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#14213 - 03/06/06 01:12 AM Re: How to Use the Search Function [Re: Killer]
ghaverkamp Offline

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Spaces around the word inside a quote, that is bizarre. Greg, I think you will agree that there is a generally accepted method of specifying searches and this one isn't close. I've actually written wildcard expansion/search functions and never seen anything like that.

As a WestLaw and LexisNexis user, let me just say that unless you've used those, it's impossible to even start down the road of describing something as bizarre.

Is it a little odd? Sure. If I had to guess, I'd guess that they're using SQL to do the search, and they've probably chosen to write the parser in PHP as a result. Having years ago gone down the path of writing a boolean search parser with stemming and exact phrase capabilities, I'll just step up and say it is something I consider difficult. My guess is that the substring matches prevent the need for stemming code, and it likely helps i8n work quite a bit. Those would be my guesses.

For the average user, though, the search gets the job done. The easiest solution would be just to point off to Google, but without some fancy stuff there,we'd lose the ability to limit by username or by particular discussion area.

Would it be nicer if they included something like Lucene in the package? Sure.

Regardless, this ain't the weirdest search syntax I've seen. And it doesn't take even a long memory to think back before Google came about to recall that all of the search engines used to have very different behaviors.
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#14214 - 06/29/07 02:21 AM Re: How to Use the Search Function [Re: Killer]
mefly2 Offline

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I have to agree with you here, even if you quote "ADAC" it still finds that sequence of characters within another word which is definitely not the correct behaviour.

+1; the op should be a permanent "sticky".
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#345972 - 06/06/08 08:27 PM Re: How to Use the Search Function [Re: mefly2]
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I figured I wasn't the only one who thought the search function on this board was "challenged".

Please add me to the list of detractors.

The +term1 +term2 should be the default without the "+"s.
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#713335 - 07/22/11 05:56 AM Re: How to Use the Search Function [Re: Jeron]
Witch_Doctor Offline

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I am pretty sure it is symptomatic of UBBthreads, I am member of of a couple other forums that use it and the seach functions are all challenged. grin
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#713677 - 07/23/11 05:29 PM Re: How to Use the Search Function [Re: Witch_Doctor]
SageRider Offline

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You do realize you replied to a 3 year old post?

BTW, for those that have been around the Internet since before Google when AltaVista was the king of search engines, the sytax of this board's search engine makes perfect sense...
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