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#397831 - 10/03/08 02:54 PM 2000 miles of dirt ......part 4 (2008)
big-t Offline

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Day 7

Trinidad Co to Salida CO

Nice start to the day,a group of pronghorns run Parallel to the road and cross in front of me allowing me time to ge the camera out,shot still turned out fuzzy

Another one of those signs I'm not sure about.

Missed a turn enjoying the scenery,but found these cool buildings.I

Short people must have lived here....I guess you could always dig out a bit of the floor if you grew a little taller

and the road goes on...

Finally....a sign that made sense

More artsy fartsy

Twin Sisters peaks,I rode of the way around them.

A very old church

and the road goes on...

I wasn't sure mama was going to let me by since the little one was having lunch,but I passed without problems.

I was unsure about this part,since the trails inception,many of these roads have been abandoned and are in poor repair,but I motored on.

No wide tracks allowed

Almost lost the trail at several points and followed the cattle tracks

Finally dead ended at the barbed wire fence.A quick check of the GPS showed a road to my right and I'm off across a field to a road.

and the road goes on...

Why is the road a different color from the dirt in the bank beside it? Silly questions occupy my mind..

Climbing into the Aspens

Somewhere in this section,I was attacked by a bear........ok,not really,but the thought certainly crossed my mind as a black bear came crashing out of the woods to my immediate right front.As I roll off the throttle and try to slow my mind is in slow he coming for me?.....should I continue to slow or wick it up and try to center punch him?.....if I don't hit him hard enough I'll be his lunch....never been in this situation,what to do...

As quickly as it started,the crisis was over as the bear wheeled to the right and ran across the road at an angle and up the bank.....................WHEW !!!!

Sorry no pics..

KLR seems a bit wheezy,could it be the altitude?

...or maybe this

My timing was great,when I started this tripI never thought about it being fall in the high country

and then it was over,Salida was as far as I would have time to to go

I used the fuel computer for the total dirt part of the trip

The Mefos did great.

The next 2 days I rode 1300 miles to get back to the truck and still have tread left.

Thanks for coming along,I hope you enjoyed it

#397856 - 10/03/08 03:54 PM Re: 2000 miles of dirt ......last part [Re: big-t]
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#397869 - 10/03/08 04:37 PM Re: 2000 miles of dirt ......last part [Re: tallman]
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Soooo many questions.

But I'll just leave it at "Wow."

Thanks for taking the time to both take the pics and to share everything with us.

Wow. \:\)
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#397876 - 10/03/08 04:50 PM Re: 2000 miles of dirt ......last part [Re: big-t]
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Thanks again!
Now I have a new goal.....
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#397877 - 10/03/08 04:52 PM Re: 2000 miles of dirt ......last part [Re: big-t]
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That was really cool, Todd.

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#397881 - 10/03/08 04:56 PM Re: 2000 miles of dirt ......last part [Re: SageRider]
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Enjoyed all parts, even wanted more.
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#397910 - 10/03/08 06:16 PM Re: 2000 miles of dirt ......last part [Re: big-t]
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Frickin' sweet!!!

I've bookmarked these tales so I can go back and live vicariously over the next 6 weeks as my ankle heals.
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#397916 - 10/03/08 06:34 PM Re: 2000 miles of dirt ......last part [Re: big-t]
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really beautiful.. thanks for posting it.

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The focus is sharp in the city.

#398013 - 10/04/08 12:38 AM Re: 2000 miles of dirt ......last part [Re: tallman]
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 Originally Posted By: tallman

Most definitely! I wondered what you had been up to and why you weren't coming to BRR. I think I understand now. \:\)

Awesome Todd.... just awesome!

If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour... you're gonna see some serious stuff...

#398014 - 10/04/08 12:44 AM Re: 2000 miles of dirt ......last part [Re: Lone_RT_rider]
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That was great, I've never been east of the Mississippi, but I sure would like to see that country.

Thanks for taking us along.

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