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#640016 - 09/28/10 01:54 AM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: marty mayer]
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Hi Marty, you would love it out there for sure.

#640024 - 09/28/10 02:28 AM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: Kenny Haynes]
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I wish...

I'm VERY happy for you guys. As someone said, you've certainly checked off a big one on the bucket list. Thank you VERY much for sharing your trip. Your photos and the images they conjure are breath taking.


#640027 - 09/28/10 02:37 AM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: Kenny Haynes]
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Beautiful shots, guys. I didn't realize you'd have such beautiful terrain on that stretch.
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#640031 - 09/28/10 02:49 AM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: lawnchairboy]
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Originally Posted By: lawnchairboy
Love it, another trip to add to the bucket list

Dual sportin' Clampett style? I'm in!

Kenny/Todd, if I say I hate you, please take it as a high compliment. Seeing those pictures makes me think I need to go have a smoke now! dopeslap

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#640046 - 09/28/10 03:56 AM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: Matts_12GS]
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Thanks for the pix.
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#640089 - 09/28/10 12:18 PM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: itchybro]
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Guys, I have just about zero off-road riding experience, but your pics and stories make me want more. Thanks for sharing...

Wanderlust strikes again...

#640096 - 09/28/10 12:40 PM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: Joe Frickin' Friday]
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vERY vERY wow.!
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#640120 - 09/28/10 02:03 PM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: hANNAbONE]
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Having just been there this week, I can't be too jealous but there is some... smile Glad you guys enjoyed it so much!
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#640128 - 09/28/10 02:28 PM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: azkaisr]
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Day 2 Richfield to Baker N

The road out of Richfield climbs up into the Fishlake National forest.

on up into the Aspens where Kenny puts on a bit of show for the camera

And soon we are on the Paiute Trail,the largest ATV trail in the country and of course what goes up must come back down and it happens very quickly.We are down to a ATV trail coming down the ridgeline when the trail disappears.If you have ever ridden a roller coaster and remember going over the top of that first steep hill and it looks straight down.......thats what I can relate to going over that hill.It looked straight down and felt the same.Covered in silt and loose rock the decent was somewhat overwhelming. GULP ! Full lock on the brakes and your still picking up speed as the locked wheels cut ruts into silt.Finally after overcoming the urge(you Know the one I 'm talking ) I let off the brakes and let it roll,dodging the biggest rocks and applying the brakes only where traction is available. We made it...sorry no pics

This pic looks back up the trail we came down but the pic flattens the slope

Glad that one is behind us

This one looks like a crash.My rear bag fell off and its so steep here there is no way I can get off the bike and have it stand by itself,so I layed it over on the bank and retrieved the bag.

The road gets better and Kenny waits on one of the locals to get her fill before crossing the creek.

Life is good for a while

Kenny takes a side trip

I would have liked to have made the trip when this car was still running

Kenny thinks there is a problem with his rear tire as its starting to wear.I'm pretty sure I know what the problem is.. rofl

Click on Pic

Crystal Peak coming up.Its really weird how the Geology changes within a few miles

Sam (the trail creator) sometimes likes to throw a change just when you think the day is over.Two track the rest of the way into Baker.

We finally connect with the Kiwi group thats on the trail

Another full day.
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#640169 - 09/28/10 05:00 PM Re: Westward Ho ! 2010 [Re: big-t]
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I'm lovin' it! Thanks guys!!!!

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