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#607442 - 06/10/10 01:46 AM Re: Any astronomers in the group (physicists OK too)? [Re: doc47]  
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As long as we are on the topic I looked for this short story that I wrote for a creative writing class in high school.

I had no idea as to what was to become of the "oil age" nor did I know of the rising gas prices and the greed that would follow. What I did know is that there was some connection to the future so I wrote of it. Now for those of you with a little time on your hands and like to read...enjoy.

For the rest? Don't call me a sissy to my face!!!! tongue

Pia and Iyo

Pia took refuge at a place that most of the world had long forgotten. It was an area of stark difference to the rest of the world. It was a place where an occasional flower may grow, or an elusive bird might sing, but not today.

She was born of a time when the water once sparkled and the air was fresh with the sweet smell of lilac. Pia longed for those days because now she had only loving memories of what was, and hate for what was to be.

Pia stood alone, heartbroken for the world she once knew. Longing for happiness to set in, Pia sat at the foot of a mighty oak tree. Certainly not a live one, but a skeleton of what was once a symbol of strength.
The Sun was escaping now. Pia watched it descend slowly beneath the blanket of pollutants that took away the soft pastels and crimson hue and left only dark, dirty browns and grays. Pia grew weary of facing another day. She mourned constantly; the thought of death itself took hold of her.

Pia thought that there was a better world for her and that death was a much better fate than what she faced today. Pia's thoughts quickly vanished as sleep had now captured her and she became a victim of her dreams.
Her dreams seemed endless. She dreamed of how the world could be a better place, and how it could be spared from its fate. As the night placed her deeper and deeper into sleep, she suddenly woke up in a sweat.

Pia's prayers and dreams went unanswered as she had awakened to the same miserable world, only now there was darkness as the life giving orb had vanished behind the Earth only to shed a dim light on the rest of the dismal world.

As Pia stared into the black heavens, she spotted an occasional star. The twinkle was not so bright as years past because the hot night air no longer allowed the prismatic effect to pass through to her eyes. She longed for simple things such as this -- the clear twinkle of an evening star -- and began to cry aloud with wails that seemed deafening. Her resonance echoed from valley to valley, only to repeat again and again.

Pia fell to her knees and gazed into the dark heavens; she silently begged for an answer to her prayers. As tears fell, Pia was stricken with grief. Her tear streaked face showed her anguish, she prayed and prayed for days on end. She thought there must be a God, there must be a savior, one who could untangle the web of chaos that was leading to the world's suicide.

Pia continued to find hope in her beliefs and on the seventh night of her prayers, she again gazed into the heavens and witnessed a spectacular event; one so vivid and ornate she could not believe it herself. Pia thought that once again she was a victim of sleep, and that her dreams had once again taken hold of her. Pia thought she must surely be dreaming.

The heavens had given way to a seemingly small, white, hot ball of fire that streaked towards Pia with the speed of light. Only it was not light that sped toward her -- it was a meteor. A glowing, spinning meteor casting a light so brilliant with the familiar hues that Pia had once known. Vivid reds, spectacular oranges, crisp blues, and earthly greens, fluorescent as they passed through the air, all of it was captivating Pia with awe.

The meteor shot toward Pia with incredible speed and in what seemed to be an instant was slowed to eternity as Pia absorbed the breathtaking phenomenon. Closer and closer it came until she thought of Armageddon and that her prayers would now be answered, but not in the way that she had hoped. Pia braced for the end, the heat was unbearable and the light so bright she could no longer take part in observing the fireball.

To Pia's amazement, the mighty spectacle impacted the Earth with a fury that made it seem as if all time stood still. Pia approached the glowing ember and although her fears were ever-present, she stood as close as she could. The ember glowed and pulsated, giving off an array of colors -- some that Pia had never seen before.
Pia explored the rock with a dead limb of an oak tree. It burned her with its heat as it seemed to beckon her still closer. Pia was afraid; she could not decide if she should stay or run away. In spite of her fear, she decided to stay and wait for the heavenly rock to cool as she wanted to capture it for her very own.

The longer she waited the larger the rock became, still glowing with color, but no longer giving off heat.
Larger and larger it grew, twisting and distorting into a shape she could hardly believe. The entire area lit up with beautiful lights and there now seemed to be a peaceful presence around her. Pia no longer felt fearful as the form was not frightening, but pleasing to her. The mighty rock had taken on a human form -- the form of an infant boy.

To Pia's disbelief, she had witnessed a miracle and was compelled to suckle and nurture the youngster. The days became weeks, and the weeks became months. As years passed, Pia reared a mighty young man who not only possessed strength and character, but wisdom as well. Pia saw the infant grow into a hulk of a man. Words of comfort immediately came from the man who had grown from the meteor. He asked what had troubled her and why he was summoned to her world?
Pia spoke of her world and how it was in times past. She spoke of how the oceans had once held the mighty orcas, the skies had once held the majestic eagles with their effortless flight, and the land that had once held beautiful flowers and she spoke of the forests that hid the elusive wolf. She described the doom that filled the air with pollutants, and how the oceans and land no longer yielded food to feed a starving people.

Pia told of how the world was one of violence and without peace, and how the cartels of the rich had palatial mansions with the finest of food and water. The select few members of these cartels had destroyed the world as she once knew it with the greed of oil, and moneys from that oil. All but these people suffer the sulphur rich atmosphere, the primordial oceans, and the litter that now covered Earth.

Her stranger smiled and seemed to shrug her concerns away. He then told her an amazing tale, of how he was from another world, of how he has traveled the universe and was known as Iyo, the giver of life. Iyo told Pia that she should not fear the unknown and that she should believe in what he has to show her -- of how to right the ways of the world and to teach peace to all that live there.
Pia scoffed at him and was not a believer.

Iyo was a man of persuasion though and reminded her that at a time more than twenty billion years ago his destiny had already begun to unfold. Worlds such as hers were being formed and he had been sent into the heavens with one purpose -- save the worlds that were doomed, no more, no less.
Pia snickered once again in disbelief and Iyo became stern. He told her that she was like the rest of his encounters in the heavens. She had no concept of what lies beyond her own planet. Iyo asked her, "What do you know of the heavens?" Pia could not answer; she could honestly not say. His question did not change her mind though; she had no idea why Iyo was sent to her. Her curiosity had been aroused though and she asked Iyo to explain.
Iyo began to tell Pia of the heavens and how, at a time long before anyone could ever imagine, an event so catastrophic took place and the universe was born.

Iyo told her that matter no larger than a grain of sand suddenly exploded with a force that sent particles in all directions. The event set up a series of conditions that formed the galaxies and stars. Some so far away that we cannot even see them for their light has not reached the Earth yet. Iyo told her of how her own Sun was but a common star and there were billions more just like it. He also explained that her own Milky Way Galaxy was not alone. He himself has seen so many that he could not begin to count them. Pia grew less interested. She did not understand him. He spoke as if he was attempting to brainwash her.

She began to wonder if she was not still dreaming. Iyo was not going to let Pia slip away from him. He persisted with his tales and once again captured the imagination of the doubting Pia.
Iyo said that there were so many unexplained phenomenon that her people did not understand. She smartly said that her world knew all, and that he had nothing to tell the scientists of her Earth. Iyo was even more determined to convince Pia of his genuine intentions so he began again by telling her:

"I can tell you of things you have never dreamed of my friend -- of areas of space so dark, so massive, that not even light can escape. The mere fact that you have not flown passed towering clouds of illuminated dust that are turning into stars means nothing. And what of the mammoth distances from one star to the next? You would have to travel a lifetime at the speed of light to get from one point to another only to find that it was not even a walk around the block when it comes to universal distances."

Pia grew angry. She did not want to hear anymore. She said she was leaving and told him to spin his tales of deception elsewhere. Iyo was furious; she did not understand. He told her that she was the most difficult being he has ever had to convince. She snapped and screamed at him, "How dare you come here and make up such stories! You must evil, one of the lords who have destroyed this world. I will not be brainwashed by your fantasies! After all, being born from a meteor! How ridiculous!"

Iyo walked by her, he gently leaned over and whispered into her ear and asked, "What do you think you are made of my dear?" Star dustů. Pia gasped at the question; the thought of it was so foreign to her. She thought to herself how could it be true and asked herself what about her God, the teachings of church, the Bible, her mother and father? It could not be true. Pia demanded that Iyo explain.

And so Iyo explained. He said that he knew of many things, but the creation was just as mysterious and confusing to him, as it was to her. He also said that she should understand that maybe her God had set all of these things into motion and that God would have the power to do that. Pia was confused, she angered at the thought of being made of star dust. How was Iyo doing this? She had to break his spell she thought. What could she do but run? Pia struggled to flee. She did not go far and returned. She cried. She pleaded with Iyo to let her go. Iyo told her that she was quite a stubborn woman and asked himself when would she learn?

He then said to Pia, "Ponder this my sweet -- I have explored the heavens for eons and eons without a ship, or a navigator. I have streaked passed Antares, danced with Gemini, and have slid on Orion's sword. Have you done so?"
Pia snickered no more as the impact of Iyo's statement fell upon her.

She thought of how Iyo had come to her in the beginning and realized that she was no match for Iyo and his accomplishments. From that day on, Pia vowed to be a student of his teachings.

Iyo told Pia of how they must summon the world to yield to the animals and land in order to correct the destructive path which the world was taking. Pia could hardly wait and Iyo took her without a craft, but on faith, through the winds of change to all places North, South, East, and West. The world came to know Iyo and Pia's teachings of peace and faith in restoring a once beautiful world.

Change took place little by little with minuscule results throughout their journey. Pia had come to know of Iyo's reasoning and ways and had fallen in love with his principles of life. Pia told Iyo that she had faith in no man except for him and that he shall be her true love forever more. Iyo told Pia that her love shall be one of the truest he's ever known and no matter what happens she should never mourn, nor should she shed a single tear as his fate had been chosen a thousand lifetimes before her.

Pia bowed with submission as to Iyo's meanings of her love and promised never to shed a single tear at any time of grief. Their journey continued and all of their followers came with them until the wicked and powerful lords of the cartels had learned of their cause. The evils of the world finally caught up with them and in a place of endless canyons and arroyos, where the sludge and vile slime gathered, the lords and their armies finally captured Iyo.

The lords denounced Iyo as a fraud and a fake; they urged Pia and the world to believe in that. Iyo did not anger at this and asked the lords to change their evil and wicked ways, and to please return the Earth back to its people. Iyo reminded them that doom was certain and that it was the direct result of the cartels and the disrespect they have shown the world, and its people.
The lords balked at Iyo and cursed him relentlessly.

The people were now restless and fearful of the lords as they had captured their savior. The lords continued to attack Iyo and his ideals. They demanded that Iyo cease his teachings of peace and world restoration.
Iyo did not yield to the lords and told them that he would rather die than to stop his teachings of peace.

The lords had taken that claim to be true and would have him suffer their punishments until he told the world that he was indeed a fake. Pia was compelled to beg Iyo to recant, she could not stand to lose him to the lords. Iyo reminded her that he had lived and died a thousand lifetimes and this was no different. His cause was just. He shall right the world no matter the cost and reminded her of her commitments to him. Pia yielded to his request knowing full well of what she had already promised him.

Pia stood helpless as the lords had Iyo walk the lands bearing the weight of sludge no ordinary man could carry through the canyons and arroyos of the world to a place that was the foulest of all lands.

Pia begged Iyo to change his mind, to recant about the universe and others worlds that he has visited. When Iyo would not, the lords taunted him, teased him, and even more degrading, they mocked him.
The lords grew tired of Iyo and began to set in to motion his demise. They bathed him in their palace with the purest of water and wrapped him in pristine linens that had the sweet smell of jasmine. They took him to the most putrid of all places in the world and prolonged his torment.

The lords suspended him for seven days in an area above the world's largest polluted pit. The pit was vile, it represented not only death to Iyo, but to the world itself. Iyo thought to himself on how a people of this world would let such a thing happen to them. It mattered not, Iyo was doomed, and Pia knew it as he refused to recant his story .

This angered the lords anew as they had spent seven days teasing and tormenting Iyo. Their patience was gone and ordered his sentence to be carried out midpoint into the night.

Pia did not leave Iyo's side. She had held her belief in Iyo close to her heart and could not bring herself once again to ask Iyo to recant his story. Iyo asked her if she stopped believing. Pia admitted that she had never doubted him, but her selfish desire to keep him with her made her to ask him to please recant his teachings.

Iyo teased Pia, he told her that she was a foolish girl, and to doubt him was not a true sign of her love. Pia exclaimed that she did truly love him and that she will and shall hold on to each and every thing that he has told her. Iyo was convinced now and was ready for his fate. He once again reminded Pia of her promise not to mourn for him and that his loss was not in the form of death, but of life. Pia promised never to mourn as he had asked.

Midpoint into the night came and Pia still refused to leave Iyo's side. The lords gave Iyo one last chance to change his mind. Iyo remained steadfast and the lords cursed his cause once again. To the chant of death by those who had once had been his followers, Iyo was cast into the pit of death by the evil lords.
Pia watched helplessly as Iyo hit the tarry mass with incredible peace. Iyo lay motionless as he gazed at the thousands above him. He smiled at Pia and she kindly returned that smile, for she, and she alone was the only one that still believed in him.

The world seemed different now, nothing that Pia could pinpoint, but it was. Iyo was still there, not moving. What was happening, she did not understand. The lords and their followers were frantic in chant and she watched as the tarry pit that Iyo had been cast into began to swirl.

Counter clock-wise at first, slowly spinning in a manner that picked up speed as time dragged on. Faster and faster it became until the force sucked Iyo into its depths in an instant.
The wicked lords rejoiced and set off on their wicked ways once again. Pia had lost her beloved Iyo. No longer would she smell the fragrant aroma of his skin, no longer would she hear his tender voice, or gaze into his deep blue eyes. Pia wanted to die, but she held onto her belief as to what Iyo had told her about his travels to other worlds, and that alone comforted her.

Pia was angry with the lords for causing Iyo to leave her and held onto Iyo in her dreams. She came night after night to the place of his death. Pia had not shed a tear or grieved just as Iyo had asked.

On the seventh night, she came to his death place and it was here that she felt that she could defy him. Her pain was too great; her sadness had over ridden her promises. Pia cried profusely for her beloved Iyo. The tears she shed were more than that of her entire lifetime. And just as when she had met Iyo, her wails were deafening and echoed about the canyon walls.

Pia stood above the man-made hell that Iyo had been condemned to. She was not able to stop the tears that fell into the chasm and cursed the lords for their wickedness.

As Pia's tears fell into the tarry mass, it began to bubble. The sulphur rich smell intensified to a sickening level. The mass began to swirl, faster and faster it became. Then in the vortex, Pia saw Iyo as a man, then as an infant. The vortex became smaller and smaller and the infant became a brilliant, glowing orb.

It rose from the vortex with lightning speed and hovered above the pit. Pia had seen this orb before. Pia marveled at it, hovering in the air emitting such an aura of peace and harmony toward her. The orb reminded her of Pan -- a graceful ballet as it rocked to and fro in front of her. It mesmerized her, but she knew it was Iyo and that she must reach for him as he was about to escape her.

As she reached out, the powerful light shot skyward and spun toward the heavens only to turn itself into countless smaller spheres that encompassed the earth not once, not twice, but seven times.
All of the spheres huddled above Pia, they seemed to become as one again, to and fro it rocked -- as if he was telling Pia goodbye. Pia smiled, and upon doing so the light sped into the heavens and a powerful fireball erupted. One that Pia did not fear, but loved.

Pia stood and watched with amazement as the air filled with the sweet scent of lilac, the oceans and rivers were teaming with fish, and the land was once again filled with the mighty oak trees.
Pia did not have to worry about the fate of the world anymore, Iyo had done just as he had promised. She was so thankful for Iyo's persistence with her in the beginning. Thanks to him she had a new world. She also had a new understanding about the world, of how it came to be. She also knew of the universe, of what is out there, and of how the forces that made the heavens might have even made her.

She felt a sense of accomplishment, maybe even total peace. That was somehow very important to her. Pia followed in Iyo's footsteps; teaching the world of peace -- of the stars and the heavens. And the world came to believe in Iyo again -- Iyo was a powerful force in the universe. The people now believe in Iyo, just as the lords of the cartels do. They are still out there, just a little more humble now. They too believe in Iyo's teachings and no longer embark on missions of destruction, but of reclamation.

And as for Pia, she cherishes the memories of her encounters with Iyo. She remembers his kindness, his ways of peace and the constant love she has for him. Her heart is always open, and she hopes each and every night when she gazes into the heavens that she'll get a glimpse of her beloved Iyo -- sliding on Orion's sword.

Dave Farrow

One should always choose the simplest explanation of a phenomenon, the one that requires the fewest leaps of logic.

However, Earth is the insane asylum of the universe.

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#607470 - 06/10/10 03:50 AM Re: Any astronomers in the group (physicists OK too)? [Re: elkroeger]  
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This might give us some answers... Or not...

But I'm thinking "Road Trip"!

Giant Magellan Telescope

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#607487 - 06/10/10 04:46 AM Re: Any astronomers in the group (physicists OK too)? [Re: AZKomet]  
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Originally Posted By: AZKomet
Pia took refuge at a place that most of the world had long forgotten...................................................................................................................................................

Man, and I thought the UNIVERSE was infinite! ;-)

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#607503 - 06/10/10 06:43 AM Re: Any astronomers in the group (physicists OK too)? [Re: AZKomet]  
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Earth, for the time being !
Thats a great story Dave. High school? Pretty amazing that you wrote that as a youngster. Thanks for the share. Write some more and post it when you want to.

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#607546 - 06/10/10 12:51 PM Re: Any astronomers in the group (physicists OK too)? [Re: yabadabapal]  
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Thanks...I have always aspired to write a novel. Life got in the way.......

Actually......I do believe it was my first year at a CC. I had just went through that oil crisis crap of waiting in line for that black gold in 73? 74? So, I will retract HS and put it into a college era.

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Dave Farrow

One should always choose the simplest explanation of a phenomenon, the one that requires the fewest leaps of logic.

However, Earth is the insane asylum of the universe.

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#607602 - 06/10/10 03:53 PM Re: Any astronomers in the group (physicists OK too)? [Re: doc47]  
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Originally Posted By: doc47
Thank you AZKomet.
I feel small and insignificant now.
looking at these distances and marveling at the number of Galaxies and Superclusters, I always wonder how many different lifeforms are out there and how advanced some of those are.
Some must be millions if not billions of years adanced, relative to us, some may have come and gone and some may be cruising the universe at speeds that Einstein's e=mc2 forbids. Who are we to know the truth, we have only really learned some of the complicated stuff for the last 100 years, tops.

Which reminds me of the story of Holmes and Watson out camping. Holmes rolls over in his sleeping bag and says to Watson, "Dr. Watson, look up and tell me what you perceive."

And here's another "guy" who wrestled with this problem.

warty bliggens, the toad
By Don Marquis, in "archy and mehitabel," 1927

i met a toad
the other day by the name
of warty bliggens
he was sitting under
a toadstool
feeling contented
he explained that when the cosmos
was created
that toadstool was especially
planned for his personal
shelter from sun and rain
thought out and prepared
for him

do not tell me
said warty bliggens
that there is not a purpose
in the universe
the thought is blasphemy
a little more
conversation revealed
that warty bliggens
considers himself to be
the center of the same
the earth exists
to grow toadstools for him
to sit under
the sun to give him light
by day and the moon
and wheeling constellations
to make beautiful
the night for the sake of
warty bliggens

to what act of yours
do you impute
this interest on the part
of the creator
of the universe
i asked him
why is it that you
are so greatly favored

ask rather
said warty bliggens
what the universe
has done to deserve me
if i were a
human being i would
not laugh
too complacently
at poor warty bliggens
for similar
have only too often
lodged in the crinkles
of the human cerebrum


Watson gazes up into the night sky and muses, " My dear Holmes, I see the vast expanse of the cosmos stretching above us. I hear the music of the spheres. I see the infinite harmony of God's creation limning into ever increasing and unimaginable reaches of distance. I see man's insignificance in this vast order...."
"No, no, no, Watson!" exclaims Holmes. "Someone has stolen our tent!!"

#608409 - 06/13/10 07:13 AM Re: Any astronomers in the group (physicists OK too)? [Re: Bill_Walker]  
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Originally Posted By: Bill_Walker
Originally Posted By: AZKomet
And it is true we are all made of star dust in one from or another......

We are made of star stuff.

When the cardiologist was counseling me about the perils and possible outcomes of my (then) upcoming surgery I spoke thus to him: "Look, the worst that can happen is that I die and in a billion years I get recycled through a star, right?" He gave me a funny look, said I certainly took the long view of things, and seemed to run out things to say.


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