FS: 2003 f650 CS ABS: 50k miles, ~$2k Addons, $2500 OBO (hope to sell ASAP)

My first motorcycle. Purchased in 2005 with 4500 miles on the odometer. Learned how to ride safely from others on BMWSportTouring. 10k miles of trips and many wonderful memories with my father followed. 35k more on trips of my own. The bike saw canyons, mountains, and twisty river roads from California to Nova Scotia, accumulating mostly highway miles on the journey. In 2012 it rested in Boston storage.

My dad recently sold his bike. I'm moving. It's time for me to, reluctantly, pass my bike on. It'll need a little bit of work to get it back in peak condition due to storage, but F650 series are tough bikes. If you have a couple days to put some love into it, it'll last you forever.

Fantastic first bike, commuter, and/or minimalist sport-tourer.

Pics (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7tfqw9qgkvt6s3k/AABDWZLukb3FQscINR1E-xsha?dl=0)

Features (Including ~$2,000 in add-ons):
- Fantastic night-time road visibility (up to 900ft). Standard headlights replaced with $700 Xenon Hella Micro DE driving lamps https://www.amazon.com/HELLA-008390801-Micro-Xenon-Driving/dp/B000COD4SE
- F650GS handguards to block the wind and bugs
- Standard turn signal stalks replaced with custom-integrated handguard LEDs
- BackOff rear brake light modulator (https://www.amazon.com/Signal-Dynamics-Brake-Light-Module/dp/B001F85OUM)
- Hand-applied black reflective coat. Black in daylight. Brilliant white in headlights at night. See photo in pics.
- Throttlemeister bar-end throttle lock to relax your hands on the hwy
- Adjustable bar risers for a more or less sporty body position
- Givi Rear Case Mount
- Avon Storm Sport-Touring tires - excellent grip and water performance
- Belt drive - zero maintenance - zero mess
- Bullet-proof engine
- 60mpg
- Original Luggage (Two waterproof bags)
- Center stand for easy maintenance
- Heated grips for multi-season riding
- Standard (vs. sport) geometry for comfortable and responsive riding in many conditions.

- Custom russell seat $150 - great for long trips (it's how I rode many 1000+ mile days, needs re-covering)
- Aeroflow custom adjustable windshield: $100;
- Olympia multi-season waterproof Jacket with integrated camelback (Worn 1wk on on-road trip) $200
- Schuberth Concept C3 small/med white helmet (Worn on one trip.) $250
- Gerbings Heated Jacket $50
- Gerbings heated Glove liners $20

Anticipated Work:
- ABS disabled until new rear sensor installed. New sensor included in purchase. Bike runs fine without it. Just no ABS.
- I anticipated storing it a few months. Those months turned into years. The old fuel will likely need cleaning out.
- The battery has about 2 weeks worth of use. I brought it inside before storing the bike. Someone nicked my charger, however, so it will need charging.

PM if interested.