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#773557 - 04/24/12 06:16 PM Techron Deal at Autozone...
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There have been a lot of discussions on fuel system cleaners lately. I was in AutoZone yesterday and they have a special on Techron (20 oz.) bottles. The regular price is $12.99 here in Virginia, and it is buy-one-get-one FREE... Just thought those of you who use this stuff ought to know. I think the sale is over on 4/30.

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#773611 - 04/24/12 08:36 PM Re: Techron Deal at Autozone... [Re: biometrics]
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Costco has a deal going on at the moment for Chevron/techron
A box of 6 - 16oz. bottles for $11.99

#773670 - 04/24/12 11:55 PM Re: Techron Deal at Autozone... [Re: dieselwrench]
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FYI- Costco sells ProGuard, an additive roughly half the strength of Techron Concentrate. Still a good deal considering you'll have to use twice as much but it's not the same thing as Autozone's Techron.

Comparison of Techron and ProGuard
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#774055 - 04/26/12 03:31 PM Re: Techron Deal at Autozone... [Re: biometrics]
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Isn't Techron in some gases? Seems redundant to add an additive to fuel that is designed to keep ones fuel delivery system clean.
Maybe if you have a bike setting all winter? But then one used Sea Foam or some such, no?
Then again if you get your gas a Bubba's old gas emporium additives may be necessary.
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#774192 - 04/27/12 03:04 AM Re: Techron Deal at Autozone... [Re: biometrics]
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I frequently go to Chevron gas stations, and buy Chevron ... gas ... with ... ? Oh, yeah, Techron.
So why add it separately?
Plus, I have never in any vehicle, since the 60's maybe, had any indication that I needed it.
But since I like to get Chevron, I get it.
I also like to get Sinclair where available. Just another of my preferences, but I don't know what additives it has.

#774407 - 04/28/12 02:13 AM Re: Techron Deal at Autozone... [Re: biometrics]
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Thanks for the heads up. My Autozone also had Mobil 1 on sale!

#774701 - 04/29/12 11:07 PM Re: Techron Deal at Autozone... [Re: David13]
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Chevron recently pulled out of the southeastern states. That is why we would add buy it as an additive.
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#774750 - 04/30/12 01:48 AM Re: Techron Deal at Autozone... [Re: 11101110]
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biometrics,....thanks for the Techron tip. I bought up a bunch of it for my RT yesterday to keep her humming. Best stuff out there. Excellent catch!

#775535 - 05/03/12 07:41 PM Re: Techron Deal at Autozone... [Re: BrickFlyer]
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Originally Posted By: BrickFlyer

Gee, that is a forum dedicated to oil. How convenient. Whenever a oil thread shows its ugly head, simply forward it.
Nice! thumbsup
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#775543 - 05/03/12 08:08 PM Re: Techron Deal at Autozone... [Re: biometrics]
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BITOG has an interesting link to an article about Blackstone Labs: Used Oil Analysis.
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