F 150 Owners

Posted By: tallman

F 150 Owners - 05/07/09 01:15 AM

Looking at some f150 trucks.
Previously owned.
1999 Lariat 158k miles
2001 Supercab (lariat?)165k miles
2003 extended cab 93k miles

Prices from $5200 - $7500
Anyone own one of these?
Any ideas about mileage, is it worth a bit more $$ on a vehicle like this to get lower miles?

For sake of argument trucks in about the same mechanical and body condition.
One has a 3mo/3k warranty from dealer ('99), one is a dealer and no warranty (the '03) and one is a private owner who has had it since new (the '01).

Will use the truck for light weekend duty, some projects, some camping to take the dog along with us.
Not planning on towing a motorcycle, but, one never knows. eek

Thanks for your input.
Posted By: mbelectric

Re: F 150 Owners - 05/07/09 01:34 AM



I have an 02 F150 5.4l 4X4
She's about to turn 100k this week.
Never had any probs.
Easy on tires and gas for a 4x4.
Hauls anything with ease.
Great offroad and in snow.

I'd look at the 03..... smile

Posted By: Ken H.

Re: F 150 Owners - 05/07/09 01:35 AM

Yeah, I had a ‘99 Lariat, was called an XLT if I remember right. Straight 6-cyl. with a manual 5-speed. Rusted badly above the wheel wells. Put a new clutch in it at around 140K. Was a bit hard on water pumps. I seem to recall I put three in it over its life. Otherwise it was bone reliable. Sold it with 180K on it or so. $5K plus or minus seems high to me…

Only reason I sold it was Donna didn’t like driving a stick shift. When she first moved to the US manual tranny vehicles was all I had.
Posted By: Richard_D

Re: F 150 Owners - 05/07/09 01:43 AM

Tim, some of them surge ! rofl
Posted By: big-t

Re: F 150 Owners - 05/07/09 01:43 AM


The one thing I would check is whether the sparkplugs have been replaced or not.The F150s with V8s have had issues stripping or breaking off due to carbon build up on the ends.Make sure they have been replaced as its expensive to replace them.

I've heard some Ford techs are actually having to unbolt the cab and raise it to get to the plugs on some models.
Posted By: Flyer5

Re: F 150 Owners - 05/12/09 01:44 AM

I have a 99 f150 with 190,000 fairly hard miles . I use it as a truck most of the time . I have replaced spark plugs a couple coil packs. Trans fluid changes and oil changes every 10k+ miles whether it needed it or not smile . It has had a slight knock or tap in the valve train for the last 100,000 miles . I will drive it till it quits probably/hopefully another 100k or so . Dave
Posted By: betty

Re: F 150 Owners - 05/12/09 10:49 AM

Ex Ford tech here. The 4.6 are almost bulletproof. Some will develop piston slap at higher mileages. If you let them warm up they are fine. I had a '98 with 370k and it ran fine. There is no problems with the sparkplugs on the modular engines.I've never seen a cab off a gasser for any type of work. Diesels yes.
The V6 is not as good.
I'd have more concerns with the trans and 4x4 systems than the engines. And the front end pieces.
Good luck
Posted By: tallman

Re: F 150 Owners - 05/12/09 02:26 PM

Thanks all.
Ended up w/a nice '03.
It does have the 4.2L 6, but I'm not hauling stuff and drive mostly on the flatter roads. smirk
The 6 seems to avoid the spark plug issue and won't get less mpg than the 8.

Looking for a used topper now for camping.
Best wishes.
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