The Where To forum is designed to be a summary of links about "Where To" learn about and/or "Where To" buy products, services, as well as join BMW and other motorcycling organizations. The Where To forum's growth will be ongoing. In time, we will amass an entire library of categorized, quickly searchable data that will help link you to as many manufacturers, vendors, services and sources as possible.

In order to keep its format as clean and usable as possible, this forum is Read Only. The Admin Team will be tasked with adding information to this forum. This will come from two sources:

1. We encourage members to provide information about a product, vendor, service or group, and ask us to add it. Send this any Admin via PM. We will discuss it and if it adds value to the overall member experience, we'll add it.

2. As information becomes available within the discussions that take place on this board, Admin members may add names and links of goods and service providers.

We have done some research and have started the forum out with some populated lists, but all of these lists are incomplete. Therefore we are counting heavily on YOU to help fill this forum with information. So, if know of a source, or a product, that fits in the categories, please let an Admin know. They will add the info so it can be shared by everyone. And if you feel there's an important category we've missed, please let ME know. The Admin Team will discuss and add it if it fits the forum's criteria.

Thank you in advance for all your contributions and help.

P.S. Keep in mind that additional information will be edited INTO the current categories (threads) such that each category will only have one post. Therefore, you will not see a post count when new information is edited into an existing post. However, you will see a post increase (and a new-post notification on the main page), as we will add a new post in Forum Updates each time someone contributes information that gets added to the forum.

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