So there is not much I want to ride between Chattanooga and Sioux Falls in the middle of the summer, been there done that :-)

I am trailering out using my diesel truck and 3 bike trailer
Route is
St. Louis
Kansas City
Sioux Falls
Palmer Gulch

Tentatively I am leaving Atlanta on Friday 7/20/2018 around 8pm EST (miss Atlanta rush hour traffic)
drive straight through and arrive Palmer Gulch around 8pm CMT
ride Sunday - Friday am.

Leave Palmer Gulch around 2pm CMT on Friday 7/27/2018
Arrive back in Atlanta around 5pm EST on Saturday 7/28/2018

Looking for other riders to share fuel costs. PM if interested. thanks

Atlanta, Ga
2015 SKR Alpine
2009 BMW 450x Dual sport
2006 SV1000 Randy's track bike
2006 KLX 250x (For sell)