Selling my 94 RS for $1000. It has been a good bike for me, but the garage is full so it's gotta go. I've had it three years and put about 34,000 miles on it. It currently has 158,000. It has the BMW hard bags, SS brake lines, and an aftermarket suspension. The old transmission was skipping badly in third gear, so I installed a used one a few months ago. It skips a little bit if you downshift to third and whack the throttle open, but it is solid everywhere else.

Bottom line, it doesn't look like much and it has a lot of miles, but it's a solid bike. It starts right up and runs smooth. The hard bags are watertight, the ABS works, the heated grips work, and it has a new battery. I think it will be a good performer for years to come. I'm only selling it because I just bought a low-mile Y2K R1100RS that I plan to keep as my long term bike. I think this bike is easily worth $1000. I have zero doubt that you could jump on it and ride it across the country tomorrow. I've done a bunch of 300-400 mile days on it, but no long trips.

Let me know if you have any questions. Here's a link to my smugmug gallery.

Located in Jax, FL. Feel free to call 904 230-6911. It's a home phone, so call, don't text. Leave a message if I'm out.

Jim Moore Jax, FL '99 R1100S '02 R1150GS