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#329812 - 04/30/08 03:24 AM Re: New to Forum - Issues or Drawbacks to R1200RT? [Re: dogboy11]
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The R1200RT is one damn fine machine and don't let anybody tell you differently. Yes there are some problems here and there like final drive failures and some tranny seal leaks but what brand of m/c is free from recalls or defects? Pause..... I thought so, NONE. You can buy new or used but make sure it is still under warranty. Personally, I could care less if something happens to the bike and it is still under warranty. It will be fixed by BMW so really what is the problem? Last weekend I met a guy riding a Harley and he said it has been in the shop no less than 40 times. He actually had a lemon juice bottle tied to his front forks. It was obviously a lemon and he was suing to get his money back. He WAS asking me how I liked my 1200. I said he just needed to go and test ride one. I have been riding BMW's for 15 years and love them. Find one is good shape and buy it. You won't be sorry.
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#329813 - 04/30/08 04:04 AM Re: New to Forum - Issues or Drawbacks to R1200RT? [Re: dogboy11]
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It's easier to work on than you think.
It wants to be shifted with authority.
You will want to change the shocks out around 10k miles.
The aftermarket makes better tankbags for it.
You will spend time and money on electronic do-dads. will wonder how you ever lived without cruise control.

My only beefs were the turbulance from the stock windscreen and poor padding of the stock seat. After fixing those items it's been heaven.
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#329814 - 04/30/08 04:35 AM Re: New to Forum - Issues or Drawbacks to R1200RT? [Re: dogboy11]
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Quick, run, save yourself!! It can only get worse from here. Do yourself a favor and buy a Yamahonakawazuki. You will never have any major mechanical issues and will only have to adjust the valves every 120,000 miles or so, and of course the occasional air filter will come due.

Honestly, if you don't do some maint. yourself you are in for a sizeable chunk of change whatever the brand my friend.

Pick a bike that really moves your soul, idiosyncrasies be damned.
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#329815 - 04/30/08 05:32 AM Re: New to Forum - Issues or Drawbacks to R1200RT? [Re: dogboy11]
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Just switched from an '02 RT to an '06. Really like all the improvements in the '06 especially the feel of lightness (I know its only about 30# but it feels like more). The things I don't like compared to my 1150

1) noticeably less wind protection on the sides of my arms and legs. Not a big deal and Garmin's has now fixed the arms issue.

2) Style. I know this is subjective, and I'm getting more used to the R12's 'edgey" look, my 1150 is looking a bit old fashioned, but I still prefer it.

3) Seat seems better than the 1150, but I may upgrade anyway if I start to make some 6-10 hour days.

4) PRice - high but I fixed part of that by buying 2 year old used. Still lots of Km's left on this machine and in pristine shape - think about shopping around for a used one if you are price sensitive

As to all the other nits you hear about - they are just that very minor items on an otherwise excellent machine.

Good luck and welcome to the board.

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#329816 - 04/30/08 10:44 AM Re: New to Forum - Issues or Drawbacks to R1200RT? [Re: SK_in_AB]
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Also be aware of EWS failure. That is the theft-security system, which can lock the owner out and bike will not start, with no way to bypass. There have been failures that leave one stranded. My '08 is in shop now [19th day] and not fixed yet, even after a complete new wiring harness. Some say this is a small percentage event, but sreach under EWS and see what is there. Otherwise I like the machine...I should have gotten the Ulimate Starting Machine so it can be ridden.
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#329817 - 04/30/08 01:44 PM Re: New to Forum - Issues or Drawbacks to R1200RT? [Re: Motodan]
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Really tall first gear.. well probably a little too tall final drive ratio overall.

Side cases have double walls. This makes the interior look more finished.. and the cases will float if you ever happen to dorp it in a lake... but it reduces the usable space significantly. The huge 49L top case would probably be close to 60L without the double wall.

Rider and passenger seats slant forward.

'05-'07 models don't get a drain plug on the final drive... because it was originally supposed to be "filled for life"... but that changed quickly... but BMW was slow to admit they screwed up and took 2 years to change the casting after altering the service requirements. It should have changed by '07. My guess is that they had a long term volume based contract from their casting supplier that had penalties for changing the casting. The same casting I think is used on all R and K bikes... so it was really stupid to not have a drain plug... even a really small one.
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#329818 - 04/30/08 03:09 PM Re: New to Forum - Issues or Drawbacks to R1200RT? [Re: motoguy128]
Semper_Fi Offline

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Absolute blast to ride.

Coming from a wing, in my opinion better wind and rain protection.

ESA get it - this is a touchy subject as oil and tires

Very ergonomic, have long inseam but can see how bike can be tall for some.

Do my own maintanance, with the right tools, and instructions bike was built to be worked on, comes apart very easily

Aftermarket parts expensive, whose aren't

Test ride and decide for yourself.
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#329819 - 04/30/08 03:45 PM Re: New to Forum - Issues or Drawbacks to R1200RT? [Re: dogboy11]
Dave39 Offline

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I bought a used 2001 1100RT 3 months ago. I don't really have a bigger bike to compare it to; I had only ridden small bikes before, but I was incredibly impressed what a wonderful highway machine it is. It's much more comfortable than my smaller bikes. I could ride the RT all day on the freeways with confidence (with some frequent stops) and have some camping tours planned soon. Some friends with other brand ST's and cruisers have remarked to me how much more comfortable and roadworthy it is for the long hauls. I found a cheap local BMW mechanic who will do my scheduled maintenance as I'm not much of a mechanic. My only real complaint is a minor one: that god-aweful oil window. The oil level is all over the place after each ride (in spite of doing the "dance") and still trying to figure out if this oilhead is really burning oil.
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#329820 - 04/30/08 03:46 PM Re: New to Forum - Issues or Drawbacks to R1200RT? [Re: dogboy11]
Dick_at_Lake_Tahoe_NV Offline

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You'll really like the RT. As always you'll take a big hit with depreciation--consider looking for a good used one on this site, under classified. With that said, there's been a lot of improvements with the R1200RT, so stay with that. Cruise control is great, as is power, gas mileage, etc. Several of us have gone to an aftermarket windshild to get rid of distortion and get better protection. Many more of us have gone to an after market seat--the BMW seat sucks! I have one made by Rick Meyer(near Red Bluff if you want to ride-in). If you're over 200lbs, I'd suggest seriously considering the Russell Daylong saddle--more expensive than the Rick Meyer but worth it if you're on the large size.

Maintenance is easy to DIY especially if you get the DVD available on this site. Saves big $$$$ for standard maintenance items that you'll do every 6,000-12,000 miles.

#329821 - 04/30/08 04:29 PM Re: New to Forum - Issues or Drawbacks to R1200RT? [Re: Semper_Fi]
dogboy11 Offline

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Man, I can tell that this site is going to be my bread and butter if I buy this bike ... you guys are great...thanks for all of the input.

One question, what kind of standard warranty comes with these bikes?

So, sounds like service and tires are expensive .... same problem I had with my Yamaha Roadliner. I did test ride an '06 RT and I loved it. I have a crappy back and the riding position was much better than my cruisers. I am 5'10"... the '06 that I rode had a low seat so I could stand flat footed at a light. My only concern is pushing it out of a parking space or whatever. However it is lighter than any bike I have ever owned .... well since my dirt bikes as a kid

Thanks for all the help and, please, any input you feel like sharing, do so. This would be the most expensive bike I have ever bought so I need all the input I can get. Thanks


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