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#357065 - 07/01/08 07:24 PM Acknowledgments  
Joined: Sep 2002
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Mama Hoon
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Mama Hoon

Joined: Sep 2002
Posts: 7,729
San Diego, CA
There are a number of folks here who deserve our special gratitude.

I'll name all I can think of. If I leave someone out, feel free to rise up in righteous indignation, kick my behind and add them to the list. \:\)

First, Cary and David for all the enthusiasm and work it took to set the tone, get things started and foster the growth.

Next the Moderators and Admins, past and present who have kept the ship on course, off the rocks and guided it out of troubled waters. Their repayment? The success of the site, your enjoyment, an occasional pat on the back.

Past Mods

Steve Carr
Short Cut
Peter Scott

The current crew

Joe Frickin'Friday

Tech Mods

Ken H.
Stan Walker

Honorable mention for spreadin' the love to

T.M. Roe
Wurty (who bought Cary's bike)

Brant Herbert for untold hours of behind the scenes help.
azkaizr for organizing and working on the calendar.
Chris Olsen for maintaining the calendar.
stager for working on the Road Food thread.
IrishMike and Joyce, merchandise distribution gurus
Signman, Gregori, Tony K, Whip for design and inspiration

The UN organizers and committees

UnRally-I, Gunnison, CO
"The Gathering In Gunnison"
July 21-23, 2002

Fernando "EffBee" Belair (Administrator), Lead UnOrganizer
Dick "rdfrantz" Frantz (UnRally Ambassador, Route and Riding Guru)
"David" Baker (Proprietor Emeritus, M.C.)

The UnRally-I Team:
"Yeeha! Stephen" and "Miss Vickie" Slisz (Registration Gurus)
Tom "T.M. Roe" Roe (Lead Visionary and "Love Spreading Guru" )
"Jake" (Moderator Emeritus, Dinner Guru)
Michael "snod" Snodgrass (Breakfasts Guru)
"John Bellantonio" (Route Scouting and Local-Info Guru)
Mike "Short Cut" Capilla (Administrator Emeritus)
Eric "luky" Luksich (Artwork, Stickers)
"Brant_Herbert" (Web Genius)
Raaaaan! "RonB" Barthelme (Nametag Guru)
Glen "Gleno" McIntosh (Social Butterfly--Loved and missed by all, Ride in Peace)
Jim Lawson (Tupperware Donor \:\) )
"DavidEBSmith" (Counsellor Guru)
"Mike" Boomgarten (Administrator)

UnRally-II, Eureka Springs, AR
"Fall Into Eureka Springs"
October 7-9, 2003

"Jake" (Moderator Emeritus) Lead UnOrganizer

The UnRally-II Team:
Emerson "murrayg" Goodwin (Hoon, 1st Class--Route Scouting Guru)
"David" Baker (Proprietor Emeritus, Route Scouting Guru)
David "GTR" Bearden (Route Scouting Guru)
"Yeeha! Stephen" Slisz (Man Friday)
"Brant Herbert" (Web Genius)
Steve "steveknapp" and Karen Knapp (The Breakfast Bopsies! )
"MattS" Staller (GPS Routing Guru)
"ChrisK" Kinney (TechDaze Guru)

(Other Initial UnRally-II Planners)
Fernando "EffBee" Belair (Administrator, Un-I Lead UnOrganizer)
Howard "PhillyFlash" Rush (Administrator)
"Kathy R" Rayburn (Social Chair )
David "Voodoo" Mandel (Administrator, )
"DavidEBSmith" (Counsellor Guru)

UnRally-III, Cody, WY
"The Rondel Round-Up"
July 12-15, 2004

Leslie "Les_is_More" Edmonds ( Proprietor), Co-UnOrganizer
Jamie "KMG_365" Edmonds (Administrator), Co-UnOrganizer

The UnRally-III Team:

Rodger "Signman" Blakey (Artwork and Signage Guru)
"seanc" Cavanaugh (Map Guru)
David "doc47" Levine (Lodging Guru)
Mark "Vita Rara" Menard (UnRally-VI Lead UnOrganizer)
"Jake" (Moderator Emeritus, UnRally-II Lead UnOrganizer)
Brant Herbert (Web Genius)
Denny "Flint" Kintner (Pre-Runner)
"DouglasR" Gilmer (Local-Info Guru)

UnRally-IV, Staunton, VA
"Oh Shenandoah"
June 7-9, 2005

John "Spike" Spicer (Administrator), Co-UnOrganizer
Patti "Spikes_Wife" Spicer, Co-UnOrganizer

The UnRally-IV Team:

"Paul Mihalka" (Route Guru)
Brian "BPeterson" Peterson (T-Shirt Guru)
Todd "big-t" Gills (Route and Local-Info Guru)
Jim "BMWGreenRT" McMains (Dinners Guru)
Cabell "MidLife" Greenwood (Breakfasts Guru)
"Russ" Daniels (Man Friday)

UnRally-V, Gunnison, CO
"The Return to Gunnison"
June 20-22, 2006

"Tasker" Day, Lead UnOrganizer

The UnRally-V Team:

"Ken H." and Donna Harbeck (Registration Gurus)
"steveknapp" (Route Guru)
"MattS" Staller (Web Guru and Logo Designer)
"John Bellantonio" (Route Scouting and Local-Info Guru)

UnRally-VI, Fayetteville, WV
"Let's Moto"
September 4-6, 2007

Mark "Vita Rara" Menard, Co-UnOrganizer
Silva "Berkley" Menard, Co-UnORganizer

The UnRally-VI Team:

Todd "big-t" Gills (Route Planning Guru)
Bob "1st Shirt" Ellis (Man Friday)
TBD (T-Shirt Guru)

Special thanks to those who opened their homes for Pied Piper II, out and back
Mike O
Bob and Sun-joo

UnRally VII – John Day, OR
“Alis volat propriis”
July 8-11, 2008
Steve “Dances with Wiener Dogs” Mallinson, UnOrganizer
The UnRally VII team:
Sebastian “stubble” Mindling (web guru)
Tony “Tony K” Koch (t-shirt design/production guru)
Phil “1bmwfan” Challinor (GPS guru)
Rod “Mr. Yuk” Powell (ride guru)
Bruce “Bruce H” Henriksen (ride guru)
Wade “kitsap” Taylor (ride guru)
Larry “Whip” Kachadourian (allroundgoodguy)
Steve “Dances with Snow Flurries” Reinig (allroundgoodguy)
Bill “A-Red Bill” Rathbone (allroundgoodguy)
David “doc47” Levine (allroundgoodguy)
Mike “IrishMike” McKennedy (allroundgoodguy)
Kent “Pilgrim” Lundgren (allroundgoodguy)
Phil “Fasterpill” Mares (allroundgoodguy)
Pat “USAF1” Patterson (allroundgoodguy)

To all of you, starting with Cary and Gleno, who have put on Tech Daze over the years. Kudos!!
You've given a great gift to all of us.

To the organizers of the regional rides that give us the chance to live up to that "On-Road" part of our logo.
Torrey, El Paseo /Blue Ridge Rendezvous, Texas Hill Country/Big Bend, Beer Brats and Beemers, Cedar Key, Death Valley

It takes each and every member to maintain a successful site. To each of you who has given of their time and skills and money to better the community, thank you. To each of you who has given an encouraging word, personal knowledge, a new point of view or shared a bit of yourselves, thank you. To each of you who reads and takes the knowledge found here to better your skills or help someone else, thank you. Thank you all for taking part in this community.


Rebel with Menopause
Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe

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#357483 - 07/02/08 03:05 PM Re: Acknowledgments [Re: Les is more]  
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Dances_With_Wiener_Dogs Offline
Dances_With_Wiener_Dogs  Offline

Joined: Dec 2000
Posts: 4,637
Beaverton, OR
I'm honored to be a part of this list. Hopefully the contributions of my crack team of experts will give the UnRally participants a little taste of what we call home.

'05 R1200ST
Previously `96 & `99 R1100GS, `99 & `00 R1100RT
#357712 - 07/02/08 11:34 PM Re: Acknowledgments [Re: Dances_With_Wiener_Dogs]  
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95% of an RT
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95% of an RT

Joined: Mar 2005
Posts: 7,388
Southern Illinois
Honored to see my name on such a distinguished list of folks.

It really takes a lot of people to make all this happen.

Congratulations everyone.

95% of an RT.

I haven't had too many Beemers, I just don't have enough time.
#361252 - 07/12/08 01:11 AM Re: Acknowledgments [Re: Bud]  
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Joined: Oct 2004
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Holden, MA (Central MA)
You neglected one very important entry: Though she is mentioned elsewhere, we owe special thanks for the hard work and dedication of one Leslie "Les_is_More" Edmonds, for taking the reins and reigning when David Baker decided it was time to move on.
The time and effort spent maintaining the supportive and welcoming environment are readily apparent, IF you look for it. But like all smooth running machinery, most of the time it's underappreciated, and all we on the outside see is the final product without much thought to the work it takes to keep the show running. I'd like to 'kick her behind' and see that she gets a proper mention in this list, while we're here doing the thanking of those involved.

Greg Maiser, REALTOR®
Team Leader of the Sold Squad at RE/MAX Professional Associates
TEL: (508) 797~2468 --
#373726 - 08/08/08 08:17 PM Re: Acknowledgments [Re: Gregori]  
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Joined: Nov 2005
Posts: 907
Yes, especially to leslie; and jamie, and all the great people who have answered my questions, offered assistance and opinions, and for just being nice folks in general. I bought my '98 RT in summer of 2005 when they told me I had inoperable lung cancer. Through y'all and the friendship and tech tips I was able to do a lot myself. I sold my '98 RT to a nice gent up by the Catskills in N.Y., and am now looking at 650 or 1000 V-stroms. However, I am addicted to this board no matter what. I love this board b/c of the nice and knowlegeable people. If my cat scan diagnosis is clear on Aug,29th, then I will be one happy dude. Thanks, michael in florida.

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#373776 - 08/08/08 09:50 PM Re: Acknowledgments [Re: Les is more]  
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Mike05  Offline

Joined: Apr 2006
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Denton, Texas

Actually, to everyone mentioned here & to so many more, but especially to:

you Leslie.

You're the best. Add Jamie, & you guys are an unbeatable pair to draw to!

Thanks for being there.

Mike & Joyce

2005 R1200RT, 2011 R1200RT, 2014 R1200RT, 2013 R1200RT (2)
Denton, TX.
#374744 - 08/11/08 05:22 AM Re: Acknowledgments [Re: Mike05]  
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KMG_365  Offline

Joined: Sep 2002
Posts: 8,147
San Diego, CA
 Originally Posted By: IrishMike

Actually, to everyone mentioned here & to so many more, but especially to:

you Leslie.

You're the best.

Thanks for being there.

Mike & Joyce

Thanks, Mike and Joyce for all you continue to do for our family in this little corner of the web--you are ALSO the best!!!!! \:\)

For those of us who might be newer to this family of riders, I humbly and happily provide the following answer to the question: "Who is this Leslie person?"

Cool_Jamie "KMG_365"
"Dry-Town" Crew, San Diego
"Maynard" "the Krebs Cycle" '03 R1150RT, black

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