Well, it was an uneventful 180 miles home , but what a great Un! Hats off to cyphergirl and Spike. Jennifer (SO) and I were so inspired that we went camping again this past weekend.

If you guys thought the screened tent thing that I brought on the bike was big, you should see our new estate! Jennifer decided a two-person tent wouldn't do so.... Well, you'll see at the next event.

Thanks everyone for such a great time. Not driving 3,000 miles this year confirmed for me that the Un is about getting together with great folks and not just getting in a long ride


Even the sheep in the midwest Omish country agree with that last statement!

And I can't wiat to see you show up with Jen and a mobile home on the RT in Gunnison!

Where will U go next?

Whatever you do, LIVE!!!