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#331536 - 05/04/08 07:31 PM Bungee Buddies or not?
BluegrassPicker Offline

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Loc: Rochester, MN
If you have bungee buddies, what do you think of them?
I have them, know where I mount them, but am nervous to drill the holes.
It looks like they my pull up on the bags some when in use - anyone have positive or negative comments before I commit?

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#331569 - 05/04/08 08:54 PM Re: Bungee Buddies or not? [Re: BluegrassPicker]
tomk99r11 Offline

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I have 2 on each saddle bag. Put large diameter washers on the inside of the bag with a little silicone sealant on the buddie and on the washer. Never leaked in 5 yrs. As for any other problem, you don't need to put too much pull on any bungee cord to have them hold, although I have put some pretty good stretch on the cords without any apparent warpage of the case. I wouldn't worry about it.
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#331580 - 05/04/08 09:38 PM Re: Bungee Buddies or not? [Re: BluegrassPicker]
Tom F. (formerly boney) Offline

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I've got a couple on each bag. I tie all my "detail" stuff to them with a bungee net. It's a pretty big load, and I've not had any problems.
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#331584 - 05/04/08 09:58 PM Re: Bungee Buddies or not? [Re: Tom F. (formerly boney)]
ShovelStrokeEd Offline
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I don't use bungees, period. Just don't trust 'em.

I do use Rok straps and Kathy's straps to fasten things to my bike outside of the bags.

My Honda has a couple of pretty strong tie points available that make this easy but, even on the BMW, passenger peg mounts, the luggage mounts (particularly the rack for the top box) all provide places to loop a strap.

I recant, Sock Monkey gets tied down with a bungee (no hooks).
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#331647 - 05/05/08 01:00 AM Re: Bungee Buddies or not? [Re: ShovelStrokeEd]
awagnon Offline

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I tried Bungee Buddies but didn't like them because they were too small for straps. ( I think actual bungees are unsafe. ) Now I use stainless steel deck loops sold online by a marine supply company. They have a 1 1/4 inch wide by 1/4 inch space which is perfect for my 1 inch straps. Also, hold them on with SS screws.
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#331721 - 05/05/08 03:00 AM Re: Bungee Buddies or not? [Re: awagnon]
flyingreg Offline

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I have used bungee buddies for about four years now, they work fine, no issues noted with the bags. The eye is smallish and can be a pain for straps, hooks are OK. Marine eye deck bolts could be a good alternative.

Here is but one example, LINKY

#331732 - 05/05/08 03:30 AM Re: Bungee Buddies or not? [Re: flyingreg]
Sailorlite Offline

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For actual straps, rather than bungee cords or hooks, marine suppliers sell "eye straps" of various sizes and materials, and hardware stores seem to call them "footman loops". They all have two fasteners, one at each end, which makes installing them more of a project than the Bungee Buddies with single fasteners.
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#331876 - 05/05/08 01:53 PM Re: Bungee Buddies or not? [Re: BluegrassPicker]
pclarin Offline

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I've bought a set or two but haven't installed them. Not really sure where to do so.

Have never seen them used.

So, I'm no help to this conversation....
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#331903 - 05/05/08 02:37 PM Re: Bungee Buddies or not? [Re: pclarin]
beemerFROG Offline

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Have had them on the sides of my top case for a couple of years and NEVER a leak! Yes the hole is a little small, but some nylon strapping with quick disconects (Ace Hardware) loops through it and makes a world of difference.

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#331921 - 05/05/08 03:18 PM Re: Bungee Buddies or not? [Re: BluegrassPicker]
Sidmariner Offline

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I have three on each side case and six on the top case. Mine are backed by very large fender washers, which help to distribute the stress.

They are fantastic accessories and accommodate a wide variety of lashing systems including rope, bungies or bungy nets. It's amazing what you can strap to your bike when you've got these tie-down points.

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