who's tenting

Posted By: SANTA

who's tenting - 11/20/17 05:27 PM

looks like we can have up to 8 people per tent site,

so no point in booking for just one person if we can get 8 small tents clustered and share the site cost.

any one interested?
Posted By: randy

Re: who's tenting - 11/22/17 06:33 PM

I thought about it, but I am getting to old to sleep in a tent. A simple RV, yes, but I am done with tents, sorry. I would really like to bring my RV out, but the fuel costs would be more than a motel room, so motel it is.
Posted By: NickInSac

Re: who's tenting - 12/05/17 05:41 PM

My GF and I were thinking about it. We moto-camp often. We heard there is a "cattle-drive" every morning along with crowing roosters... So, I am not so into camping this time. She still wants to though...So we're a slight, maybe. smile
Posted By: Id's_OK

Re: who's tenting - 02/06/18 02:09 AM

Assuming there are trees with which to suspend a hammock, I could definitely go for that. SANTA, is that still your plan?
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