Just moved to Seattle, WA and don't have a place to park the bike. It was my commuter for ~4 years prior to the move, but I'm now living a couple blocks from work. The bike has treated me very well, but anywhere I can park it now I'm having to drive a car to, so that's a little silly. I don't have too much money in it, and am just trying to recoup a bit of that. Includes side cases with touring lids. Decent 15 footer, I'd say.

A description from an old post I made here:

The bike is a '96 that I picked up about a year [4 years] for cheap, but it's certainly not perfect. 130k miles, down once at slow speed but cracked the tupperware and resulted in aftermarket mirrors being put on (both, so that they match, but are not paint matched [with smoked lenses]) and a slightly wonky dash...

However, despite the lack of records (owner was a knowledgable but backwoods type fellow) it shifts like new, has no play or leak in the final drive (spline lube has been done), and runs like a top. I put a new battery in and flushed the brake lines (which are fairly new) when I got it, and am getting ready to change all of the fluids [done about 2k miles ago]. Everything works, it has a hardwired tender, 12v, Hyperlites, a nice shield, etc. Even has an 1150 rear wheel, so as to take advantage of the increased tire selection and stiffness. Seems like it was loved, but it definitely doesn't look like a new machine.

Screws switched out for stainless. Refinished the side covers with bed liner, and they look great. I rebuilt the master cylinder while the bike was in storage prior to the move (kept on tender), but haven't bled the lines so the hand brake is currently out. It'll also need a new throttle cable, as the current one is "sticky" (seems like maybe the previous owner used a wet lube and it finally caught up with me).

I think $1500 is a pretty fair ask, given that it needs a little bit of work to get back to "daily driver" status. I'll get some pictures as soon as I can, assuming there's some interest.

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