Quick case questions

Posted By: beammeup

Quick case questions - 01/02/18 03:05 AM

Thinking about upgrading. Will the 49L top case and / or tank bag from an ‘07 RT fit on a ‘17? Thanks.
Posted By: Bernie

Re: Quick case questions - 01/02/18 03:23 AM

The top case will fit the luggage rack on the 2017 model.
The 2017 does not have the rail system on the top of fuel tank, so you can not snap in the 2007 tank bag.
Posted By: hopz

Re: Quick case questions - 01/02/18 02:26 PM

The two top cases from my '05RT ... the Large one and the Small one, both fit my '14 Wethead perfectly... which is the same fitment as all the RT wet heads thus far.
Posted By: beammeup

Re: Quick case questions - 01/02/18 05:47 PM

Thanks a lot!

That will save me a few bucks. Any chance the Corbin Smuggler from the ‘07 will fit?
Posted By: Bernie

Re: Quick case questions - 01/02/18 09:29 PM

The WetHead uses different seats and different seat attachments, so I don’t think it would work. But Corbin should be able to answer that question.
Posted By: Ralphie

Re: Quick case questions - 01/03/18 09:56 PM

One of the few things you pick up with the current top box if you get the "Fully Equipped" version it will lock and unlock with the central power locks if your bike is so equipped, will have an interior light and can have a third brake light mounted to the top box if you want to spend even more.

It is probably difficult to justify the $1,700 for the current "Fully Equipped" top box if you already have a paid for version from a previous model but these features are what you get with the new version. This is not an case for the new version, just pointing out the differences.
Posted By: beammeup

Re: Quick case questions - 01/06/18 04:51 AM

Good news on the case. The “Fully Equipped” case is waaaaay too much money (IMHO). I am retired and do not want to take on any debt, so I am trying to scrape together enough $$$ to make this work. Good to have goals!
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