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#639941 - 09/27/10 10:40 PM Westward Ho ! 2010 (Part 6 and final)
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Damn,Kansas is a long state,but it gives you time to think and plan about the upcoming ride.

I started this ride in 2008 and continued on it again with my good friends in 2009 and now in 2010 hope to Git'er done.

Link to Prior years rides.

08 & 09 ride tale

Our goal ,barring any injury's or breakdowns,is to ride from Green River Ut,1600+ miles crosscountry to the Pacific ocean at Port Orford Ore.

To accomplish this goal we need to ride conservatively.No stupid stunts and keep a close eye on the fuel as gas will be hard to find where we are going.

KennyH riding his KTM 450

Big-t on the Yamaha WR250R

Strechmark MISSING

We felt bad Mark was unable to make the trip,but knew he would be looking over over our shoulder and following along on the Spottracker.

The Transamerica Trail Part 3

Day 1

Green River to Richfield UT.

Glad to be out of the truck and riding Kenny gives a big thumbs up.

The entrance to Black Dragon wash.We rode this last year,but from the other direction,so it was familiar territory.

Awesome place

Riding out of the canyon

and on to Jackass Flats

Time for some fun under the I-70 tunnels before heading on to Swazey Cabin.

Built on a hill at the foot of a bluff the owners had a great view

The view

Then it was off thru Eagle canyon

and a mandatory shot of the I-70 bridges

Moving along

OOPS,lost the road,had to go back and search for it

Then on to Cat Canyon and the first real challenge.....Deep sugar sand for a ½ mile or so.New experience for me so I was struggling,but even the experienced riders we talked to had problems. Seems like there are babyhead rocks under the sand or as someone said “thats just probably riders and bikes that never made it thru and still buried under the sand” lol

Then it was about another 15 miles of washed out canyon full of rock and loose sand.

Now is probably a good time to say.....I DON'T LIKE RIDING IN THE SAND

Found Kenny on this bluff.Pretty steep but the camera flattens it out

Click on pic

Finally things start to change

And then the tunnels before Richfield.

Long day,We were whipped when we finally got into Richfield at dark.

#639947 - 09/27/10 10:55 PM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: big-t]
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Finally!!! And worthy.

Awesome trip and writeup, Todd.

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#639952 - 09/27/10 11:12 PM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: big-t]
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I've been waitin' for this. Excellent stuff!

Deep sand AND babyheads, that is baad.

I didn't just ride in on a Buell.

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#639954 - 09/27/10 11:19 PM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: big-t]
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Love it, another trip to add to the bucket list
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The focus is sharp in the city.

#639961 - 09/27/10 11:46 PM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: big-t]
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Yeah, me and deep sand are not friends either. (Is it hyperbole if it is an extreme understatement?) :))


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#639966 - 09/27/10 11:57 PM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: Twisties]
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Wow, some trip! I never was into non-paved riding, but with scenery like this if I was 40 or 50 years younger I might try it! thumbsup
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#639976 - 09/28/10 12:13 AM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: Paul Mihalka]
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Fantastic. The tunnels look great; would love to ride that!
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#639991 - 09/28/10 12:44 AM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: big-t]
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We had been preparing for this trip since the end of last years adventure. Knowing that the western section covered some more challenging terrain, we both chose lighter bikes for this ride. It isn’t that it couldn’t be done on a heavier bike, there are a lot of people who have succeeded on them. For me, it is more about the fun factor. Packing light on a lightweight bike means better handling and more fun through the rough bits. The bigger bikes are more comfy on the road for sure, but we had very little pavement ahead of us.

Ready for takeoff

So, the driving begins. We kept the sun in the mirror in the morning to be sure we were on the right track.

We passed some of the time buying new apps for Todd’s ipad.

And kept an eye out back to be sure our cargo was riding safely.

In what seemed like only 7 or 8 weeks of driving, we were halfway there. Another few hours and we arrived in Green River. Todd documented the arrival.

We discussed on the way out that while safety wasn’t exactly first (it is no more than third), we needed to focus on staying in one piece in order to accomplish our goal. We were both a little apprehensive due to the remoteness of the terrain we would be riding and the risks that we would be exposed to. We are both late summer or early fall chickens at best so it was something to keep in mind. We didn’t have Mark along this year to carry our luggage either. Sure wish we could have changed that part.

The butterflies were chased away the next morning though with an ample application of throttle as we began rolling west. The weather was absolutely stunning as was the scenery, even though we had seen some of it before. Man I love Utah! A short bit of tarmac to get us to the TAT.

Then we start reeling in that ridge.

Big T is stoked!

The terrain gets more interesting quickly as we get closer to the Black Dragon cut off and the first of a few thousand gates.

We were here last year and did not take as many pics this time. The place just knocks me out though. How lucky are we that this place exists and we can ride through it!

One more. Did I mention I love Utah?

Perhaps more than one more.

Soon we are out of the wash. This part of the trail is never too far from I70.

We passed a sign for Dutchman’s Arch, but we didn’t make it there. Our next point of interest is the Swasey Cabin. The view is amazing, but the living conditions here 100 years ago must have been intense to say the least. I’m guessing they even had to do without wifi and starbucks! Boggles the mind!

Right after the cabin we start our descent in to Eagle Canyon. It is a little steep in places, loose, rocky and sandy. I like it like that! We cross under I70 a time or two. With so much visual temptation it is hard to keep our eyes on the trail.

Like much of the area we were on this day, the road is more dry riverbed than actual road. Who would have thought there would be rocks and sand out here? We were shocked!

I think it would be great to do a little camping out here.

There will probably be an arch here some day.

We headed toward Cat Canyon and some deep sand took a lot of energy out of both of us. I could not get the bike on top of it. It was about 90 degrees and we both hammered first gear hard to get through it. By the time I was out, I was spewing a little coolant from the radiator, but only lost a couple of tablespoons.

The terrain changed again and again as we moved westward, but the sky remained bright blue streaked with a cloud or two here and there.

Soon we were surrounded by large volcanic boulders that were deposited here a very long time ago. They sure looked out of place.

I started to notice that the shadows were getting a little long, and wondered how much further we had to go. You don’t want it to stop, but being out here after dark with a dirt bike headlight is not where you want to be.

As the sun started down, things got cool pretty quickly. We rode in to Salina UT for gas, then headed a few more miles in to Richland for the night, both of us excited but exhausted. Time for a cold one and some dinner.

A couple of weeks before the trip I met 3 fellows from New Zealand who had shipped their bikes in to California and ridden them to Tennessee to start the TAT. They came to a friends shop near me ( to mount fresh tires before starting the trail. I texted them from Black Dragon Canyon (yes there is cell service there) to see how far they had gotten. Turns out they were about an hour behind us that day. We ended up staying in different places that night, but thought we might run in to each other at some point along the way to Oregon. Turns out we were right… More later.

#640003 - 09/28/10 01:15 AM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: Kenny Haynes]
marty mayer Offline

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Wow, that looks like fun. Wish I was there. Ride Safe.


#640012 - 09/28/10 01:44 AM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: marty mayer]
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Just awesome. lurk
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