Flickr is a free image hosting web-site owned by Yahoo!. As of the time of this writing, a free account is allotted 1 Terabyte of storage for photos! (I have no affiliation with the site, I'm just a cheap-skate user.) grin ~ Brian

How To Post Photos From Flickr

These instructions, in this first post, will be kept up to date.
Please reply with any questions or issues you are having.

Sharing a photo using hosting site Flickr

1. Sign into Flickr.
2. Go to your Photostream or choose an album. (Place the mouse pointer over "You", and a menu will drop down. Select "Photostream" or "Albums".

MainMenu by mnTwin, on Flickr

Decide which photo you want to share from your photostream or album.
CLICK IT and it will open in a viewing window.

Once the photo is open in a viewing window, select the "Share This Photo" icon. I edited the photo below and circled it in red and added an arrow pointing to it.

ShareThisPhoto by mnTwin, on Flickr

That will open another menu, shown in the photo below. Check the following settings (They're circled in red, and numbered):
1. Select (by clicking) "BBCode"
2. The desired size. (You can click the "V" shape to see additional sizes.) This is a good time to select a reasonable size for posting. (Maybe not the biggest!)
3. The link for your photo will be highlighted in blue!
4. Just type CTRL-C (on a PC) or CMD-C (on a Mac) to copy that link.

OneTwoThree by mnTwin, on Flickr

Now the fun part! You can add the photo link to your post by two methods. The first is the easiest (I think). But the second method works too.
Method 1. In your post, just type CTRL-V (on a PC), or CMD-V (on a Mac). This will paste the link from Flickr directly into your post. Easy Peasy!

Method 2. In the tool bar above the post entry area, click on the "Enter an image" icon (circled in red in the image below.)
Enter an image by mnTwin, on Flickr

Choose a type--I've chosen "Insert a non-floating image".
Insert a non-floating image by mnTwin, on Flickr

An entry box will be displayed, just paste the link into the highlighted box, and click "OK" after pasting:

Note: When using method two, make sure that you "over-write" the highlighted "http://". If you don't, there will be an extra "http://" stuck on the front of the link you copied from Flickr.

After using one of the two methods above, it will look something like this in the post entry area:
[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]DSCN2485[/url] by [url=]mnTwin[/url], on Flickr

Don't be frightened! It will look like this when posted.
DSCN2485 by mnTwin, on Flickr

It's beautiful, isn't it?

Note: At this point, you can click the "Preview Post" button (below the post entry box), and you should be able to see what your post, including the photo, will look like.

When satisfied, click the "Submit" button.

To summarize:
1. Log into Flickr.
2. Select "Photostream" or "Albums"
3. Click on the photo that you want to post.
4. Check the settings, (BBCode, Size), then copy the link.
5. Paste that link into your post (method 1 or method 2).
6. Preview to make sure it displays as expected. (If it doesn't, ask for help! PM me (mnTwin) or one of the admins.
7. Enjoy!

We'd like to thank Brian for helping folks out with this Thread