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#264247 - 11/13/07 02:37 PM Hello After Absence
Frank H. Wu Offline

Registered: 12/20/01
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Loc: Washington, D.C.
I thought Iíd say hello after an absence. I have been a member of this discussion forum for several years, but I havenít posted in at least a year, and I confess Iíve done almost no riding for a long period.

Here is an update. My BMW K1200RS was knocked over by someone in the middle of the night Ė and none of my neighbors said anything, though I suspect some of them must have seen it lying on its side Ė and the fairing was scratched up. So I had it painted. Iíve always wanted to have a yellow bike, both because yellow vehicles always seem to brighten the day of any observer and because I wrote a book of that title. In any event, here is a photo (attached). It is in parked in front of the house I just sold, another icon of German design: it is part of the historic Lafayette Park development in Detroit, a national landmark built by Bauhaus architect Ludwig mies van der Rohe.

Before Labor Day, I rode the bike back to Washington, D.C. I am returning there after four years away. It was a great ride, despite initial problems getting on the road. I had charged the battery, but it didnít take, and I had to remove the seat. When I went to do that, I found that the mechanism had been broken, and it was impossible to budge. So I took off eight hours later than expected, after a detour to the Detroit dealership. The shop manager kindly stayed open an hour late on a Friday! The tow truck took about 3 hours to arrive, because AAA had only one driver capable of carrying a bike.

The ride itself was terrific. A 500 mile solo ride reminds me of why I ride. The best part for me is always the early morning, when it is still dark, a bit cool, and there is almost no traffic on the road except truckers who are real professionals.

954172-P1000021.jpg (432 downloads)

Frank H. Wu Yellow 2002 K1200RS

#264248 - 11/13/07 02:44 PM Re: Hello After Absence [Re: Frank H. Wu]
RichEdwards Offline

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Welcome back, Frank. The yellow bike is certainly an attention getter.
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#264249 - 11/13/07 02:44 PM Re: Hello After Absence [Re: Frank H. Wu]
SageRider Offline

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Welcome back!
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#264250 - 11/13/07 03:18 PM Re: Hello After Absence [Re: Frank H. Wu]
beemerman2k Online

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Nice bike. That musta been a fun ride.

BTW, I am a native of Detroit, Michigan. Grew up in the College Park area, near Mary Grove College.

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#264251 - 11/13/07 03:21 PM Re: Hello After Absence [Re: Frank H. Wu]
kcscout Offline

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<snip> and because I wrote a book of that title. <snip>

Any relation to the "yellow bike project"?

I like the paint job, by the way. And, welcome back.
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#264252 - 11/13/07 03:32 PM Re: Hello After Absence [Re: Frank H. Wu]
Truffleswine Offline
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It makes me wonder if the person that pushed your BMW over had an "ax to grind" against those he (or she) perceives as affluent? When I first bought my BMW, I began to hear things like "oh, you must be rich," - or, "so, are you going to be a snob now?"

Some people don't like a even the perception of achievement, - so they "key" the paint-job of a nice car (or truck), and push over a nice looking BMW.

BTW, my BMW has a lot of yellow in it also.


#264253 - 11/13/07 04:20 PM Re: Hello After Absence [Re: Frank H. Wu]
eddd Offline

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Welcome back to the world of riding. Nice paint job.
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#264254 - 11/13/07 04:24 PM Re: Hello After Absence [Re: Frank H. Wu]
Paul Mihalka Offline
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Welcome back to and Metropolitan Washington. Nice looking bike. I hope nobody ever has to say "I didn't see it". Is it still the bike I sold you way back when?
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#264255 - 11/13/07 07:00 PM Re: Hello After Absence [Re: Frank H. Wu]
tallman Offline
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A bike that color must have a name...
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#264256 - 11/13/07 07:03 PM Re: Hello After Absence [Re: Frank H. Wu]
boatzo Offline

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Great color on the bike Frank. Hope to see you on the roads in VA.
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