Thanks to the UnOrganizers

Posted By: Mike

Thanks to the UnOrganizers - 06/30/17 12:49 AM

I had to bail out this morning due to storm issues back home. I didn't get a chance to say many farewells in person, but I do want to thank the UnOrganizers for a truly memorable event. You folks put a lot of time and care into the planning and execution of the Un and it was readily apparent to all in attendance.

Many thanks! clap
Posted By: Knobby10

Re: Thanks to the UnOrganizers - 06/30/17 12:56 AM

I second that! Well done, many thanks
Posted By: EffBee

Re: Thanks to the UnOrganizers - 06/30/17 02:56 AM

I wasn't able to attend, but the Team that put forth the proposal and who went on to organize the Un, are top-notch people. We saw their level of prep and thoroughness and were absolutely confident that it would be a stellar event. Looks like our confidence was well placed.

Congratulations to all involved.
Posted By: Whip

Re: Thanks to the UnOrganizers - 06/30/17 03:34 PM

Great job!!!
Posted By: Selden

Re: Thanks to the UnOrganizers - 06/30/17 04:03 PM

Because you weren't able to attend, I had the only Boston Green RT!

A great time was had by all, and unless I missed something, nobody had a get off, although my wife and I had a close call in Bryson City, when the GPS recommended a 110 turn onto Franklin Street, which was all of 10 feet wide, potholed, and a ~15-20% uphill slip.
Posted By: RightSpin

Re: Thanks to the UnOrganizers - 06/30/17 09:21 PM

Superb event! Well done Craig, Terri, and Matt!
Posted By: Burt

Re: Thanks to the UnOrganizers - 06/30/17 09:24 PM

Thanks to Craig, Terri, and Matt for putting on such a great event. I really enjoyed myself. It was my first UN, and I had a great time.
Posted By: Agent_Orange

Re: Thanks to the UnOrganizers - 06/30/17 11:51 PM

Much grass. Great time. A lot of work behind the scenes paid off.
Thank you.

Woody, aka.........Agent Orange.
Posted By: Endobobdds

Re: Thanks to the UnOrganizers - 07/01/17 02:32 AM

It was indeed a well organized Un event! Great location and routes to experience some truly fantastic motorcycling roads. Thanks to Craig, Terri, and Matt of course and to Ken's contributions to Craig's classic "Route Information Booklet" and GPS files that were provided! Thanks too to Joel for the very nicely designed BMWST Smoky Mountain Tour stickers.

There is no way to truly express how much I appreciate the efforts of those that spend there time, money, and effort to administer the BMWST Board and BMWST sponsored Board events!
Posted By: marcopolo

Re: Thanks to the UnOrganizers - 07/01/17 11:39 AM

Thanks to Craig + Terri, Matt, Alan, Ken and Joel for everything they did to pull this off. It was a great location and venue, and in an area with a seemingly unlimited number of outstanding motorcycling roads. I had a great time, and when things run so smoothly, you just know that there's been a lot of work behind the scenes. Kudos to all.
Posted By: Indy Dave

Re: Thanks to the UnOrganizers - 07/01/17 01:53 PM

This was my first UN, and what a great experience it was! The depth and detail of resources and information provided prior to the event that covered every possible activity known to the universe left no stone unturned. The routes and Rock n Roll Theme went together well and the riding was exceptional - in fact, as I sat on my sofa yesterday, my mind had drifted (as it does) and was reliving the scenic mornings and exceptional riding of the UN. [Could one ever grow tired of this routine?] The registration was simple and the web interface worked well. The opening social, shirts, goodie bags and group dinner all went without a hitch.

Thank you for the many, many, many and many more hours of preparation, research, organizing and planning that went into ensuring the rest of us had as carefree visit as possible!

Thursday Morning, I found my bike had picked up a passenger, and what with the Rock n Roll theme of the UN, felt inspired to write modify this little ditty.

I don't care if it floods or freezes
as long as I have my plastic Flo-sis
riding on the dashboard of my bike . . . needs a little work . .

Thanks one and all for a great job! clap clap
Posted By: mrzoom

Re: Thanks to the UnOrganizers - 07/01/17 08:50 PM

I left Fontana Thursday morning and was expecting to stop in Arkansas
that night but saw the forecast and decided to just blast on to Oklahoma.
Only 850 miles in 13 1/2 hrs. Boy do the locals drive fast in AR !!!
I paced several at over 100 mph on I 40 for long periods of time. Always good to have a "rabbit" out front. grin
What a perfect 4 days of riding. The UN organizers really are a special
group and I tip my helmet to ya"ll. clap clap clap
Bike is cleaned up and ready for another UN. Torrey maybe???
Posted By: Matts_12GS

Re: Thanks to the UnOrganizers - 07/01/17 09:22 PM

Thanks for all the accolades folks, this was a great time and a wonderful venue. Those who came out to Fontana got quite a treat. Those who didn't will live vicariously through YOUR ride tales so lay it on thick!!!

To paraphrase the Outlaws' song...

We organizers are just the players, YOU are the show.

Thank you all for making it as great as it was.
Posted By: TyTass

Re: Thanks to the UnOrganizers - 07/02/17 02:57 PM

Still on our way home ... but wanted to say thank you to you all for the kind words. It truly was our pleasure. So many people offered help and the offers were much appreaciated, but any work that organizing an UN takes generally ends the day the organizer(s) arrive(s). After that the group simply creates the UN.

Looking forward to seeing posts and pics from others. Terri and I will post after we get home from our little detour.
Posted By: Slumgullion

Re: Thanks to the UnOrganizers - 07/05/17 07:25 PM

Craig, Terri & Matt ya'll have set the bar quite high! One heck of a job and I am deeply grateful for all your hard work and attention to detail.

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