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Posted By: Selden

Ride Home - 06/29/17 12:52 AM

My wife and I are heading out tomorrow morning, returning to Dahlonega via highway 28 through Franklin (lunch at Caffe Rel), then Highlands, down to Warwoman Road west to Clayton, then Tiger, a little bit of 197, and cutting west just north of Helen.

We expect to be home by 4:00 Thursday, and the temperature is supposed to stay below 80 all day really exceptional for this area at this time of year.

If you are heading south and/or west on the return ride, and need a place to stay Thursday (or Friday) night, let me know. There are many "entertaining" routes between Fontana Village and the west side of Dahlonega, some longer, some shorter.
Posted By: fastlarry

Re: Ride Home - 06/30/17 01:21 AM

Hope this isn't too late to do any good; but anyone planning to go North through downtown Cincinnati would do best to bypass the interstate bridge there. I was approaching the city around 1:30 this afternoon and traffic was backing up 10+ miles into Northern Kentucky. I took I-275 east and crossed the Ohio River upstream.
Posted By: Selden

Re: Ride Home - 06/30/17 04:12 PM

We got home at 2:30 yesterday, and the rain started, first light, then heavy, around 4:00. I can't believe our good fortune, as we made our room reservation last October.

Still room for guest(s) tonight, if you want to get out of the rain. We have a clothes dryer...
Posted By: Bernie

Re: Ride Home - 07/01/17 02:20 AM

We, Tyler and I made it home around 6:30 pm today (Friday). Pulled out of Fontana around 6:30 AM or so. We had some rain showers after crossing the GA-NC border. Stopped for gas and breakfast in Clayton, GA and lunch in Louisville, GA. Another fuel stop in Reidsville, GA. Got into a few thunderstorms after crossing into FL, but other wise pretty normal ride home.
Thank you all for a great event.
Posted By: Endobobdds

Re: Ride Home - 07/01/17 02:46 AM

Mark and I left before 7:00 AM and to our respective homes safely approximately 11 hours later with one Cracker Barrel and 3 gas stops. Started with rain gear but had no rain to speak of. clap
Posted By: DaveCinNO

Re: Ride Home - 07/01/17 03:06 AM

I probably had enough rain for everyone at the UN. Left at 7am and arrived home at 5:30pm gaining an hour on the way. Took the dragon route and as soon as I hit 411 the rain started and mostly rained until halfway down MS at which point the temps climbed into the 90s. Still a great UN with 3 days of great rides and company. Thanks again Craig and crew.
Posted By: marcopolo

Re: Ride Home - 07/01/17 11:35 AM

As Bob said above, we left at 6:47 yesterday (Friday), and I pulled up to my garage door at 5:35, after 568 miles. Again, no rain, but we did have our rain gear on for a number of hours. Turns out the green blobs on the weather radar were more like mist/drizzle, and we could have easily ditched the gear earlier.
Posted By: realshelby

Re: Ride Home - 07/01/17 05:57 PM

I left Friday at just before 1:30 AM. Looked like I could get out before the rain hit, at least keep me from rain till I got to the main highways. I hit rain before I-75, but at least I was on good roads by then. Rain pretty much till I got into Mississippi a good ways. Riding the Dragon at night was really weird, leaning means you have NO light in some areas! Only met one car and that was on the other side of the Dragon. Rode I-59 to I-12 to I-10 to Houston. Stop and go traffic in Louisiana in a few places. Made it home just after 8:30! Just over 20 hours on the road with just fuel stops, couple stops to eat, 2-3 rest stop breaks. I have ridden several 800+ mile days. This was my first official 1000+ mile day! 1003 miles! Pic below shows that in "trip B", "trip A" was the entire trip. I went into West Virginia before coming back down to FVR for the UN. Top Speed was on a closed course with a professional rider, I was simply watching.

Posted By: randy

Re: Ride Home - 07/01/17 06:18 PM

well I did not make it home. My truck had an injector go bad, and local shop cannot complete repairs until Monday, maybe Wednesday. Stuck at Fontana Village until Monday for sure. Might have to stay until Wednesday.
Posted By: Selden

Re: Ride Home - 07/01/17 08:45 PM

Originally Posted By: randy
well I did not make it home. My truck had an injector go bad, and local shop cannot complete repairs until Monday, maybe Wednesday. Stuck at Fontana Village until Monday for sure. Might have to stay until Wednesday.

Posted By: Matts_12GS

Re: Ride Home - 07/01/17 08:58 PM

Two days in the car and we are back to Connecticut.

What a great event, I was honored to be a part of it.
Posted By: rogera

Re: Ride Home - 07/02/17 03:26 PM

Short detour through Indiana but home. Great UN
As always cool
Posted By: TyTass

Re: Ride Home - 07/03/17 12:19 AM

After a brief, 2-day respite in Blowing Rock NC, were back home ... very grateful for the time we had with you fabulous peeps ... and for air conditioning!
Posted By: ltljohn

Re: Ride Home - 07/03/17 11:10 AM

Home Sunday afternoon. I stopped along the way and spent the weekend with an old friend I had not seen in 30 years. It was a great week or riding and socializing with the gang. Many thanks to the unorganizers.
Posted By: randy

Re: Ride Home - 07/04/17 12:27 PM

well repairs were not completed on Monday. Shop is closed today. so will not be done until EOB Wednesday. I now KNOW EVERY STEP of Fontana village. I know where all the bodies are buried and the full name of every worker here :-) in fact the staff at Fontana has been great and it is not to bad.
Posted By: TyTass

Re: Ride Home - 07/04/17 02:58 PM

Hoping for better luck tomorrow. There could be worse places to be stuck than Fontana Village Resort.
Posted By: Chris K

Re: Ride Home - 07/05/17 02:39 PM

After sneaking out of Fontana Village on Friday ahead of the rain Friday morning, Joel and I made it back to Atlanta last evening around 5:30 after detours to VA and NC. Many thanks to Craig, Terri and Matt for setting this Unrally up. Also may thanks to those who worked behind the scenes. It was great to see old friends and make new ones, that is what the Un is all about!
Also a special thanks to Bernie and Bob's Boot Repair. Because of their after hours service I didn't have to ride with one boot and one sandal last week.
Posted By: randy

Re: Ride Home - 07/06/17 06:08 PM

the saga continues, seems when the injector went bad, it shorted out one of the trucks computer chips. So new board is needed.

Andy Raye came to my rescue and drove back up to Fontana Village and picked me up. I am home now and back at the office.

Once the truck is running, I will drive back up, pick up the truck, head over to Fontana Village and then pick up the trailer and then finally have myself, truck and trailer back home

Posted By: Selden

Re: Ride Home - 07/06/17 08:22 PM

Randy, Sorry to hear that. I was considering offering a pickup and drive home, but I've been under the weather with 4 yellowjacket stings July 1-4. Glad to hear that Andy was able to come to your rescue. If you need a ride back to Fontana, let me know. Other than Pam's birthday on July 7, I have no commitments.
Posted By: randy

Re: Ride Home - 07/06/17 09:09 PM

so sorry to hear about your stings. I know for some people those can be life threatening.
Posted By: randy

Re: Ride Home - 07/06/17 10:32 PM

I forgot to mention Little John. On Friday John stayed the day, and he and I went sight seeing to the Dam visitor center. It was awesome. Then John drove me to Waynesville, so I could talk tot he shop about my truck's status. Awesome thanks to John as well.
Posted By: TyTass

Re: Ride Home - 07/06/17 10:56 PM

Man, Randy ... I'm so sorry for your troubles. Hope it all resolves soon.
Posted By: randy

Re: Ride Home - 07/07/17 12:56 PM

It is all part of the fun of owning an 11 year old truck with 250,000 miles :-)
Posted By: randy

Re: Ride Home - 07/08/17 02:57 PM

so the final chapter (I hope) comes to a close. This is a wonderful group as shown by all the people who helped me

Chris's (FL Chris) Son helped me load the heavy items into my trailer. He got pinched fingers so he is now a wounded veteran of BMWST (respect him accordingly)

Chris (FL chris) used his truck to move my trailer down to the open/storage area. All RV spots were reserved Sat - Tuesd so I had to move it.

Little John who took me to the Dam Visitor center (great experience) and then drove me to Waynesville to the repair shop so I could talk in person to the owner

Andy Raye who came and picked me up on Wednesday so I could get back to the office

Selden who has volunteered to drive me back up when the truck is ready.

An incredible group who all gave up of their time and resources to help me.

All my Thanks.
Posted By: TyTass

Re: Ride Home - 07/08/17 03:12 PM

Kudos to all who helped Randy.

All the best to you Randy in closing this chapter once and for all.
Posted By: Lester V

Re: Ride Home - 07/24/17 01:04 AM

We made it home at 3:30 today after a detour to nfld.
Posted By: marcopolo

Re: Ride Home - 07/24/17 01:28 PM

Originally Posted By: Lester V
We made it home at 3:30 today after a detour to nfld.

That was certainly a small detour, Lester. Well done!
Posted By: realshelby

Re: Ride Home - 07/24/17 02:03 PM

Indeed! A proper "Detour"!
Posted By: Bud

Re: Ride Home - 07/24/17 11:57 PM

Congrats on the "long ride home".
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