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#448229 - 02/23/09 09:37 AM Re: Engine oil for R1200RT [Re: rglassma]
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Hi, and welcome on board.

I (and many of us) like the Castrol 4T:
<---- (That's not it) 2014 R1200RT-W

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

#448471 - 02/23/09 09:34 PM Re: Engine oil for R1200RT [Re: hopz]
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I can add my 2-bits on this one. I work for an OEM in an industry that has very expensive equipment running at very high speeds with huge heat making large amounts of horsepower. We have very specific oil requirements for the equipment to run its natural life. We put out oil specifications for the equipment for use of the owners and cannot recommend specific oils....why you ask....blame the lawyers.

Seems that this can put us on the hook if the oil manufacturer doesn't meet his spec and his oil causes problems (by the way this does happen a lot not so much with the synthetics). Also competing oil manufacturers get their nose out of joint and then sic their lawyers on us for recommending competitors an OEM you can't win. Again blame the lawyers....

All you can do is compare the spec to the oil manufacture's spec. If you have questions then you can ask the oil manufacturer directly if it meets or exceeds said specs.

I would suspect that BMW being a good corporate citizen is well aware of this slippery slope...ha ha pardon the pun rofl

Just my 2-bits.


#448478 - 02/23/09 10:07 PM Re: Engine oil for R1200RT [Re: Judspin]
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I was interested in the same thing, I Googled "Motorcycle Oil" and came up with this good reference, check out this website, <>. It is a comprehensive study and gives data. Their concluding statement says, in part, "Despite more than six months of research, reading all the claims and counter-claims printed by dozens of industry experts and lubrication experts, MCN cannot and does not purport to know all there is to know about the differences between automotive and motorcycle oils. However, what we do know is that we can find no substantive evidence that using a high-quality, name-brand automotive oil in an average street motorcycle is in any way harmful or less effective in providing proper lubrication and protection than using the more expensive, motorcycle-specific oils."

#448499 - 02/23/09 11:26 PM Re: Engine oil for R1200RT [Re: RT Fan]
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Originally Posted By: Ferd Nesler
I have 5 quarts of 10w60 left over from my Moto Guzzi. BMW calls for 10w50 for my RT. Would the 10w60 do any harm to my RT?

You can run it if you want to, but your bike will become lazy, stopping frequently, requiring the attention of large breasted women to got it in the mood to run again. And it will smell faintly of olive oil......As opposed to sauerkraut.

BMW actualy recommends 20/50 or 15/50 synthetic, if I am not mistaken.

#450367 - 03/01/09 10:16 PM Re: Engine oil for R1200RT [Re: 4wheeldog]
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... so win / win ... lol
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#450571 - 03/02/09 04:13 PM Re: Engine oil for R1200RT [Re: bogthebasher]
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On the back of my BMW Rider's Manual (US Model) is says "BMW recommends CASTROL" on the inside is says 20-50. Doesn't say I should use BMW oil. I'd think CASTROL oil from the auto parts supply store would work just fine. It's what I bought. I did buy a BMW filter based on some of the discussion here. Once my warrenty is up I'll look for a different filter.
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#451366 - 03/04/09 08:49 PM Re: Engine oil for R1200RT [Re: rglassma]
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Every motorcycle site I have ever visited has the same discussion about oil. After years of reading all the arguments and after having ridden my current motorcycle for over 145,000 miles, my conclusion follows: if one buys a name brand synthetic oil that matches the motorcycle manufacturer's viscocity recommendation, one does not have to think further on the subject.
Papa Gian
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