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#750918 - 01/03/12 04:11 AM Re: How dangerous is motorcycling? [Re: beemerman2k]
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Our lives can end at any time in many different ways with no notice. I ride because it allows me to enjoy this time of life that I have more thoroughly. I have also worked with alcoholics and drug addicts and assure you that the lives that many, if not all of them have to endure are dark indeed. Drug and alcohol use is not a recreational activity. Those things may start that way but freedom gives way to bondage and joy to sadness.
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#750923 - 01/03/12 04:33 AM Re: How dangerous is motorcycling? [Re: beemerman2k]
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I don't think anyone with even half a brain would ever suggest that riding a motorcycle is not a very dangerous activity.
We all do things on a daily basis that any number of other people might consider unsafe. The very act of getting behind the wheel of a car is even dangerous to a certain degree.
Having said that, if the unimaginable should happen and we die doing something that we have to do as a daily occurance in our lives, such as commuting to work, then our friends and family will feel the pain of our passing and probably chalk it up to just bad luck or some such thing. If on the other hand, we should die while riding our motorcycle, while their reaction might be similar, in the backs of their minds, will they be thinking "I/we told you so".
THIS, for me, is what is hard to deal with.

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#750926 - 01/03/12 04:45 AM Re: How dangerous is motorcycling? [Re: BerndM]
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B2K....Getting cold in MA? laugh Well no doubt transportation in general has the potential to shorten your life..

Train, plane, automobile, motorcycle, roller blades..

I live in a high stress job..very high stress...riding my bike on the weekends takes away a good bit of that stress for a few hours...or at least makes me think it does. I worry more, as does the wife unit, of me falling over dead from a heart attack related to business stress than getting squashed on the road.

The one thing I share a different opinion on is ATGATT. I think (or at least hope) it makes survival much better than without. At least a whole lot less road rash and head trauma...I hope!

Hope it warms up in MA soon before you ask us another thought provoking question laugh

#750927 - 01/03/12 04:48 AM Re: How dangerous is motorcycling? [Re: Bmr Deacon]
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Well, I ride in groups a lot, but I'll go home before I'll ride in one that includes a helmetless rider--that increases my risk. It's nothing to do with me judging the other guy stupid but it remains he can be taken out in front of me by a ladybug. And, if he's behind me when he's taken out that's a bummer for me, too.

The largest criminal element in the USA and the largest threat on USA highways is drivers of 18-wheelers. You can make your Smart be a Humvee and it won't make any difference. But we live with it, don't we, and our law enforcement does nothing.

I don't commute and only ride the back roads as much as I can. I live in a state that has few if any earthquakes or tornadoes or hurricanes. But, last Friday I rode right by the recently deceased "mad scientist's" explosives lab about a half day before it was discovered and the road was closed and EOD called. Sh*t happens.
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#750928 - 01/03/12 05:08 AM Re: How dangerous is motorcycling? [Re: beemerman2k]
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I see risky behavior as a balance scale. Does the fun of riding a motorcycle outweigh the odds of having an accident? Does the pleasure (?) of smoking outweigh the health risks? Eating cheesecake vs obesity? Dipping your wick vs. VD?

Maybe the difference with motorcycling is that it's all good until it isn't. You don't have to die of lung cancer; you can just get emphysema (sp), COPD, etc. on the way to dying. Same with PAD, you can just blow out your knees carrying extra weight around or diabetes on your way. But biking doesn't take a toll until the final bell rings. Other behaviors tip the scales slowly, but biking can go bad quickly.

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#750931 - 01/03/12 05:15 AM Re: How dangerous is motorcycling? [Re: beemerman2k]
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It's extremely dangerous, given that the #1 cause of accidental death and injury in the US is vehicular accidents, and getting in them on a bike is almost always worse for the rider than a driver or passenger in a car...
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#750934 - 01/03/12 05:47 AM Re: How dangerous is motorcycling? [Re: beemerman2k]
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Of course it's dangerous. I accept that danger ... do all I can to mitigate it, but accept it. I will encourage ANYONE who wishes to ride ... as long as they also understand and accept that risk. If not, they have no place on the road anyway. The fewer knobjockeys on motorbikes I have to share the road with on mine, the better as far as I'm concerned. ATGATT? I wear it. My choice.
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#750935 - 01/03/12 06:23 AM Re: How dangerous is motorcycling? [Re: beemerman2k]
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ATGATT is an absolute must in our family.
But it's hard to encourage others to the same behavior when our Police Officer on motorbikes, who should lead by example, ride round in short sleeve shirt and no gloves.
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#750936 - 01/03/12 07:21 AM Re: How dangerous is motorcycling? [Re: Alfred02]
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Can you quantify the risk?

In my field Risk is determined by two factors:

How often might a particular hazard arise?
How much harm is likely to resu

It's complex process even in a well understood system, with known variables. Given enough $$'s, data and time it might be possible to come up with a first order risk assessment for motorcycling. But, to what end?
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#750939 - 01/03/12 08:19 AM Re: How dangerous is motorcycling? [Re: 1springer]
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It's bloody dangerous, that's the long and short of it really.

Naturally, most attempt to mitigate this somewhat by gaining skill, wearing protective clothing, avoiding Camrys and so on; but at the end of the day it's still a highly dangerous pursuit, there is no evading that.

I find it very difficult to compare the risks with something such as smoking, they are very different types of risks: immediate vs long term, and something such as smoking has associated drivers such as mental and chemical dependency, which certainly must cloud the risk assessment of any user.

I would propose that it really comes down to the risk appetite of the individual and how that individual perceives risk. I'm quite happy at times to exceed 200km/h on my commute and many would see this as unacceptable risk. I see a deserted road with ample fields of vision, combine that with a day like today with 35C temps and excellent tyre adhesion and I'm likely away. But that's my appetite, which changes with conditions; others will have more or less dependent upon theirs.

Others are happy to smoke 5 packs a day, live seemingly on lard and follow each meal with half a dozen beers. I see that as patently unacceptable risk, while they no doubt would not dream of getting on my motorcycle (not that I'd let them, you seen the price of ESA shocks?). This all boils down to perception of risk.

No matter what you do in life, there will always be somebody somewhere willing to tell you "that's dangerous, you shouldn't/can't/are crazy/will die" based upon their different assessment of risk than yours; but letís face it, life is 100% fatal and therefore highly risky in and of itself.

Nobody gets out alive, but I'm not about to give up living life just to mitigate the risk.


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