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#761283 - 02/23/12 12:54 AM Re: Other than cable choices [Re: taters]
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#761306 - 02/23/12 02:28 AM Re: Other than cable choices [Re: taters]
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My triple service (phone, internet cable) bill went up to $160 and I was pissed. So I cancelled cable completely and got the bill down to $85.

I found myself spending a lot more time with wife and kids and it was great. Then the calls started. Lots of calls from the cable sales guys. Anytime I put the phone down after a personal call, it rang and the cable sales guys were trying to get me back.

Finally I relented and got cable back for $110. I do find myself going back to the old ways but at least I'm not programming favorites anymore.

I do have Netflix and do watch it a lot (in spurts).

Eventually I did go back
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#761309 - 02/23/12 02:47 AM Re: Other than cable choices [Re: AviP]
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On my HP Touchpad, there is an app called VideoFlood HD.

Allows you to watch different shows on many different networks.

I watch them via a WiFi connection.

Check it out.

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#761351 - 02/23/12 09:40 AM Re: Other than cable choices [Re: taters]
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I ditched the cable company years ago. Put up an antenna outside. I'm limited to a few local channels, but I don't pay a monthly cable bill. I signed up far a life time subscription to Sirius satellite around six years ago, so I listen to that 95% of the time and watch the six o'clock news on TV. We have no home phone. I pay ATT around $100 a month for two cellphones (me and the wife) and internet access. So, basically, I'm paying $100 a month for all my services. In this day and time, I guess I should be happy with that, but I'm always looking for a way to cut it back.
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