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#462464 - 04/06/09 03:49 PM A taste of N. California . . . (lots of pics)
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Jamie and I set off to prove, yet again, that if a deal sounds too good to be true, it is!

To complete our backyard project we want to get a hot tub. What better way to end a nice long day ride or cure the aches and pains of daily life, etc. than to let it all soak out with a hot tub and a glass of wine?

Well, someone through Jamie's work was having a divorce sale on a hot tub that would fit the bill nicely. Or so it would seem. Let's just suffice it to say that I half figured it would be too good to be true but saw an opportunity to turn it in to a fun day anyway.

Hmmm, the hot tub is located in Jenny Lind? Oh, hey, would ya lookey there! That's right down Hwy 49 and over off Hwy 26, two of motorcycling's mecca type roads. And the weather was absolutely perfect!! And so the plan was hatched.

We geared up and headed out. Jamie on her F650GS and me on my F800GS. And since we had not done much riding with the luggage attached we both decided to put them on so we could get a feel for them.

No pics on the way down as we wanted to get there and determine what was up with the tub and all. Great ride down Hwy 49 from home in Diamond Springs to Jenny Lind off Hwy 26. Oohs and aahs were a plenty with the green fields, livestock, hills, sunshine, and beautiful roads as we strafed through apex after apex of made for motorcycle roadways. Let it be stated here and now that if anyone has any concerns whether the F8 series are competent in the twisties, those concerns are unfounded!! And let me also make a special note adding that for anyone that has ever had the pleasure of riding with my wife, y'all are in for a BIG surprise next time!!! That girl flat hauls a$$ now on that F650GS of hers!!!! Y'all are in trouble. I'm just sayin'!

Yep, too good to be true! The hot tub is not to be, let's leave it at that!! People have a, to me, baffling idea of taking care of their stuff! I just don't get it. And moving on . . .

Now the fun began. We threw out the directions to Jenny Lind and started exploring. We wound our way down to Hogan Reservoir for a look at the water and a taste of more twisties along the way. We were happily served.

There's a big grin underneath that new Arai XD3 Charley Boorman replica helmet. Hey!!!!!!!!!! Wait a minute, that makes me the Ewan McGregor, "I fall down a lot" tag along. OK, I opened the door . . . (and, GO, Danny, et al.)

I love this one.

While circumnavigating the Hogan reservoir, I found an area that I could get down to the water for that photo op. It involved a rocky jeep type trail that was relatively steep as it dropped down to the water's edge. I asked if Jamie wanted to come down too and she initially shook her head to the negative. I headed down for a pic and looked back up about half way down and, too my complete shock, found that Jamie had decided to follow as well. I was taken a back and thrilled all at once!! I am so proud of her and her riding. Hell, look at her 2 weeks ago in this pic -

Once at the bottom, we took these.

Not exactly a beach!

Looking back up from whence we came.

Even while helmeted, that woman has skill in taking her own picture!

I really need to get a new camera and learn how to manipulate photos to bring out the detail in this awesome photo. Maybe I could get someone's help on this for now. I really dig this timed shot.



There was even wildlife.

The rare Tongue Sticking Out White Elephant


We rode with angels this day!

I love it when the moon shines during the day.

Nothing beats my wife's curves but you can not deny the curves we faced on this ride!

Peace baby!

We even played like kids on the Radio Flyer we found!

Well, OK, only I played on it!

I love old buildings!!!

Jamie decided to catch some big bug along the way. It kinda made her cross eyed!

Beautiful poppy filled fields.

After arriving back home, it was time for a Midori margarita in our, of course, Touratech glasses.

A great day!!! Here's the tracking link from our SPOT tracker.

We traveled through many places and on many great roads including;

Diamond Springs
Valley Springs
Jenny Lind
San Andreas
Mokelumne Hill
Mountain Ranch
Rail Road Flat
and others.

Thanks for coming along.
Phil Challinor

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#462469 - 04/06/09 04:07 PM Re: A taste of N. California . . . (lots of pics) [Re: Firefight911]
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nice story and pics. you left coasters have some gorgeous scenery.

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#462471 - 04/06/09 04:10 PM Re: A taste of N. California . . . (lots of pics) [Re: Firefight911]
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Nicely 'taled'. Phil, how do you like the helmet?

Mike O

P.S. You really didn't think you were going to get that hot tub home on a bike, did ya?
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#462497 - 04/06/09 05:09 PM Re: A taste of N. California . . . (lots of pics) [Re: Mike O]
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Looks like you had a great time. thumbsup
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#462499 - 04/06/09 05:19 PM Re: A taste of N. California . . . (lots of pics) [Re: Firefight911]
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Nice photos and story. thumbsup I plan on coming up that way when I come up for the 1st aid/Tech days. Thanks for the preview.
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#462503 - 04/06/09 05:33 PM Re: A taste of N. California . . . (lots of pics) [Re: Firefight911]
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Thanks Phil. Enjoyed the ride!
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#462510 - 04/06/09 05:41 PM Re: A taste of N. California . . . (lots of pics) [Re: Firefight911]
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Nice, Phil!
The two of you are lookin' good!!!
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#462566 - 04/06/09 07:57 PM Re: A taste of N. California . . . (lots of pics) [Re: SageRider]
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#462637 - 04/07/09 12:16 AM Re: A taste of N. California . . . (lots of pics) [Re: Firefight911]
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Nicely done, Phil! Looks like a great time! thumbsup

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#462643 - 04/07/09 12:32 AM Re: A taste of N. California . . . (lots of pics) [Re: Bullett]
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I love California Ride Tales smile
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