These instructions, in this first post, will be kept up to date.
Please reply with any questions or issues you are having.

Sharing a photo using hosting site SMUGMUG

Sign into Smugmug
Go to your Gallery and choose an album.
Decide which photo you want to share from the album.
CLICK IT and it appears on the right side of the open album.

Note the OWNER SHARE button. Depending on your album settings this might simply say SHARE.


In that drop down box note GET A LINK (URL)

Choose the size of the photo you want to share in your post. We'd prefer that you not go larger than extra large, as it can cause viewing issues.

CLICK on the COPY button and you will momentarily see "COPIED" and then it returns to "COPY". Don't worry. You've got the photo link (URL).

Go to the post you are creating.

You may have created an entire new topic thread, or you may be replying to an existing post, or you may be talking to another bmwst member in Private Messages (PM).

Let's say you are replying to another member's post.
CLICK the REPLY button found at the bottom of that person's post.

Or, perhaps you went to the bottom of the page and are in the Quick Reply box. You'll want to CLICK the SWITCH TO FULL REPLY button.
This will allow you to see and use the ENTER AN IMAGE tool.

Above the post you are creating you'll see icons, starting with the smiley face.

The fourth icon from the left is the Enter An Image icon.

Hover your cursor over it and you'll see:

CLICK the Enter An Image icon

You can experiment, but I almost always choose the INSERT A NON FLOATING IMAGE.

A new box appears, with "http" highlighted in blue.
Without doing anything else ....
Type COMMAND V if you have a Mac, or CTRL/V on Windows
Your link (URL) will appear in the box, like magic.

If, for some reason, you end up with two "http" ("https") in your viewable link (URL), remove one of them. You only need one.

CLICK that blue OK button and you will see:

You can check to see how your photo will look in your post by scrolling down to the PREVIEW POST button.

Now, scroll down and see how the photo looks in your post. If everything is good, CLICK the SUBMIT button and your post, with your photo, is up on the board.

Here is my post after I hit SUBMIT and the post goes up on the board:

Be sure to adjust your Smugmug security settings on your images so that anyone with the link to the image can view it.

Smugmug is not free, but they have a free trial. I've used it for many years and the customer support is excellent. (No affiliation - just a happy customer)

In Summary:

Choose a photo
Choose a size
Get a link (URL)
Go to your post
Click the Enter An Image icon
Choose Non Floating
Paste your link: Type COMMAND V if you have a Mac, or CTRL/V on Windows
Click Preview
Click Submit