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#10731 - 11/03/03 03:13 PM archive for R-bike maintenance part data  
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Joined: Jul 2000
Posts: 17,725
Ann Arbor, MI (USA)
***MODERATOR EDIT, 2012-01-09:

This thread is now nearly a decade old, and very long. The information that has trickled in over the years has been compiled into a spreadsheet and a text file via Jim VonBaden, and as of the above date, the files are being hosted by OldSalt.

The files are available at these links:

Rich Text Format (*.RTF)

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format (*.XLS)

You may also find helpful information by entering your bike's VIN (or a part thereof) at this link or at this link.


Ever needed a basic part for your bike, but didn't feel like making a 250-mile trip to the nearest dealer? Ever been stuck out on a trip with a burned-out brake light with an auto parts store in sight, but no BMW dealer anywhere around? Better yet, ever had the dealer sell you the wrong maintenance part (e.g. too small a crush washer for your gearbox drain)?

People have repeatedly mentioned various alternative parts for BMW bikes in the discussion threads. That information is so basic and so useful that I'd like to consolidate it into a permanent document for the M/C FAQ. This would be something you could reference before you go shopping for parts, and something you could conceivably print out (or save as a file on your PDA) as a handy repair reference if your bike should strand you in some faraway city.

If you have information on a part for your R-bike, please reply to this thread with the relevant details, such as size, model # and/or brand name (info for multiple brands would be great where possible). Example (for the few parts that I have in memory):

'99 RT

headlight replacement bulb:

Oil filter:
Mobil-1 M1-102

Spark plugs:
Bosch 4418
Denso Iridium (????)
Autolite (????)

brake light bulb:

brake pads:
front, EBC #FA246

Oil drain crush washer:
14 mm (don't trust that, I gotta go measure!)

Windscreen rocker replacement microswitch:
Burgess #F1NST8

I'm looking for info on any part you might want to replace while at home or on the road, for routine or irregular maintenance, such as:

crush washers
spark plugs
alternator belt (there was a thread on this recently)
light bulbs

After 2-3 weeks of collection, I'll cull the info and build a nice solid reference document.

NOTE: this thread is for R-bike information only; if you have K-bike information, please add it to this thread in the K-bike forum.

OK, fire away!

#10732 - 11/03/03 03:37 PM Re: archive for R-bike maintenance part data [Re: Joe Frickin' Friday]  
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Joined: May 2003
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San Luis Potosi MX
Spark plugs for REAL EMERGENCY ONLY on the road:
(they took me home yesterday when one of the Bosch FR6DDC plugs broke appart in the middle of nowhere in central Mexico)


2,262 miles from the UnRally

'96 R1100RT (Sold)
'14 XT1200Z Super Ténéré
#10733 - 11/03/03 04:18 PM Re: archive for R-bike maintenance part data [Re: Joe Frickin' Friday]  
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Joined: Apr 2002
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SW Virginia

brake light bulb:

For R1100RT:
Brake light/turn signal bulbs: 7506
Tail light bulb: 5008

Fuel pump/horn/etc (BMW 61-36-1-393-412) relay can be replaced with NAPA AR614 relay although the NAPA part doesn't have the lugs to lock the relay in place.

Deutsch FF424 fuel filter

I've heard of replacing the fuel pump with a 4cyl Ford Mustang fuel pump (NAPA P74095), but I believe the OD is different and requires some shimming to mount it.

Oil filters:
FRAM PH6063 is the correct FRAM but hard to find at WallyWorld.
FRAM PH3614 is readily available and works
NAPA 1348

Davis Eichelberger SW Virginia '94 R1100RS '90 DR350S
#10734 - 11/03/03 04:37 PM Re: archive for R-bike maintenance part data [Re: Joe Frickin' Friday]  
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Nottingham, England
For 1100RT not sure if it will do an 1150RT ( me thinks it will) Altenator belt:

George Notttingham UK A bike on the road, is worth two in the shed
#10735 - 11/03/03 06:02 PM Re: archive for R-bike maintenance part data [Re: Joe Frickin' Friday]  
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Sonoma, CA, USA
I put this together a few months ago, after I was sold the wrong crush ring. This is for the 1150RT, though will work with most:

    Part Number Descriptiion Quantity
    11421460845 Oil Filter 1
    07119963252 Oil Drain Crush Ring--16mm 1
    07119963300 Tran/Drive Crush Ring--18mm 2
    07119963200 Tran/Drive Crush Ring--14mm 2
    13711341528 Air Filter 1
    12127653771 Spark Plug NGK 2
    07511469906 75W140 Syn. Gear Oil 1.25
    11121341707 Valve Cover inner gasket 2
    11121341708 Valve Cover outer gasket 2
    16142325859 Fuel Filter 1
    16111341962 Fuel hose clamps 2
    13317659110 Fuel line disconnect O rings 2

Napa, CA

Sonoma, CA
#10736 - 11/03/03 07:11 PM Re: archive for R-bike maintenance part data [Re: Joe Frickin' Friday]  
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Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 1,235
SW Virginia

Oil drain crush washer:
14 mm (don't trust that, I gotta go measure!)

BMW lists the oil drain as 16mm, transmission fill as 18mm, and the others(both final drive plugs and tranny drain) as 14mm.

Davis Eichelberger SW Virginia '94 R1100RS '90 DR350S
#10737 - 11/03/03 08:05 PM Re: archive for R-bike maintenance part data [Re: Joe Frickin' Friday]  
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Cleveland, OH

Autolite (????)

For the 1100 RT the correct Autolite is #3923. Readily available every where and very cheap.

Bill 2000 Night Black R1100RT "Black Magic Woman"
#10738 - 11/03/03 08:16 PM Re: archive for R-bike maintenance part data [Re: Joe Frickin' Friday]  
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Joined: Apr 2002
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Yutz, Moselle, France
Hello Mitch

my .02 cts <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

99 R1100 RT

(some parts only available in Europe, even only France)

engine oil filler plug o’ring 11.14-1 340 902 approx dimensions 17.5 to 18 X 4 mm
filler plug insert o’ring 11.14-1 340 901 exact dimensions 24.99 x 3.53 mm
engine oil drain crush washer id 16 mm
gear oil drain washer none if you have screw with integered seal (13 mm hex head instead of old soft 6 mm Allen head)
gear oil fill washer id 18 mm
final drive fill and drain washer 14 mm
oil level sight glass 11.11-1 465 293
crank shaft rear seals: inner 11.11-1 341 135, 65 x 83 x 7mm , outer 11.11-1 341 087, 65 x 85 x 10 mm
crank shaft front seal 11.11-1 340 773

oil filter
BMW 11.42-1 460 843 or 845
Mahle/knecht/microstar/tecafiltre OC91 (original part)
Champion C301 (of motorcycle range)
Purflux LS188B
Tech9 n°16 (France only, made by Mahle in fact)
Hiflofiltro HF-163 (from Thailand)
Mann-Hummel MW712
Detlev Louis (Germany) 10050195
Toyota 08922-02004 or 90915-YZZB9 (according THIS site)
Perf-form BMW-1 (on
UFI makes one too (italian)
Donit 43 10 133 (

Air filter (C and S have NOT the same model as the rest of the oilheads)
BMW 13.72-1 340 680
Mann-Hummel c1552 (original)
Mahle/knecht LX578
Champion makes one too (don’t know the ref yet)

Fuel filter
BMW 16.14-1 461 265 or 16.14-2 325 859
Mahle/knecht KL145 (original)

Spark plugs
YR6LDE (snd of twin spark models)
FR6DS (silver)

BCR6EIX-11 (iridium)
IZFR6 B (iridium use at your own risk, very long protrusion, does NOT touch piston, sleep well)


RC9YC (-4)

Denso iridium
IQ20 hot
IQ22 cold
IK20 hot
IK22 cold

DR15ZC hot
DR14ZC cold
DOR12LGS very cold

R1100 BMW 13.64-1 341 352
R1150 BMW 13.71-1 342 366 (also model for F650 GS and CS)

300 kPa fuel pressure regulator 13.53-1 465 153
small o’ring for above reg 13.53-1 341 067
big o’ring for above reg if from Bosch 13.53-1 341 066
big o’ring for above reg if from Pierburg 13.53-1 465 193

o’ring for large brass screw (idle) not sold alone by BMW is exactly 5x 1.5 mm (Viton)
complete screw BMW 13.54-1 342 073 RS et RT
complete screw, BMW 13.54-1 342 074 for GS, R and 850
vacuum nipple plug (synching) BMW 13.54-1 460 594
TDC hole plug 11.11-1 341 418
RealManPlug(TM © etc) 11.11-1 744 327
GS intake tube left 13.71-1 341 405
GS intake tube right 13.71-1 341 406
GS CAT code plug 61.36-8 366 625

Screw for valve adjustment 11.33-1 341 045
Nut for above screw 11.33-1 340 636
Large valve cover gasket 12.12-1 341 708
Small valve cover gasket (plug hole) 12.12-1 341 707
Small valve cover gasket (screws) 12.12-1 341 875
Enhanced Left cam chain tensioner with anti drain valve (less noise at re-start) 11.31-2 325 563 (mucho $$$)
Crush washer for cam chain tensioner 07.11-9 963 308
Cam shaft access hole cover 11.12-1 341 784
O’ring for above cover 11.12-1 341 873

Copper washer for exhaust pipe to cylinder head 18.21-1 341 323

Spline lube paste
Staburags NBU 30 PTM 07.55-9 056 992 75 g
Optimoly MP 3 07.55-9 062 476 100 g

Gear box input shaft seal 23.12-1 340 331
Gear box output shaft seal 23.12-1 340 334

Final drive input shaft seal 33.11-1 451 185
Final drive output seal 33.12-1 241 619
Final drive bellows 33.17-1 452 504
big metal hose clamp for above 33.17-2 335 120
small metal hose clamp for above 33.17-1 458 197
Plastic hose clamp for advantageously replacing both above clamps 33.17-2 335 139 (correction made)
Gear box to swing arm bellows 33.17-1 454 552

Swing arm shaft bearing 33.17-2 311 729
Final drive pivot bearing 33.17-2 311 091 (correction made)
Final drive input shaft bearing 33.12-2 310 925
Final drive input shaft needle bearing 33.12-1 326 995
Final drive output big bearing 33.12-1 468 899
Fianl drive output small bearing 33.12-1 451 188

Old original battery 61.21-2 306 125 from MAREG 12 V-19 Ah-100 A
New original battery 61.21-2 306 626 from Deutsche Exide 12 V-19 Ah-170 A
New gel battery 61.21-2 346 800 from Deutsche Exide
Varta 51 913
Yuasa YB18L-A

Alternator belt
4K611 (4 v’s of PK profile, total length 611 mm)
Continental 12.31-1 341 779
Dayco, 12.31-1 342 059
Other brand 12.31-1 342 087.
First models every 24kkmi 12.31-1 341 563.3 (Pirelli)
700 W Bosch alternator 12.31-2 306 020
Hall sensor 12.11-2 306 137
Side stand switch 61.31-2 306 060
Neutral switch 61.31-2 306 356
O’ring for above 23.31-1 341 754
Gear indicator 61.31-2 306 202
Flat seal for above 23.31-1 340 363

Front left wheel bearing 25 X 52 X 20.6 3205.2RS, 36.31-2 310 972
Front right wheel bearing 20 x 47 x 14 6204.2RS, 36.31-2 310 520
Triple tree (front) bearing Koyo 5204 RS or SKF 3204 2RS, 31.42-2 314 308

Under fuel cap o’ring 07.11-9 900 019, exact dimensions 72.39 x 5.33 mm Viton
Fuel pump unit o’ring 16.14-1 341 008, approx 112 x 5.25 mm Viton
Fuel quick connect female 13.31-7 659 119
Fuel quick connect male 13.31-7 659 120
O’ring for above assembly 13.31-7 659 110
Fuel pump 16.14-1 341 231
Strainer for above 16.14-1 341 233

Lock for side case 51.25-2 313 284
Repair kit for broken orange tong of side case lock 71.60-7 654 337

finally after two years of taking notes, someone asked.

maaaaan, you shouldn't have asked! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

Hope it helps

i4, who did NOT break all those parts (in case you ask how the heck can he know all these numbers)

#10739 - 11/03/03 08:59 PM Re: archive for R-bike maintenance part data [Re: Isatis_4CH92]  
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York, England
Mitchell, what a brilliant idea

The Hall Effect sensors for the Ignition sensor plate (R1100 series) are Honeywell 2av54. There are two but in all likelihood only one will have failed. Its likely the 1150 uses the same sensor, but as I havent seen one I cannot say for sure.
Available from in the UK or in the US

Can we please avoid the FRAM filters, read below and you wont want one in you bike or car


#10740 - 11/04/03 04:05 AM Re: archive for R-bike maintenance part data [Re: Joe Frickin' Friday]  
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So...if you were really hard up for the tool to help you replace the rear main seal (65 X 85 X 7 (or 10)mm) and couldn't find one, you'd want to know that you could do it with a coke can, that had its end cut off?


'05 LT
323,128 miles on BMW's
Renton WA., via Missoula, MT
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