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#342732 - 05/31/08 04:36 AM We're Ten Years Old!
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Mama Hoon

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May 31st 1998 marks the earliest iteration that we can find of our founder, Cary Littel's BMW RT Resource Pages.

We'd like to celebrate that by inviting you to share your beginnings with the site, special impressions or great stories that you have to spin here around our virtual campfire.

This invitation goes out to everyone. We hope that if you're lurking out there, you'll step out of the shadows too.

We'd also like to ask the "Old Timers" to chime in with some site history that will give us a sense of all of the rides, meetings and stories that have contributed to the greatness of this community.

Ten Years is a good, long time on the Web.

Let's party!!

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#342757 - 05/31/08 06:42 AM Re: We're Ten Years Old! [Re: Les is more]
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Meeting Nando at the shop and telling him about this great site I had found, ADVRider!

He, in his own restrained manner, let me know about this other DB, which he said was a "bit more civil", BMWST.

As usual, he was right. I co-mingled for a while on both, quickly tiring of the, uh, antics, over there. Stayed here ever since.

Steve Carr, reaching through the screen, with a PM that "us local guys should stick together. He opened the door for so many rides and people I can't begin to thank him enough.

Finally getting to meet this guy, Gleno, who some warned (tongue in cheek) was gonna kick my arse over an innocent comment I made about some rock guitar guy named Jimmy something.

Whip, Bounce, Roy, The legendary Old Fart, Paul. The list goes on.

So, it all boils down to the people.

A group of people who, even if I'd never met them in person, for the most part, I'd be happy to call "friend"....well, except for maybe that No Cal smoke eater
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#342778 - 05/31/08 11:33 AM Re: We're Ten Years Old! [Re: Les is more]
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lET mE gATHER my thoughts...too many just now running through my head.!

10 - years..! wowzee...what a ride..!
h A N N A b O N E
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#342906 - 05/31/08 05:30 PM Re: We're Ten Years Old! [Re: hANNAbONE]
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#342911 - 05/31/08 05:46 PM Re: We're Ten Years Old! [Re: Les is more]
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Hmmm...while we were preparing for the first CT Tech Daze (I was PMing/posting with some guy Samsar)

I had just parked the bike in the garage at work, when this guy came up to me and said:
"Hey, we're planning a get-together at my house to work on our bikes. I know this other guy with an RTP who's going to be there too."
"Ummmm, really? Are you Samsar?"
"Yes, how did you know?"
"Because I'm the guy with the RTP who's coming to your house. I am Woodie"
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#342929 - 05/31/08 06:48 PM Re: We're Ten Years Old! [Re: Les is more]
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Happy Happy anniversary...... I'm one of the 'noobs' so I'll wait with my story until later...... curious to hear from all the 'old timers' first \:\)
Francois 'Navman' Dumas

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#342939 - 05/31/08 07:13 PM Re: We're Ten Years Old! [Re: Les is more]
BeamieToo Offline

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Congratulations on the 10th year of providing a great forum.
Coming off a Honda Pan to an 1150RT last September has recently brought me to this great cyber-place having amazing technical insight and know-how. a great sense of humor, ( love it when it gets a bit dark and sarcastic) real social and philisophical commentaries and sometimes a word of comfort to those that need it. I have read through a "family spat" or two and have been fortunate to meet our Dutch gentleman Francois which I'm sure we both enjoyed.

I read and participate in this global forum for various reasons. There are lot's of places to stop at on the internet, but IMHO this is one of the BEST
Kenny 1150RT
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#342989 - 05/31/08 10:05 PM Re: We're Ten Years Old! [Re: BeamieToo]
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Only been with you the past 2 years and posted very little but gained so much!!

Love the Ride Tales from both across the pond and Europe and am determined to join you over there at one of your meets before I am too old to 'get my leg over'!

The technical knowledge and information available on this site is unsurpassed.

Here's to the next 10 years!


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#342993 - 05/31/08 10:12 PM Re: We're Ten Years Old! [Re: Les is more]
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Happy Birthday BMWST(RT?).

Although I'm a relative nOOb, (my 2 year anniversary is Monday), I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Bumps & scraps included.
Killer & Paul Mihalka were the first to "welcome me to the asylum." I'm still anxious to meet both of you.

You can thank Jackie for turning me on to this joint. Met her at Daytona BMW the morning after she finished her 50cc. Helped her a little with her Nat. Forest stamps, too.

And then there's The Whip's. They welcomed me to their home after being here less than a year. Great home cookin' by Mrs. Whip, a comfy bed, & comfier dogs. The weather? Not so much.

I won't even talk about Richard staying with us after his 50cc.

Here's to another ten years.

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#343009 - 05/31/08 10:51 PM Re: We're Ten Years Old! [Re: Huzband]
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Ranger Kiddo

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Just checked my profile to see how long I've been on the board.... well, I don't have a lot of posts, but I sure have learned a LOT in the nearly 6 years I've been lurking. was THE place I first asked about what kind of BMW might work for me. Rightly so, I was quickly, and gently, talked out of an LT, but I was NEVER questioned about my ability to ride (being a girl and all)!

My first UnRally was crazy. Had barely gotten off of the bike before I was handed a beer and made to feel very at home. It was one of the first times I realized how wonderful being around other "crazy" thinkers could be.

Iron Butt Riding site - be a part of the insanity!

KT smile

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