K1300GT 2009 rough idle

Posted By: Utazo89

K1300GT 2009 rough idle - 12/05/17 01:30 AM

I bought few months ago this used bike. I like it a lot. It had two problems. The heated seat was not heating, (I fixed it) and it has a rough idle. (it also backfires during deceleration, but I've read that it happens, when the muffler is not OEM).
Once the engine is warm, the idle is a bit better, but the needle is moving up and down a bit. I am new to this system, so I cannot tell, if that is normal, or not? Could it be the plugs? I have service records, but I cannot see, when the plugs were replaced. Could it be a ' recall issue ', which was not done? Please, advice. Thanks.
Posted By: beemerman2k

Re: K1300GT 2009 rough idle - 12/06/17 12:01 AM

I was having significant fueling issues on the 2009 K!300GT I bought used last summer. Rough idle, stalling, etc. Took it to Max BMW where the mechanic updated the fuel system with the latest software updates, and that fixed it. Bike runs perfectly now and there are no more fueling issues to report.

Engine pulls like an ox, but then you know that by now. Congrats on the bike!

Posted By: Utazo89

Re: K1300GT 2009 rough idle - 12/06/17 03:13 AM

Thanks beemerman. What was the fueling issue, precisely? Idle rough and stall, or more?
Posted By: beemerman2k

Re: K1300GT 2009 rough idle - 12/07/17 12:34 AM

That was it, mostly, but the stalling was the most annoying. I'd coast to a traffic light or a stop sign and next thing I know, my engine is no longer running. Hit the starter button and it fires back up, but still. No such issues now. Fueling is finally up to the standards of the rest of the motorcycle.
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Re: K1300GT 2009 rough idle - 12/07/17 09:06 PM

Thanks. I will take to the service and let them upgrade the software.
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Re: K1300GT 2009 rough idle - 12/08/17 01:23 PM

I called the bmw service, where this bike was always serviced and the mechanic said that my bike is updated on the software. He asked me to bring it in and they will check it out. We figured out that the plugs were not replaced for at least 2 years now, so I might order that and some testing on this idle problem. The muffler is not OEM, which could be another reason for the fluctuation. I'll know more after Thursday and I will share.
Posted By: beemerman2k

Re: K1300GT 2009 rough idle - 12/13/17 12:49 AM

I'll be interested in knowing what comes of your research. I bought my bike with 6K on the odo and the 6K service just competed by the same dealership under the prior owner. I was surprised to learn the latest firmware hadn't been applied. I say this to say make sure your latest firmware is applied even if you have to take it elsewhere for a second opinion.

I understand the plugs are no small matter to replace on this engine, which surprises me, but given that's the case it shouldn't be a surprise the work hadn't been done in a while.

Good luck!
Posted By: Utazo89

Re: K1300GT 2009 rough idle - 07/03/18 05:45 PM

Sorry for the late reply. Life is busy.
So, I did schedule a service for the idle problem, but the guys there told me not to bother until the 68K service is due. It is a major scheduled service by BMW. I still have 1K to go. They also told me that idle problem could be related to many things. Of course, when we cranked it up, the idle was OK in the shop. I was mad that I could not demonstrate the problem.
Since then, I had additional issues with the idle. Sometimes the engine almost stopped, like it was running out of gas. I had to give a little throttle to bring it back. This happens now occasionally. I suspect that the fuel system/filter/lines need some urgent cleaning. I don't know how to do it, so I need to survive till the service is due. I am not very happy with this problem.
Posted By: TF1200RT

Re: K1300GT 2009 rough idle - 07/05/18 11:38 AM

A friend of mine had the rough idle issue with his K1200GT. Turned out to be clogged fuel lines.
Posted By: biggy

Re: K1300GT 2009 rough idle - 07/21/18 04:44 PM

My bike does stumble occasionally. I find that if I add some Chevron Techron to the fuel at every 4th fill up or so, the stalling and stumbling pretty much goes way.
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