Beneath the Classified forum you will find a new forum, Classified History. This is where the Admin Team has been storing closed ads.

This now becomes a searchable archive of the sales activities of our members (including WTB and WTT ads). If you don't know the seller, but they have a sales history here in the past year, it will be in Classified History. PLEASE NOTE: You can set your personal parameters by using Display Options located at the bottom left corner of the forum page to show more than one year of ad history. We have stored approximately two years worth of old ads in this forum.

This forum is not designed to be a make-or-break decider. Many members have never sold anything here, then decide they want to sell something big, like their motorcycle. As in all transactions, it is your resonsibility to ensure your funds or products are protected to your satisfaction before engaging in a transaction. Classified History is just a searchable forum (which is why we listed it alphabetically) to assist you with that decision.