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#822336 - 02/28/13 11:55 PM Re: Going down-hill [Re: Paul Mihalka]
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My man: thinking of you.
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#822337 - 02/28/13 11:59 PM Re: Going down-hill [Re: Paul Mihalka]
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Your cyber family is with ya cause we love ya.

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#822338 - 03/01/13 12:01 AM Re: Going down-hill [Re: Paul Mihalka]
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Your not going down hill. Your resting between moto's.
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#822339 - 03/01/13 12:05 AM Re: Going down-hill [Re: Paul Mihalka]
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Prayers with you my friend,,,

#822340 - 03/01/13 12:09 AM Re: Going down-hill [Re: Paul Mihalka]
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I'm very sad to hear this, but will not only send all the healing power and love I can your way, but also take comfort in how strong and wonderful you are.

So to keep it short, we have several more testicle festivals to attend together! Heall quickly Sir!
Where will U go next?

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#822341 - 03/01/13 12:09 AM Re: Going down-hill [Re: Paul Mihalka]
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Paul, you have had such a huge influence on all of us. You have been such a great example of how to enjoy a fulfilled life. I have learned from your perspectives, your past experiences in Hungary, Venezuela, and in the USA. You are a giant among men, and I am so thankful for you.

You probably feel like you are being forced to go for this downhill ride; it's not like you can stop the bike and get off. But please know that we are sorely hoping and praying that the ride takes an uphill turn, and that you come out of the valley with yet another great ride tale to tell.

In the mean time, please share with us what we might be able to do to aid you and your lovely wife during this time.
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#822342 - 03/01/13 12:13 AM Re: Going down-hill [Re: Paul Mihalka]
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Paul, the wife and I send our best and look forward to seeing you again.

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#822343 - 03/01/13 12:19 AM Re: Going down-hill [Re: Paul Mihalka]
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Another optimist here! Just take it one day at a time my friend.
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#822344 - 03/01/13 12:19 AM Re: Going down-hill [Re: beemerman2k]
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I don't know how to say it any better than James just did.

Please know that I carry you deep in my heart and hold you in my arms even from this distance. I love you, Paul and am grateful to have experienced your love, friendship and the warmth of your home.

Sending strength to you and your remarkable Maria.

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#822345 - 03/01/13 12:20 AM Re: Going down-hill [Re: Paul Mihalka]
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Paul, I haven't met you, but have always enjoyed reading your wisdom and common sense, neither of which are easy to find in this crazy world. You have a way of putting things into perspective; thank you for that. I want to see more!

Best wishes for improvement to a full recovery. We need you here!
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