In discussing ways to enhance and improve the membership experience here at BMWST, one thing that was brought up by a member of the Admin Team was that we have some wonderful photographers. We mean that most of you are very good and some of you are exceptional. And yet these pictures end up here and there, with virtually no organization, because they serve in support of some Ride Tale or technical help about which you've posted. That should not change.

Scenic and scenery photos have a place, usually in Ride Tales. Technical photos have a number of forums into which they serve their purpose. But we don't have a place to share motorcycle photos ONLY.

By that we mean great photos with bikes and/or related gear in them. Racing photos of some event you attended. A beauty photo of your bike, freshly washed or filthy from some rainy dual-track roost, dripping with an untold story. So we decided to create MotoPhoto.

Here is where you post your beautiful shutter captures and your artsy recordings. We want to keep it simple, but there are some rules.

1. Please don't post your photos in another member's thread. Let them have their space, and post your photos in your own thread. Please be courteous and share photos in a thread ONLY if the OP has invited you to do so.

2. Racing photos are good because we appreciate those who can find that ragged edge and hold it there. This is not limited to roadracing. Off-road pics are good, too.

3. Scenic shots really SHOULD have a motorcycle or motorcycle-related item in them. Even using this as as an artistic element is acceptable. Just show a rider was there. Otherwise it's just a scenic shot and belongs in your Ride Tale.

5. Please size your photos correctly. Oversize photos and those outside of the intent of this forum, will, unfortunately, be deleted.

6. Be sure and compliment your fellow members. Tell them what you enjoy and what you see in their photography. Your comments need not contain a photo.


Cary, Gleno, Rodger, Paul,
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We will never forget you.

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