I do have a brother that lives in Gunnison. If someone gets in a real jam just ask anyone in Town for John Sangosti. He owns a pluming shop in town. Tell him you know his brother David Fancher. He knows everybody so he should be able to point you in the right direction. I will be arriving late Monday. I have one Word of Caution. The road from Gunnison to Crawford is a very beuatiful and fun road but it has two big problems. First they it has lots of deer. On my way to Paonia on Thursday evening I saw 9 deer in less than 20 mile strech. Second, they have some gravel on the road that is very close to the size of buck shot, and will cause your tire to move even when you do not want it to. I am speaking from experience and I was not riding hard.

Just be careful!

Dakota Dave 97 Sinus Blue RT(Sold) 03 Silver GS Adventure a.k.a "The BEAST"