the brotherhood that Paul mentions so eloquently, the tradition of Tech Daze (I was surprised this concept is foreign to our local club), the regional and national meets, the tradition of independence - ride your own ride, the tradition of creating a real community that Paul also brought out. Too there is a tradition of warm welcome and hugs that helps to bridge the interface between our electronic and real world interactions.

Compared to other internet forums, the level of discourse here is at a very high level: We are, as a group a very articulate and thoughtful bunch with diverse interests and points of view. The membership spans the range from blue collar to white and comes in many flavors. The internet helps to neutralize some of the differences that might otherwise separate us, but so to do the traditions of the board, so that when we get together there is none of the usual puffery.

I want to say more about Tech Daze. Tech Daze, and I've only been to one, seem to me to be more about fostering a tradition of handing down knowledge and passing it along than the actual work that gets done on a given day. They tie into the tradition of independence and self reliance that marks the community. They are also great parties. The level of commitment that goes into these events is astounding, and a measure of brotherhood.

Another tradition that I admire greatly is that of acceptance. There are no membership requirements here. You join, your in. Another member who joined about the same time as I pm'd me to say that the place was cliquish: I responded that many of the most prolific and visible members had been members only a year or two, and that it was all in his head. He fits in well now.

Now, let us not forget my favorite part of the board. Yes we have technical forums, yes we talk about social issues, yes we get together when we can, but one of the best things about this media is the way it allows us to incorporate pictures. And so the ride tale or ride report has become a genre in it's own right. Though by no means exclusive to this board, nevertheless an important element in our interactions. Personally, I just love this story telling tradition that harkens back to first grade "show and tell".

The first ride tale I happened upon was Jaqueline's Hoon on the Loose. LINKY . What more could you ask for: An epic adventure, an exploration of place and self, a growing independence, great humor, a network of support, incredible pictures, dare I say... a beautiful resourceful heroine who survives on pluck, energy, talent and friendship, and in the end, love and a match made. I'm thinking all the ride tales can't be like this, as I'm reading through her posts. It was as if a fantasy novel had come to life in the real world. What's different is that Jackie is real, and when you see her infectious grin, you know what's right with the world.

Another thing I've noticed is the tradition of volunteerism. It goes with the internet I think, sort of like open source. When you think of the internet, especially in it's early days, but still today, I think perhaps it's most telling feature is that of the world joining together in a community and pitching in. Here, we have our moderators and administrators and owner working on an unpaid basis, purely out of a sense of commitment to this enterprise and the community it has attracted. Thank you.

Finally, what I think is the perhaps the defining hallmark of this board: humor. I've never laughed harder in my life. Keep it up.

Posted By: Chip

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/02/08 08:22 PM

A wonderful web site.

My favorite memory.
Back in '06 I was having all kinds of engine, "cutting out" symtoms. The local BMW shop (Gulf Coast BMW, in Houston, TX) was of no help...except extracting money from my wallet. I have not, and will not, step foot in that place again...but I digress.

Somehow, I managed to engage Mick (bmwmick) in Arizona (cannot remember the sequence of events though). In any case, during one Saturday afternoon in April 2006, I would send Mick a PM describing the situation and he would reply back with questions.

I'd then go out to the garage, fiddle with the bike, come back to my computer and provide answers. Mick would respond within minutes with more info and questions.

This went on for several hours. It was if he was in my garage, patiently explaining what to look for and how to rule out other issues. Finally, we (okay, *he*) diagnosed the problem and *I* followed his instructions and fixed it. My bike went from a problem child to a reliable and fun toy again.

From this formu, I've learned a lot about wrenching, read some really funny stories, and found out about some really, really good roads. It is always a pleasure to see,
"" in the address field of my web browser.

Thanks folks.
Posted By: AviP

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/02/08 10:57 PM

I guess I've had 4 wonderful years here and 8 years of RT ownership. Thanks for having me! Congrats on the 10 year anniversary.

It would be nice to see a list of the top 10 posters and the top 10 oldest active registrations with over 1000 posts. If this could be posted in a separate post, I would love to thank them too. If it is too intrusive or against policy, ignore me.
Posted By: David

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/02/08 11:44 PM

Most posts:

David, 23,276
Russell, 21,583
Ken, 11,546
Mitch, 10,991
Ed, 10,005
Fernando, 9,623
Steve Knapp, 8,787
Steve 1200, 7,654
Greg, 7,507
Seth, 7,394
Jamie, 7,268
Steve Foote, 7,111
Bob, 6,922
Michael, 6,686


All those are still active.
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/02/08 11:50 PM

 Originally Posted By: AviP

It would be nice to see a list of the top 10 posters and the top 10 oldest active registrations with over 1000 posts. If this could be posted in a separate post, I would love to thank them too. If it is too intrusive or against policy, ignore me.

As of a couple of months ago, sometime before the upgrade...

Top 10 oldest, active registrations (which I take to mean the registration is still active) with more than 1000 posts:

Kris 17-Jul-00 1432
Mike 19-Jul-00 5278
Spike 19-Jul-00 4778
Jerry Johnston 19-Jul-00 4694
beemerman2k 19-Jul-00 2485
Bill1100 19-Jul-00 1928
2wheel 19-Jul-00 1282
Eckhard Grohe 19-Jul-00 1064
EffBee 20-Jul-00 9402
Paul Mihalka 20-Jul-00 6165

(the early dates aren't terribly accurate, because of an early migration to different software.)
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Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/03/08 12:12 AM

I've only been here a year, in that short time I've had lost of great advice on how to maintain my bike, and a member I had never met ride to my house to help me with my brakes(OoPEZoO). Many members meet me for dinner while I was traveling for business. (The Salt Lake City Crowd). One invited me into his home for a great meal and some fine home brew,(FUGU and his lovely wife).
I have also had the opportunity to meet a bunch of great people in Maggie Valley at BRR1. But most of all being turned on to this board by one of my oldest and best friends Matts-VSTROM.
What a great place.
Posted By: Ken H.

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/03/08 12:49 AM

How does that graphic go over at that other place - "This Thread Is Useless Without Pictures!"

Hee, hee, common you old timers, show us the goods!
Posted By: AviP

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/03/08 01:47 AM

 Originally Posted By: David
Most posts:

David, 23,276
Russell, 21,583
Ken, 11,546
Mitch, 10,991
Ed, 10,005
Fernando, 9,623
Steve Knapp, 8,787
Steve 1200, 7,654
Greg, 7,507
Seth, 7,394
Jamie, 7,268
Steve Foote, 7,111
Bob, 6,922
Michael, 6,686

A huge thanks for the enormous time and effort you spend here. It's like having a fulltime job. Kudos.
Posted By: AviP

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/03/08 01:52 AM

 Originally Posted By: ghaverkamp

Top 10 oldest, active registrations (which I take to mean the registration is still active) with more than 1000 posts:

Kris 17-Jul-00 1432
Mike 19-Jul-00 5278
Spike 19-Jul-00 4778
Jerry Johnston 19-Jul-00 4694
beemerman2k 19-Jul-00 2485
Bill1100 19-Jul-00 1928
2wheel 19-Jul-00 1282
Eckhard Grohe 19-Jul-00 1064
EffBee 20-Jul-00 9402
Paul Mihalka 20-Jul-00 6165

And my thanks to you for being there from the early days and contrubuting to the success of this forum.
Posted By: AviP

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/03/08 01:55 AM

And lastly, I'd like to thank the moderators for one of the best moderated sites I've seen. I've actually referred your site as a role model to some of the other forums I visit. Monk will be proud of you all.
Posted By: kneedown

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/03/08 02:02 AM

Congratulations on the 10 year mark. That is a real accomplishment in this cyber world. I have not been a member long but the amount of knowledge I have obtained through the various tech topics and forums is remarkable. Happy Anniversary and wishing you and all the members another 10 great years.


Posted By: randy

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/03/08 02:31 AM

I found Carey's site around April 1999. Carey and I spoke a number of times by phone. At the time I was torn between a triumph sprint, and the RT. I choose the RT because of the two up advantage and partly because of the RT site. I got my RT in Sept 1999. I met Chris K from this board in March or April of 2000. The rest is history.

to many tech days to count
to many el-paseo
5 ride smart events
2 unrally events
and countless "friends" made. My first request for help, netted me someone named Glen. He became a short term father to Ryan. He took Ryan to the airport, picked him up and stored his bike.

Then Jamie and Leslie drove Ryan's K12RS and delivered it to Ryan

Another person drove it back to San Diego from Gleno place.

so many people in the atlanta area, and now with ridesmart classes my contacts have spread far and wide.

This site has truly blessed myself and Ryan.
Posted By: Albert

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/03/08 05:08 PM

My first foray here was back in 00 too. I was still of the Harley persuation but had long been lusting for a BMW. I forget how I stumbled in but I felt at home immediately. Over those years I was much more of a lurker than a poster. The wealth of information was incredible and led eventually to my move to BMW.

Thanks to all who have toiled as the caretaker here, from Cary to David to Leslie and all the other moderators and administrators. Great job folks.
Posted By: Bud

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/03/08 05:32 PM

 Originally Posted By: AviP
And lastly, I'd like to thank the moderators for one of the best moderated sites I've seen. I've actually referred your site as a role model to some of the other forums I visit. Monk will be proud of you all.

Nice reminder. We are called MRN (Mr. Rogers Neighborhood) on other forums for a reason.

Civility on the internet seems to be such a rare event now days that others notice.

Strong mods make it possible.
Posted By: Quinn

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/03/08 06:54 PM

I bought my '04RT without realizing what I was getting into. All I really wanted was an upgrade for my '73 Yamaha 650 that I'd sold 17 years earlier. After the first rush of lust in buying the RT died down, I began looking around the internet to see what I had gotten myself into. All of the websites agreed that I needed to spend more money and I needed to take it apart every weekend and work on it. Oh, and I needed to ride it cross country after getting it back together; at high rpms and high mileages. What was I doing with an 'RT? All I wanted to do was go on two or three day trips on the Blue Ridge Parkway, blow off the shackles after work, and go for a Sunday drive through the country. I wondered how long it would take for BMW to find out about me and come take the bike back.

Then I discovered this website. I've never been much of a joiner and was worried that all the people who had known each other for years and had all these "in group" jokes going would let me know that I was an idiot and shun me. It didn't happen. There's still this feeling of close friends who have shared a lot of things together, but it isn't done at the expense of newbies and idiots. Everyone is treated with respect and consideration. This is also true with the people I've met in person. At the BBR, I was most impressed that the "in-crowd" of old timers were able to share and invite newbies into their conversations; there was not the cliquish feeling remembered from High school. This has been a really worthwile experience and I'd like the thank everyone on the board for finding and putting all these great people together in one place for me.
Posted By: David

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/03/08 07:05 PM

 Originally Posted By: Quinn
I've never been much of a joiner and was worried that all the people who had known each other for years and had all these "in group" jokes going would let me know that I was an idiot and shun me. It didn't happen.

You didn't get my PMs? That explains why I never heard back.
Posted By: Albert

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/03/08 07:59 PM

 Originally Posted By: David
 Originally Posted By: Quinn
I've never been much of a joiner and was worried that all the people who had known each other for years and had all these "in group" jokes going would let me know that I was an idiot and shun me. It didn't happen.

You didn't get my PMs? That explains why I never heard back.

Posted By: ChrisNYC

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/04/08 12:07 PM

Happy Anniversary to Cary's!

Oops, I mean BMWRT.COM!


In 1997 I got my motorcycle license, and shortly after that I got my first motorcycle, a used 1977 Kawasaki KZ400. My ultimate goal was to get a bike big enough for touring, and in '98 and '99 I spent a lot of time online doing comparison shopping. This site (then Cary's site) was an enormous help, I was able to narrow my choices down to 2-3 bikes.

I was kind of surpised how this board wove it's way into my riding and socializing ... I'm generally a lone hunter but I hooked up with many folks from this board and had lots of good group rides, lots of great get-togethers, and lots of tech sessions where we wrenched and learned a lot about the bikes.

Right now I don't have time to surf all the motorcyle boards on the 'net, but this one is my go-to place when I've got questions etc. I know some people grumble about 'moderated forums', but I don't mind, I appreciate the civility. I work in wholesale in NYC so I get enough "colorful folks" in my daily diet, thanks!

Chris (aka Tender Vittles )
Little '77 KZ400 in the Big Apple
Black '99 RT for Everywhere Else,such as ...

Posted By: GoldenK9

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/05/08 05:51 AM

I'm just a newby, but in my brief time I have totally enjoyed being a part of this "family" of great people who ride great
bikes on great roads on both sides of the pond. We hope to get
over to the "fatherland" one of these years to ride with some of
you on your home turf.
Keep up the good work
Posted By: Dances_With_Wiener_Dogs

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/05/08 08:50 AM

Gosh, 10 years already? I feel like I should stand up and say something. Hi, my name is Steve and I'm member #476. I joined on December 9th, 2000 and have enjoyed becoming a part of this family and community. I have made great friendships all over the country and the world beyond. Who would've thought I would share a pint with a member at the oldest pub in England (hi Boffin!) or have share a Seattle business associate with a fellow somewhere in the middle of Europe (hello Francois!).

Of the numerous, here are some standout occasions for me:

-having the SoCal crew goad me into riding down for the "Best Trout Lunch", like you goad a kid into having an ice cream...
-meeting Gleno, nay, having Gleno rescue me from a broken throttle cable, on a Sunday, on his wedding anniversary, on my way back from the aforementioned lunch. and then refuse payment of any kind. He said that although he helps a lot of riders, he "knew me" from my postings.
-meeting Paul Milhalka after he broke down in/near Vancouver BC and Pilgrim went up to haul his butt back down here. We had pie and coffee at Miklos Hubay's house. Strong coffee, that.
-enjoying homemade eggnog (DocNog) at a DB gathering with David Levine, then me and Sputnik making a, ummm, just slightly over the speed limit, but in a drenching rain to make the ferry home, at night. We missed that boat...
-enjoying the camaraderie in the summer of 2001 at our housewarming party. Folks I had only ever met here coming over to wish us well.
-meeting the great Cary when in SF on business. When I tried to support his business by buying some tee shirts and so forth, he actually insisted that he pick up the tab! And his employees say that he does it all the time.
-Roadtripping to Gunnison for the 2nd Un and subsequently earning my Dirty Dancing moniker.
-selling both beemers, but still be asked to organize the Un.

7-1/2 years for me. Thanks everyone.
Posted By: Palouse Rider

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/05/08 08:12 PM

Happy Birthday
Posted By: HappyMan

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/06/08 01:25 AM

How fantastic is this site!! Happy 10th!!! That's just too cool for the web. I've met some of the nicest, classiest and most generous people here. I listen more than talk but still call this place home.
Posted By: ittech

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/06/08 03:20 AM

I've been here about 5 years, and though I'm a huge lurker I've still made a handful of torrey's and most of the Un's since then.

Was a new rider when I started, now I've been in 38 states and 4 provinces on the bike, and countless experiences that I don't think I've had had if not for this site and great group of people, kind of an excuse/motivation to put down the work and get out for a few weeks.

I will continue to give back in my own way with my photography which I'm glad you all enjoy as well.

Take care all and hope to see some new faces at this year's UN. \:\)
Posted By: Paul_Burkett

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/06/08 11:45 AM

I like the birthday cake at the top of the page, very nice touch.
Posted By: Marty Hill

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/06/08 11:20 PM

Seems I've been here a bit over 7 years. Paul was the first member I met while awaiting my first 1100RT. Just a blur since then. Many bikes and many miles...but most of all many friends. You know who you are.

Just told Cary about this thread...he said he would check it out later as he smiled.

The guy whose crazy jokes and writing style drew me to ride to gunnison is gone...I will never forget him!

Have fun/live large/remember your friends! After family of course.
Posted By: algover

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/07/08 12:08 AM

Yes, the birthday cake in the heading is a nice touch. It is also nice to hear from some of the old-timers here.

I can't recall how I first came across this site. I got my R1100RT in the Fall of 2000, and was introduced to all things BMW. I think I may have found this site via a web search. I joined in January of 2001, then later met Cary when he acquired his dealership and I rode over to see it. The Pied Piper I, a couple of raucous Christmas parties at Short Cut's, many friends and aquaintances. We used to have the membership total displayed in the heading of the forums; I remember watching it pass a milestone and commenting on it; was it 500 or 600? I can't remember now. Now I no longer know what our membership is, I can't seem to find a number anywhere, but I know it's a LOT more than that!

What made me join and stay was that I enjoyed the (mostly) civil discourse, so unlike the name-calling and bad-mouthing on other forums. The wealth of knowledge available here - on most any subject - still amazes me! As well as the readiness to share that knowledge and to help out.

I no longer seem to find as much time to spend here as I used to. Part of it, I think, is that the site has just gotten so big, so many forums to keep track of, I just can't keep up with all of it. But I still enjoy visiting when I can, ... perhaps for another ten years.

Thanks to all who made it possible.
Posted By: BULLman

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/07/08 01:50 AM

Thanks to Rich for cluing into this site.

Thanks to all...

who I have met...
who have opened their home...
who you leant me hand/ear/idea/shoulder...
who I will meet soon....
who I may have never meet, except thru this forum...
who I will meet when my time has come [but, I hope its a while ]

Can't wait to see what the next 10yrs brings

Posted By: Cary

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/07/08 06:12 AM

Its so nice that you guys put this thread together. I am truly honored and its nice to see so many old freinds posting here in remembrance of what was started and recognition of what it has become.

Its great that you found archived sites - I had no idea you could look back into cybertime. The truth is that I started in 1997 with a "personal home page" on This was a blog before there was such thing as a blog. As the site grew and the traffic got too great - they wanted to kick me out or charge more money. I purchased the URL and moved there and then it got to be too much work for me. I was getting 10-20 messages a day from all over the world asking for advice and I figured that I was not the only guy with answers, so I put in the Microsoft Front Page BBS software so folks could help eachother. From there I started indexing and organizing the information that people posted. It continued to grow and the MS BBS could not handle the traffic. I tried several different software programs before finally landing with UBB - which is still here today.

When word of the 1150 crept out, we broke the story and pictures online and I realized we would need a new URL - BMWRT.COM was born to cover all things RT. Later, David widened the scope to cover all Sport Touring Genres so BMWST.COM was a natural evolution.

I never imagined when I started the site what it would become for me personally and the community it would spawn. There are countless tales to be told of freindship and support, riding adventures, mishaps and tragedies, all bound by our common love of riding motorcycles as best as we can. I think another unanticipated benefit is a collective conciousness that really helps to guide new riders, help folks make better decisions, save money by buying what works and supporting businesses and vendors that can really do the job.

The very first tech daze was held at my home in Brisbane, and as word of it spread, folks started having them all over the world. What could be better than getting together with freinds and learning about your beloved bike?

Of course, another thing that came out of this was Marin BMW Motorcycles. Who would have thought of that when I was learning HTML in 1996? BMW was looking for business people who were also enthusiasts. For me, it was really easy to prove the latter - the former was a tougher task and it took almost a year to pull together the financing to make Marin BMW come to life. Its been tough in many ways, but always rewarding on some level. I am my team have risen to meet many challenges.

In the late nineties there was a lot of competition between this site and ADV Rider. It took a lot of time and money to keep this site going and I had to take donations and sell shirts to pay the hosting bills. In life, I always try to take the high road and since it was my site, I tried to set a tone that I felt appropriate for a public forum for RT enthusiasts. Some were banished for improper discourse, and they ended up at ADV. Thats how we got the name MRN - for Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. I think if it everytime I ride in Marin County; every 1 mile marker has the county code MRN on it, and that has special meaning for me!

I think its really great to see how both sites have evolved, and how each of the founders have turned a small hobby into a living. Baldy built SmugMug from ADV Rider - I built Marin BMW. I am sure Baldy could buy me many times over these days, but I get to work with bikes and the people who LOVE them and while its stressful, I truly do love my work.

The reasons I dont spend much time here anymore are myriad, but I think I summed it up in my farewell message when I sold the site to David for a dollar - that thread must be around here somewhere??? While other industry professionals such as Paul and Fernando have remained active and integral to the community, I feel it necessary to distance myself somewhat lest I be put in difficult position due to my "inside" knowledge. I am just glad to see some of you in person or get a phone call or letter once in a while. Today Marty Hill was at the store for his annual visit. I really love that sort of thing. I had a long talk with Wurty last week, and Kris is still a good freind and business associate.

For the future, the community is so fortunate to have Leslie to guide it along. I know that when I retire, or my involvement in the dealership wanes, I will truly have a family and a home to come back to. Until then, I will lurk and offer support from behind the scenes. Of course, everyone is invited to come and visit me in Marin - I am busy, but never too busy to say hello to a member of my riding family!

Thanks again to Leslie, and all the moderators who keep my vision alive, and to all of the members who make this place such a wonderful and informative place to spend time off of the bike.

My very best,

Posted By: Les is more

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/07/08 06:59 AM

Thanks for the wonderful post, Cary! Isn't it interesting how people dance through each other's lives and how one person's inspiration leads another person down an unanticipated path. Never in a million years did I think I would own a motorcycle discussion board. Shoot, until I was 52, it never occurred to me that I'd ride or own a motorcycle. Now, thanks to you and David in his turn, I have the privilege knowing all of these great people and of helping this lovely neighborhood to thrive.
Posted By: beemerman2k

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/08/08 07:08 PM

Cary: it was a real pleasure for me and my RT to meet you in the Summer of 2006. I had quite a memorable ride to San Francisco, and I just had to look up your dealership. And let me say that I was quite impressed that you took the time from your daily duties to come over, see my bike (that still has the original BMWRT.COM sticker on the saddle bag), and chat for a bit.

I've been on this site since the Summer of 2000. I found this site and lurked on it as I considered buying my RT. From this site I learned about front tire cupping, surging, and the PTTR phenomenon, so I guess I came into owning an RT with those expectations. Maybe that's why I love the bike so much?

I owe much to this site, and I have enjoyed meeting many of the members of this forum. Some in person and some via threads and PM's. Some saved my bacon -- like when Jim Brink came and rescued me and my RT with the stripped out splines on the 5 northbound in Pacoima, CA. Others provide me with a constant stream of wisdom and direction -- right Fernando?! Furthermore, this site has saved countless lives with the Ride Safe forum as well.

I do miss rdfranz, and I am sorry I didn't get to meet him when I lived in LA. Also, where is KenOC?

The worse time on this forum is when we lost Gleno. I'll never forget that time.
Posted By: Francois_Dumas

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/08/08 07:50 PM

Wonderful post Cary, and so nice to 'meet' you ! Amazing how things can turn out in life. Your story also gives some of us, I am sure, some hope for the future \:\)

If I ever get to visit your area I'll be sure to check in and say 'hi'.

Kind regards,

Posted By: Yeeha! Stephen

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/08/08 08:39 PM

And to think, I was worried the Party would be over before I could join in.

Took a trip to Mexico on my Honda cruiser and saw high mileage travelers on something new called "sport tourers" with removable hard bags. Cool.

Searched the Net when I got back and found Way Cool.

Lurked forever and finally joined a year before I could purchase a new RT.

Sooooooooo worried the fun would be over before I got to play. Not!

Thanks for letting me join in.
Posted By: algover

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/08/08 11:48 PM

Thanks for your comments, Cary. It's always nice to hear from you.

Leslie, I hope you're archiving those comments for future historical reference.

Posted By: Les is more

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/09/08 04:23 AM

Thanks for asking, Peter.

The reason for making this a forum all it's own was so that it could be archived in it's entirety.

This forum will stay up until the end of the month. I'm hopeful that many more members, old, new and in between will join in the posting before then.
Posted By: BMDoubleYou

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/09/08 05:13 AM

Congratulations and most importantly: Thank you all very much!
For me this huge amount of knowledge and helpfulness is an incredible inspiration to ride my little RTP in the middle of nowhere and know that I can ask the extremly stupid questions I have and not only that I am allowed to ask so questions, I even get honest and nice answers, which are truly full of advice, additional thoughts and great help.
I read about the BMW-rider-in-outter-space, the wonderful stories about the road trips you guys made, the explanation why those BMWs are build the way they are and so on.
So, my thanks goes out to all those who helped me and/or made me smile and/or think about this and that and of course to those guys behind the board.
Thank you very much and I hope that I will become wise enough to give some advice as well one day.
My wish for this board: many many more years of this board,
Posted By: 90%angel

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/09/08 05:38 AM

When Russell said something about the moderators planning a special "We're 10" forum, I was like, "really, 10 years? Already?!" Time flies!

I've been around here since 2001, so 7 years for me. Wow. Doesn't seem that long, yet some of these friends I've felt I've known a lifetime.

I always bring up a couple quotes, but that's because they are spot on and I like them so much:

"I love all you people!" - Kathy Rayburn (Paperbutt after Un1)
"I've feel like I've finally found where the mothership dropped off the rest of my people!" - Leslie Edmonds

And so sums up pretty well my feelings about a lot of the people on this planet...ur...board.

But there's a beginning to this journey...

Russell had a hard time convincing me that he needed a BMW motorcycle. He was going to buy the Honda, and thought that with BMW, you just paid extra for the Roundel, and spent a lot of time telling me such. Then one fateful day we were on our way home from somewhere, and just happened to pass Irv Seaver's BMW dealership. He wanted to stop. Of course I wondered "why" since he'd gone on and on about "yuppie BMWs", but we stopped. And they made him take a test drive. And he was hooked. And then he had to convince ME! No small task!

Then he had to convince me to ride with him! When you spend your life with your family telling you that motorcycles are dangerous, and no way no how are you to ever ride on one, it's hard to throw a leg over, you know!? I "puckered" at every turn.

On another visit to Irv Seaver, Russell met a member from (well, it wasn't then, but you get the idea). I want to say that fellow's name was Steve? Please correct me if I'm wrong! Let's just call him "Steve" seemed to have all the answers Russell was looking for, and when Russell asked how he knew all this information, he shared the address to the site.

So then one summer day in 2001, Russell reads about this "Pied Piper Run" and is convinced he wants to do an event with this internet site group. The next event was in Las Vegas over Labor Day, and he decides to go. I am skeptical, as are most people at work. "'re going to go across the DESERT in the SUMMER, to meet up with a bunch of MOTORCYCLISTS whom you've NEVER MET, to work on bikes!?...don't drink the kool-aid."

Well that first event for Russell happened to be Gleno's storied Vegas Tech Daze, and as Russell says, he met for the first time friends he's known his whole life.

A Christmas ride up to Shortcut's house in Pleasanton, CA is planned, and Russell somehow convinces me to go. There, I meet all these wonderful people and some spouses (Hi Meghan and Teri!) and I am hooked too. I think I signed up in December for my own profile on the board.

Now, it is many rides, gatherings, bread-breakings, weddings, tall tales, Torrey's, and Un's later, and a lot of us are still best buddies. We don't see each other as often as we like, but I think we all agree we're better off for knowing each other. We've laughed together, and cried together...and there are certain friends we'll never forget...

I've skipped over a lot of history. Somewhere in all this, not only do I become comfortable passengering on the bike, but get my own license, and now own 3 of my own bikes. There are some ladies on this board who contributed to my riding by being inspirations themselves. Thanks to you.

Still others have had a definite hand in helping me improve on the bike. Thanks to you.

And others have mainly been friends through good times and bad. Thanks to all of you too.

Hat's off to's to 10 more years!
Posted By: Rider1200RT

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/09/08 06:15 PM

Congrats with this great site!!.
I post less frequently than I like \:\( , but all the moto info gleaned here and meeting some of the riders is priceless.
Posted By: Dewayne Harkov

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/10/08 07:01 AM

I started looking at this site in 2000 when I first started getting the urge to switch to "something else" after riding Harley's for almost thirty years. I always had to improve the suspension, brakes, and power and it just got kind of old after buying a new bike. I wanted a "year round bike", that handled, had hard bags, and just push the button and go. I read all the info on this site and others and bought a 1998 RT from Cycle Specialties and have never looked back. I now am on my second RT a 99. I was also at Cary's first Tech Daze, that he so graciously hosted,along with Wurty, Kris, Jim, Bob DeBerry and others I can't remember, and as with my Harley's I do all my own work thanks mostly to this site. We had a great ride and BBQ by Shortcut, at the BMW Rally in Redmond and Cary received a clock I believe, from everyone in attendance. It was the start of better things to come. It's a great resource and even though I don't post much, I read it daily. Thanks to Leslie for continuing a great tradition.
Posted By: Clive Liddell

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/10/08 07:23 AM

"Happy 10th Birthday" to BMWRT.COM BMWST.COM and many more!

Things are a little blurred re the late '90s but what I do know is that this community was definitely what convinced me to add a R1100RT to my R850R and both bikes are still meeting and exceeding all expectations!

It amazes me how, as the baton of "running" this forum changes hands, we always get another equally dedicated, enthusiastic, motivated (and much appreciated) replacement and the forum goes from strength to strength - here's to the next 10 years!
Posted By: tgregg

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/10/08 09:00 PM

I have been busy and not logged on for awhile. Early on (long time ago, must have been 10 years :=) I was camping at the International BMW deal up in Oregon and somebody had roped off a big area by my tent. The next day a bunch of crazy people set up in that area and had a great BBQ. They were wearing t shirts with BMWRT.COM on them. I was extremely jealous because I wasn't a part of the fun and too timid to go ask to join. But upon arriving home I logged on and got very involved for quite a few years, logging a lot of great miles to BMWRT destinations. I still have the CODY WY sticker up inside on the lid of my top case. When the control and name changed in the moved East I kind of drifted away and by the time Les took over money had gotten tight in retirement. Last Sept I started back to work as a Realtor part time and money is good these days. I was riding to breakfast Sunday morning and it hit me, I enjoy, the Jeep, quad, and boat but this is what I love doing. I need to put on the new timing belt I bought a year ago and get a new front tire. IT IS TIME TO GO RIDE AGAIN.
Doubt any of you remember me but hopefully I'll see some of the old timers and meet newcomers soon. I did manage to go to Pahrump NV a while back but needed to rush home as water pipes were busting. Remember the temp of 16 degrees?
Posted By: SageRider

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/10/08 10:05 PM

Welcome back, Greg!
Posted By: tgregg

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/10/08 10:46 PM

 Originally Posted By: SageRider
Welcome back, Greg!

Thank you very much. I'm doing some quick talking with my wife about my going to the Un Rally in July. She never used to care when she was working (she retired a year ago) but now wants to travel the problem is she but won't go with me on the bike. Her attitude is if I'm going anyplace riding she'll fly and meet me there!
Posted By: Les is more

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/10/08 10:58 PM

She won't be alone. There's a thread about that very thing right here.

Oh and nice to hear from you! Thanks for playing!
Posted By: tgregg

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/10/08 11:08 PM

 Originally Posted By: Les is more
She won't be alone. There's a thread about that very thing right here.

Oh and nice to hear from you! Thanks for playing!

Thanks Les,
That is funny, but her limit on the bike is from the campground at Death Valley to the restaurant :=(
Posted By: Paul_Burkett

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/11/08 02:48 AM

Greg, If she is willing to fly there and do short rides to the towns close by JD, you get to ride there and home, and that should take about two weeks, there is a trade off worth making. Hang around JD and actually SEE THE TOWN. Most of the time we ride to an event and don't even see the place where we are. Take her walking and shopping and do the things that she wants to do, and you will be able to spend time with her and your internet friends.
Posted By: tgregg

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/11/08 01:18 PM

Thanks Paul, She gave me the OK last night to I'm in. Updated my "MapSource" software all ready to have some fun evenings mapping out the trip. Guess what, I can see where 395 turns off the I-15 from my back patio. As I found the destination I realized the directions went like this: get on the 395 go 850 miles and you're there! Well I have never been further up 395 than Reno so let the fun begin.
Posted By: hindsight

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/11/08 08:58 PM

It was at the First Torrey Gathering organized by Scott Conary for IBMWR that I first heard about BMWRT.COM and met a few members.

I signed up for the event and offered to share a room with someone else. And guess who I shared a room with. None other than T.M. Roe. Meeting him, Dick Franz, Fernando, Kris, Wurty, and many others made me realize what a great group of people they are (yes, even Wurty) and that they had an online community. I got home Sunday evening and created my login right away. Haven't looked back since.

Granted, I have never owned an RT but you were always willing to let me tag along on my K100RS and then my R1150GS.

And I also will never forget the first time I met Jamie and Leslie. It was in Hanksville, UT. They were all decked out in thier matching leathers on a new R1150RT fueling up at the Sinclair station. I pulled in and took up the entire fill up line as I was taking my family down to Lake Powell with the boat in tow. I walked up and asked how the gathering in Torrey was going. Jamie was baffled as to how I knew about the gathering as my four kids piled out of the Suburban and made a mad dash for the restroom. How would this boat pulling, family man know where they had been and how much fun they were having?

After that introduction, I consider Jamie and Leslie to be great friends and amazing people. Their generosity and kindness is unmatched except for the other likemind people that I have met because of this board.

Thank you Cary, Thank you David, and Thank you Leslie!

I owe a lot to you and to this community.

Posted By: jbr7t

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/12/08 12:50 AM

YAY! and Happy 10th! So glad I found this place. Met some good riding buddies and friends!

Looking forward to the 20th Bday!!
Posted By: algover

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/12/08 04:20 AM

Good to hear from you, Gregg. \:\)
Posted By: tgregg

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/12/08 02:06 PM

Thanks Peter.
I really like your sig line about not being afraid. I told my wife I'm going riding before I can't anymore. I guess that thought is a product of seeing so many my age (63) just sitting on their couch and riding only a golf cart. My father at 87 lives a life of being carried between his bed and his recliner. The reason is he didn't have any passion for anything and just sat watching television. I want to still be riding to BMW events in my 80's like some of you out there I've met.
So July 7th I'll climb on the bike and head up 395 with a 600+ mile goal for the day
I feels really right to be back,
Posted By: Haroon

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/15/08 11:01 AM

10th Anniversary Congratulations & appreciations to everyone who has contributed in making this site what it is today.

I live in Saudi Arabia and it was Cary's original site that got me hooked onto this wonderful machine called the RT. Although there was no BMW bike dealer in this country at that time I could turn to this site to have my technical & other queries answered. Have been (& continue) to be the proud & joyful owner of a 96 RT.

Good going & safe riding to all.
Posted By: duson

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/15/08 11:30 AM

I learned a lot from this website.

Posted By: Jeff98362

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/15/08 11:57 AM

Congratulations on 10 years!

I can not remember how I learned of this wonderful group. I vividly remember how you were all there to guide me into BMW ownership and riding, as I did both together. Sure, I went elsewhere for information too, but it was this board that I checked daily and believed in. I still learn by leaps and bounds here, and enjoy checking in many times each week.

Since I started riding I have enjoyed many different motorcycles and made three cross-country moves. I enjoyed meeting many of you in person back at Jim Brink's tech-days in Diamond Bar. What an experience (and not yet duplicated)!

To the moderators, administrators, and Leslie: thank you for your efforts!
Posted By: PeterC8

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/16/08 12:20 AM

Well well. How time flies. What a great group, glad to be part of it! Now that I'm retired, I'm not on the board very much but hope to see a lot of you in Oregon! Congratulations to us!
Posted By: drswift

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/16/08 10:02 PM

Congrats on an amazing milestone!
Those not familiar with building and maintaining a website probably don't appreciate all the hard work that has brought this site to the level of sophistication most of us take for granted. It's a whole lot more than just a great discussion board. I've dealt with corporate sites maintained by IT departments that can't compare to the feature- and content-rich environment we have at our fingertips.
Thank you Cary Littell, Dave Baker, Leslie and Jamie Edmonds and all those moderators and content contributors who have worked so hard to make this site such a fantastic resource and a wonderful social networking hangout. Hope we can continue to invest in the reference content to keep pace with the advances in product technology.
Three cheers to you all!
Posted By: mikeR1100R

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/17/08 10:53 PM

Happy 10th! I have learned so much and met many wonderful, friendly people through this board. The camaradarie and the wealth of knowledge to be found here is unequalled anywhere else as far as I am concerned. Here's to another happy 10 years! (At least!).
Posted By: Bill_Walker

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/18/08 05:54 AM

Hi, all! I've been in "hermit mode" lately as a result of moving and such and haven't been on the board. It's great to see the anniversary!

It's been around 4 years for me, give or take (counting lurking time). I first heard of the site when I stopped by Marin BMW in the middle of a tour and saw a BMWRT.COM sticker! Got on the site on the computer right there on the showroom floor (thanks, Cary and Kris!). Not long after, I bought my RT off this site, and started down the road to adventure, so to speak (or the road to MRN, anyway!). The people here have been great, and I've learned a ton, and managed to share some of it along the way. I look forward to seeing you all again.
Posted By: bmweerman

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/18/08 07:05 AM

This is the coolest place ever...

We took you guys along to Sedona when we got married...

You helped me through countless wrenching sticky wickets..

You guys were absolutely amazing when I was getting wrenched on last year!!!

And thanks for the valiant effort to rehab the Frankenbeemer..

Here's looking forward to another great 10 years of riding and wrenching together.

Cameron and Patti
Posted By: Fasterpill

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/19/08 01:11 AM

Most of my closest friends and best times are from this site. My uncle, George Brown, bribed me to go to the National when it was at Redmond, OR in 01. My Sportster and I were there at the BBQ. One test ride on a K12 RS and it was all over.
Then the fun began - 2 Christmas parties at Shortcuts, the first Unny at Gunny, PNW gatherings at Bigmak's in Vader and John Day rallys, Spring Torrey, 04 (whatever the heck number it was - VII???), informal gatherings all over the country, tech daze here back east, and lots of great rides!

Anyone remember Vroom Hilda? Now I proudly ride a K12RS with a Marin BMW license plate holder.

Happy 10th all you's guys and gals.
Posted By: russell_bynum

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/19/08 08:43 PM

Anyone remember Vroom Hilda? Now I proudly ride a K12RS with a Marin BMW license plate holder.


Heading out on the ride we did before ShortCut's first Christmas Party. Lisa and I, Brian and Meghan, Gleno and Teri, I forget who else...I think BigMak was on that one too. We'd just pulled out of ShortCut's neighborhood when we spotted Voomie. We pulled over and stopped, face shields were flipped up, and you said "I'm Fasterpill" which Gleno responded "Yes you are."

That was a funny ride. No matter where we went, Tom Roe got there before us. We left ShortCut's and he's standing in the driveway drinking a coffee. We get to our lunch destination and he's standing in front of the place drinking a coffee. WTF? We left there bound for Marin and Tom's still standing there as we left...when we pull into Marin he's already there halfway through a donut. You expect that sort of thing when Tom's on his bike, but he was in a frickin' rent car.
Posted By: Fasterpill

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/20/08 01:44 AM

Were you on that insane ride with Sammy G in the Napa valley that weekend? Steve A was on that one and it is unforgettable for me.

It was like a twisted snaky badly paved driveway for like 10 mountains. Scraped a few mm off my pegs on that one and I was pretty green.
Posted By: russell_bynum

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/20/08 07:22 PM

 Originally Posted By: Fasterpill
Were you on that insane ride with Sammy G in the Napa valley that weekend? Steve A was on that one and it is unforgettable for me.

It was like a twisted snaky badly paved driveway for like 10 mountains. Scraped a few mm off my pegs on that one and I was pretty green.

Nope...we did the sedate ride over all the Bay Area bridges and out to Marin. We had fun, but tellin' lies about it afterwards, I wished we had been on the ride with you K-bike lunatics.
Posted By: WURTY

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/22/08 05:14 PM

Back in the old days Cary, Kris Beasley, my brother Agent 86, General Dick Frantz, Fernando, Gleno and Teri ,Tom Roe and a host of others made me realize what a great bunch of people could do for making a 15 hour motorcycle ride fun.
I bought the Red RT from Cary in 99 and the first day on it Cary and I went to the Auburn Ralley.
Helen Two Wheels wanted me and that is where the " That Chick Wants Me" stories all got started.
Here is the first picture of me that Cary took on our way to Auburn.
I am wearing my Harley helmet and chaps with a $hit eating grin because the RT could go 120 and make no noise.
I was in Heaven.

Posted By: Agent86

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/26/08 10:29 PM

You were much younger then.

 Originally Posted By: WURTY

Posted By: Marty Hill

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 06/27/08 05:17 PM

Hard to believe he ever looked that good.
Posted By: artig

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 07/04/08 07:23 AM

Congratulations on the 10th anniversary, and huge thanks to all those who have helped to keep the board running all those years.

Living so far away from the major concentration of members it is limited how many I have met through the years. However, I have enjoyed spending time with those I have met during their visits to New Zealand. They are Gravel and Mrs Gravel, newlyweds Deadboy and Mrs Deadboy, proud grandfather USAF1, and Marty Hill.

Anyone else coming down this way is welcome to drop me a line, and perhaps we can meet up for a ride. We also have plenty of room if you want somewhere to camp or need a bed for a night.
Posted By: trailbuster530

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 07/07/08 01:52 PM

I came across when doing research on purchasing a new bike. My wife and I had gone to the international bike show in the bay area and sat on a TON of bikes.

We narrowed it down to the BMWRT, Honda ST, and the Triumph ST4. After doing the research and countless hours stewing over which one the BWMRT Site helped in the decision.

The wealth of knowledge and as Peter Algover stated the good conduct of the board pushed us towards the RT.

Since then we have met some great people, taken some great rides, and given the RT a work out.

Since starting on this board back in January of 2001 I have moved and now live within my favorite riding areas. My daughters are growing up quick and still enjoy rides with Daddy.

I have been busy with growing kids, car shows for my 56 F100's and mustang, tending to the goat herd, taking care of the property, enjoying the trips on the RT (Which is also my commuter), and occasionally getting back onto the board and catching up.

Wish I had more time to spend on the board but I have a ton on my plate and find the free time I do have I would rather be out enjoying the roads.

Thanks to all who have provided input and feedback. It's still valuable to those that have been online for many years.

Can't wait to see what the next 10 years have in store.
Posted By: Wheels Rollin'

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 07/11/08 08:00 PM

There are certainly a number of wonderful memories posted by others here, and as many have already said, those memories and all the folks here make this site... this community... what it is... Bravo!

I started riding more years ago than I can remember, though if pushed to recall, I'd have to say the figure was slightly north of 40... I did the 'Honda' thing as many did back then, working through a number of 'em in my early years... One fateful day, though, I had a chance to ride a BMW my Dad had bought but wouldn't let me near otherwise (Gee! I wonder why? <<scratching head>>), though only because he succumbed to my near constant 'please-oh-please' pestering... My dream of ownership began that day... Through the intervening years of... well... all the usual man-into-the-corporate | family-life responsibilities world, my riding opportunities dribbled off to almost zero, saved only by the occasional outing a couple of times a year on a borrowed bike... Things ultimately changed, and in 2001, I bought my first BMW, a 2001 F650GS, achieving phase one of my dream... My ultimate dream, however, was to have an RT...

The Internet was a life saver and something of a dream weaver for me... I found Cary's Resource Pages and this site and digested all I could from them both, the depth and scope of information and insight miles beyond anything else I could find <<sigh>>... I loved the F650, but I had my eyes on the RT... It was always intended to be a dream fulfilled...

Anyway, I lurked and lurked and lurked, believing at the time I was not worthy of being here until I could truly 'walk the walk and talk the talk' in some manner -- and, perhaps more importantly (at least to me), to be in a position to contribute something of real and tangible value to all... I registered the day I brought my '04 RT home, and typed in the first of my posts that same evening...

I haven't been as regular here in the past couple of years or so as I was in my first couple for a variety of reasons unrelated to anyone or anything here... I still view this community, however, as a warm, friendly, inviting, and accepting one -- all one could hope for in a 'cyber' place... I have learned so much from everyone about more subjects than I can remember, in the process, learning more about myself and enriching my days... I've traveled to places both near and far I'll never likely go via well-written ride tales accompanied by absolutely stunning photography... I've laughed my a** off (<<sigh>>... if only that were more than just a saying -- I... uh... could probably use a smaller one <<smile>>) at things others have related in postings... I attribute all that to the leadership and foresight Cary and David brought to the proceedings... And with Les now capably at the helm, the lineage... the 'culture' of this very special place... the positive and occasionally irreverant things we create here amongst ourselves remain intact... Much more than that, though, it continues to nurture those returning time and time again and thrive on their contributions... That's truly comforting and inspiring...

I'm sincerely appreciative of being permitted to share my opinions, viewpoints, and stories here -- and oh-so-thankful for all the support I've received from others as a result of my postings... Someday, I remain ever-hopeful about meeting more people here in something beyond just PMs and public posts... An' something else? I'm also especially pleased and humbled by the 'Smellin the Roses' sub-title bestowed upon me... As something of a mechanical zero and 'all-thumbs-lagging-behind-state-of-the-art techno dweeb, that honor (and I do consider it so) is more meaningful to me than I can express <<appreciative bow + smile>>... Ahhh... At least now I have some other avenues available to me here to create value and entertain a little <<grateful smile>>...

In closing -- may our journey continue unabated... Safe travels always for all...

Respectfully and with sincere gratitude,

~ Bill
Posted By: algover

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 07/13/08 04:45 AM

Good to hear from you, Erik. It's been a long time!
Regards to Chris.
Posted By: Rick Bertino

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 07/16/08 06:31 PM

Wonder how many miles the members have done since you went online????? Happy 10th!
Posted By: EffBee

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 07/17/08 09:25 PM

 Originally Posted By: Rick Bertino
Wonder how many miles the members have done since you went online????? Happy 10th!

Well, let's take an unsophisticated swipe at that. I'm sure my math will be wrong, so the engineering/statistical types on this board can correct me. But let's have some fun anyway.

According to the MIC (motorcycle Industry Council), the average street bike in the U.S. is ridden about 2,400 mile per year. Yet I've heard the the BMW MOA has statistics that say their members ride an average of 8,000 miles per year while BMW-owning non-members ride approximately 6,000MPY. Just to be safe, let's take the lower number.

Now let's look at this board's membership numbers. To do that, we must make an assumption of even growth, with no peaks and valleys. We had about 16,600 members when Les opened the 10th Anniversary forum. So let's figure an average annual membership of half that, or 8,300 members. That would mean 6,000MPY x 8,300Members x 10Yrs or about 498,000,000 miles. In essence, a HALF A BILLION MILES!!!

That's 1,190,476 gallons of gas figured at an average of 42mpg. At 8K per set of tires, that's 12,500 tires (F&R combined). At 4 qts. every 6K, that's 33,333 qts of oil (some 8300 gallons of the stuff), about 8300 oil filters and an equal number of air filters, near 2100 fuel filters and alternator belts, about the same number of throttle cables, and probably more than a couple of final drives .

It's also about 100 Tech Daze, 15 Torreys, 7 Un's, 3 proprietors, and three of us moderators who have been here, give or take a few months, for almost the entire time (Spike, Mike and yours truly).

Hmmm, I wonder what other stats we could conjure up?
Posted By: Quinn

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 07/18/08 12:11 PM

Average age? Total years of experience? Total revenue from performance awards?
Posted By: swmckinley

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 07/21/08 01:47 PM

Happy 10th. I have many fond memories of people and places, Redmond and the ride home with Gleno and T.M. Roes birthday just to name a few old ones, I am still making new ones like this years Torrey ride with Limecreek, Philly Flash and AZ Comet. I have managed to accumulate around 150,000 miles on a few different BMW's since joining this site and look forward to many more.
Posted By: simon999

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 08/03/08 09:04 PM

congratulations from a BMW Rider from the UK !!! Best Wishes for the next 10 !!!!
Posted By: KMG_365

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 08/11/08 04:43 AM

Isn't this cool?!?!?!? \:\)

Hi Steve--nice to hear from you again!!! \:D

Hi Simon--welcome aboard this "ship of fools"!!!! \:D

I'm really sorry that I'm up to my elbows in alligators right now and have almost no time to check in, because this is the best group of riders on the web! Carry on!
Posted By: Tippy

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 08/15/08 10:19 PM

In 2002, having just bought my RT, and being of very short stature, I needed lots of advice on the best way to drop seat height. It required quite a bit of research, and I soon stumbled upon this site. I received the benefit of an incredible accumulation of knowledge from some of the board members, and a lot of their support. While work has pretty much consumed me for the last couple of years and my rides and visits have become infrequent, I am very grateful that this board is still here and going strong when I occasionally log on.
Posted By: Paul_Burkett

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 08/15/08 10:40 PM

Well Tippy, welcome and don't be such a stranger.
Posted By: RTinNC

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 08/19/08 03:42 AM

WOW ... just found this thread. How cool is this ... 10 years. I found this site in 2000 when I was making my first move into the sport touring world and was trying to decide between a R1100RT and ST1100. Cary himself and the other regulars here provided lots of honest feedback and the rest as they say in history! I bought my first BMW in December 2000 ... a 1997 R1100RT. I am now on my 4th BMW and the person I bought that first RT from is now one of my best friends and riding buddies. I truly love the BMW ownership expereince. Someone should come up with a 10 year anniversary t-shirt!! What a great place! What a great country!
Posted By: Kathy R

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 09/12/08 04:47 AM

I wish I were 10 years old.. hee hee.

This place and you people changed my life. I met Ron B at a local Chicago hangout for riders in July of 01. After coming back from my first trip on my new RT he convinced me to post. I was amazed at the warmth and kindness of everyone here. I wasn't intimidated and didn't feel uncomfortable, as I did sometimes on other rider websites. But the number 1 thing I got was the humor. Word for word this place could crack me up every time I signed on.

I will never forget the rides, the people, the bike education or the memories. Too many people to name, but if you know me then you know you are one of those people for me.

I haven't been on much in recent years, but I'm grateful to see that you all - all you newer folks - are just like us "old farts". What a classy place to learn about bikes, life and to discover new friends.

Cary, David, Leslie and all the Moderators - you are very special people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Posted By: algover

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 09/20/08 11:49 PM

 Originally Posted By: Kathy R
I wish I were 10 years old.. hee hee.


Then you couldn't ride, Kathy. There would be no "paper butt"!
Posted By: HerrRiderguy

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 09/23/08 05:05 PM

Happy Anniversary from our newest newbie, Ole Ich... me. Long-time rider off and on through the years. Love my R1100R... beautiful handler!! Lots of great topics and people in this forum. Glad we're here!


R1100R, R100T
Posted By: John in VA

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 10/19/08 10:03 PM

Great site. I've checked it out almost every day for years.

One question about your home page that has 11 photos on it (9 of which are of old 11RTs):

The R1200RT is now in its FIFTH model year and is by far BMW's best selling "Sport Tourer". I know lots of folks think it's kinda ugly, and I like the old 11RT's looks, but isn't it past time that you guys find a single photo of a 12RT for your home page??

Thanks, and keep up the good work!
Posted By: dhanson

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 11/24/08 02:44 PM

Happy Birthday!

I am no speaker, don't join groups, okay, a loner here. Works good for a bowhunter, bass fishing, and motorcycling.

I like to do my own work, except A/C and septic tanks, call the pros. I can never live long enough to learn by trial and error nor have the money to waste, so I read a lot, internet is my knowledge database.

I lurk and soak up data on things I am interested in like a data sponge. Couple years ago, after making a trip to scout my elk unit in Cuba, N.M. on my trusty HD 2up, I met up with a couple on the way home. He was riding a new 2006 R12RT (with ironbutt license plate frame), his wife was on an HD. I could barely out run him on my hopped up Dyna 95".

A year goes by, I decided I wanted something more touring friendly, and began researching BMWs. I found this forum and began pouring over the possible mechanical problems I would be facing with the new bike along with the seemingly endless advice and fixes.

Go to the local BMW dealer, had never been there before, asked to ride the K1200GT and the C-14. Had neither, just sold both. Test rode the R1200RT, about the same specs HP wise as my HD (which I rode in on), but totally different feel, I likey. Now Jean loves the HD and thinks I have done gone off the deepend. So I call her at work and tell her to get down here on her lunch break, got to ride on the back of this RT.

She comes down to honor her wifely chores and humor me, borrows a helmet from the owners wife, we go for 15 minutes. I do everything I can do on a motorcycle with her on back, while adjusting the windshield and CC, trust me I touched everything!
She goes, not bad, but I like the HD.

I go back to the internet, find a used 07 GT in NC with only 2000 miles. Meanwhile Jamie is starting to talk about a Pied Piper run beginning in CA coming to Dallas and east for the Un-Rally in WV.

Somewhere in here I stumbled on Jacqueline's alaska thread and take 3 days to finish reading it. I was amazed, the bike, the woman, the preparation, the support, heartbreak, life changing endeavor.

Details escape me now, but suffice it to know I was on a tight schedule to get the new bike, settle in and hit the road. I had read all the problems the GT was having and felt prepared to tackle them if need be with the help of the k-bikes forum.

I do all my on servicing, GT has only been in shop for 2 warranty fixes.

As an ex IT Novel/Groupwise network adm, support specialist for a law firm, I thank the ones here that have kept this site up and running and civil.

Had to say that to show this, sold but not forgotten.

Posted By: SageRider

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 11/24/08 03:02 PM

Just to clarify a bit...
Sold the bike. Didn't sell the lovely lady! (Which explains why Dave survives to this day!)
Posted By: dhanson

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 11/24/08 10:37 PM

That is a given Michael, would be homeless and walking the streets without Jean. Course I picked her up out of the ditch and saved her from such a poor poor life.
Posted By: SageRider

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 11/25/08 12:15 AM

 Originally Posted By: dhanson
That is a given Michael, would be homeless and walking the streets without Jean. Course I picked her up out of the ditch and saved her from such a poor poor life.

Dave? (knock, knock, knock....) Dave??? You still alive???
Posted By: JustJean

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 11/25/08 02:12 AM

Only temporarily.
Posted By: SageRider

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 11/25/08 02:51 AM

Posted By: Hog_Man

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 11/26/08 05:58 PM

Happy Anniversary...from the Dark Side....
Posted By: porterjet

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 12/02/08 04:51 PM

10 years, wow. I've been here 10 minutes!
I guess this is as good a place as any to say hi.
I'm John, I have been working in Saudi Arabia for almost 12 years although my wife, kids and mortgage are on the California central coast. I just ordered a new RT, it will be here in a couple of months. The local BMW dealer is the only one here that will order a US spec bike so here I am.
Posted By: SageRider

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 12/02/08 09:32 PM

How often do you get to see the wife, kids, and mortgage bill?
Posted By: porterjet

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 12/03/08 08:53 AM

Thanks for the welcome. I get home at least once a year for a month. Sometimes I can get away for 10 days or so, but that is rare. My wife says I have a nice house, I don't know....The mortgage bill I get to see every month thanks to the internet.
Posted By: Madcat

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 01/04/09 08:39 PM

Happy Anniversary and Greetings from Italy!

Very nice to meet all of you!
Posted By: SageRider

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 01/04/09 10:40 PM

Welcome to the Asylum, Madcat!
Posted By: tbloomq

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 01/29/09 08:52 AM

Happy Anniversary oh website in the sky! Many thanks for all those who contribute and support this site. It's been a great resource for me.

Posted By: algover

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 02/06/09 05:48 AM

Hi Tom. Good to hear from you!
Posted By: SBH

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 02/10/09 08:05 AM

I have not posted in a while but I was sent a Happy Birthday from the forum..... So Happy Birthday too.................
Posted By: psmitty

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 02/16/09 03:06 AM

Happy Anniversary! and many more...
Posted By: EdinLA44

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 02/26/09 09:48 PM

Happy Anniv to a great site.
Posted By: John Ryan

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 04/16/09 06:22 PM

I've just found this place, after wandering aimlessly around the internet for 15 years or so, and am looking forward to the discussions here.

Congratulations on the first ten tears!

Best regards,
John Ryan
Posted By: Nice n Easy Rider

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 04/16/09 06:33 PM

Originally Posted By: John Ryan
I've just found this place, after wandering aimlessly around the internet for 15 years or so, and am looking forward to the discussions here.

Congratulations on the first ten tears!

Best regards,
John Ryan

So John,

Fill out your profile and tell us a little about yourself (at least general location, what kind of riding you do, etc.).
Posted By: KMG_365

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 04/16/09 10:01 PM

Hi John and welcome! wave
Posted By: Rallyrat

Re: We're Ten Years Old! - 04/29/09 09:27 PM

OK, it's been so long since I've been here I can't even remember my old user name etc. I was really coming here a lot in 2000 and 2001-2. It was kind of new and I did learn a lot. Fish's posts were a hoot, is he still around?
I started sport-touring in 1979 on my Yamaha 650 with windshield and bags! Then I graduated to a 1980 BMW R100RT which I rode for 19 years! Bought a HUGE 1150 GS Adventure BMW in 2002. Had about 70K on it when I sold it in 2007. It just got too big for me to push around anymore. Got a 2008 Kawasaki Versys 650 now so I have come full circle!
Congrats on the 10th Anniversary!
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Welcome Rallyrat,
I also have a Kawi Versys and it's a real challenge to see what I'll be riding on any given day. I love my 1200R but that Versys is so darn fun!
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Originally Posted By: Bheckel169
Welcome Rallyrat,
I also have a Kawi Versys and it's a real challenge to see what I'll be riding on any given day. I love my 1200R but that Versys is so darn fun!

Yes Bruce, I've owned lots of bikes in my time and the Versys is the most fun of all, by far! I bought it when BMW quit making 650's and I was just going to keep this until the new Beemer 650's came out. But I think I'm going to have it a long time. Keep clean oil and a filter in it and thats about all your service expense.
It's a great handling, rev happy, great mpg motorcycle. Got bags on it too! I bought my first new Kawasaki in 1972 and the next one in 2008! HA!
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Originally Posted By: Rallyrat
..... Fish's posts were a hoot, is he still around?

As I recall, Fish got him self banned a few years ago. Maybe some other old-timers can confirm or correct my aging memory. I also enjoyed some of his posts, but some were really way out. Finally, he engaged mouth (or keyboard) before engaging brain once too often.

Good to have you back.
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A wee bit late with this.... - 05/05/09 02:37 AM

A system of concepts worked out in steel, Pirsig said.

Drunk on the wind in my mouth,
Wringing the handlebar for speed,
Wild to be wreckage forever.
Says James Dickey.

I’d bought this 1150RT (thanks to Snod) , a new one, special edition with matching bags.


10 years ago I barely knew what the internet was. Dial up, for crying out loud. As a new bike owner, I was pointed in the direction of a fledgling web presence (by Snod again? Can’t remember, but he was there). The thing was, I hadn’t brought the damn thing home yet - this paid for, but still at the dealer motorcycle. It was killing me. Finally….a day off and I can get the bike and it’s…..raining.

And so, I log in. “Does anybody ride in the rain?”, I asked. I have this bike to pick up and it’s raining and I want it desperately (almost embarrassingly). ”Should I ride it home in the rain?”, I asked. I posted on the internet – I started a what? A thread…a thread? On the internet? I’ll be laughed at, I was sure.
But I wasn’t.
The replies came fast and furious (relatively speaking). “Good God man, it’s an RT! “If you don’t ride in the rain, you don’t ride!” I also received marvelous advice on riding in the rain, on caution, on reaction times and new tires, on gear, and all the rest.
I rode it home, no longer a tenderfoot with riding in the rain or posting on a discussion board. I started posting more. I asked many questions about tires, brakes, throttle bodies and every bit of gear one can think of. I finally met Cary and count him still as a wonderful friend. To this day, I’ll bet Snod and I talk bikes at least once a month.

But it was the first UnRally in Gunnison that set, cemented really, a portion of my life for two wheels and a motor. You see, I had some ideas, a curiosity really, about the nature of riding and wanted to know more about that. It was this site had fueled that curiosity appreciably and I wanted to expand the little I understood.

I don’t know if it’s still around, but here’s a wee bit…

….. and I was completely taken by surprise by how deeply this activity has affected me. Garri Garripoli expresses’ it beautifully in the "Tao of The Ride", “…I know that when I ride, I face my ability to be “present” in the moment. Maybe it’s second nature by now, but I like to feel it for a second, sitting on the bike as it’s warming up, feeling how exposed I am, how sensitive the controls are, how close I am to the pavement. It wakes me up and brings to a place of sheer connection with everything about who I am, my mood, my fragility and my incredible sensory system that even allows me to ride this 600-pound beast. This is the Ride. That split second sensation that brings you into the present moment, a moment that goes by in a flash…yet is eternal. That’s what a bike does for me”.

But, does anyone else feel this? Who cares if they do? If I was going to find out, what better place to look, to inquire, than Gunnison. One thousand twelve hundred miles of peace between my home and Gunnison and when I get there I am going to find out what others feel! I’ve met them on the BBS, I’ve heard them speak of their trips and their problems and their triumphs. Got to be somebody who feels these things and we’ll share. Well…I never asked. Not once. But I found out.

I went over to the KOA Sunday and checked in, everybody seemed a little nervous, a little anxious, but it was probably just me. Dinner at Garlic Mikes that night with Snod and Jackie. The Chianti and the sound of the Gunnison River in the background calmed me a bit. Monday morning and Snod, Airtire and I decide to ride to Creede. Group riding, gulp…..hey, it’s only three of us – no sweat! About halfway to Creede we meet up with Hannabone, Mike Cortes, Pat Allaire and others and were greeted like long lost friends. Everyone takes off and I ride sweep, which seems to be a nice way of saying…last. I fell behind, I caught up, I watched, learned and my fears melted away. At lunch, I listened to others talk of the ride, the Rally and I started to find out.

Barbecue dinner Tuesday night with the Mennonite family, and as Fernando and others have explained so beautifully, it was an evening to feel proud and to feel thankful. A few of us finished quickly and wandered outside to chat in the marvelous evening air. As I listened to conversations among the more experienced riders, I heard words I had been thinking about……..smoothness, flow, letting go, awareness, seeing, focus, fear and…fun.

I found out….

I’ve met others, of course. Some, like me, don’t post much anymore. But, if they’re really like me, they check in to see what’s going one. But to those who keep this going, who have kept this going – Cary Littell, David Baker and Leslie Edmonds and the myriad of moderators who have kept rubber side of this site down – I thank and congratulate you.


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Thank you John.

This remembrance was well worth the wait. You've captured beautifully what so many of us have in our hearts and what makes us family.
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Nice words, John. Well put!! thumbsup
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Wow, I have not been on this board in years, primarily because I sold my last RT in 2006 frown At one point, back in the summer of 2000, I was pretty active here, especially just before I left on my Ride4Joe, a cross country motorcycle trip that I made to raise money for a friend of mine who had cancer. On that trip, I met up with fellow members Kris Besley and Jackie Paul, rode more than 11,000 miles through 35 states in 28 days, and raised $30,000 for Joe Porambo's medical treatment. Tragically, he died a year later. But the last time I saw him, two weeks before his death, he told me that the ride really kept him going. He loved reading the updates that I posted from Kinko's stores across the country, so perhaps it helped. And for my Public Service Announcement of the day, I encourage anyone else who has the time and resources to do something similar for a friend or family member who they care about.

I sold that first RT (2000 Special Edition) about a year after I moved from Santa Cruz, CA to Whidbey Island, WA, and then bought a 1996 RT up here about a year after that. But the riding season is pretty short when you have to deal with snow and ice, and I sold that bike several years ago. After a brief fling with a cheap floozy who just couldn't compare (a 1982 Yamaha Seca 650), I gave up bikes for a while. But now, as evidenced by my return to this forum, I am pining away once again...
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Hi Dan!

I'm glad your post came before this thread got archived. What a nice piece of board history. Thanks and welcome back!
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Congrads on the 10 year aniversary. I've saved some emails from members dating back to 2000. The first being from Cary Little Jr. June 13th 2000. I can remember trying to help out the site back then by giving away one of the sites t-shirts to a female that rode in to the motel area my friend and I had stopped at. Turned out to be embarrassing however since I had wrapped my shorts up with a t-shirt for each day plus a couple extra.
As always it's the people who respond that make my day.
Thanks for all the years of humor and of coarse advice over the years.
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