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#901018 - 08/25/14 07:11 PM Re: Passing of the Legend [Re: gottago]
Patallaire Offline

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Sorry to learn this, we forget sometimes how and why we got started. I met Gary at the first un-rally. A great experience and he was so attentive to the details.
This is truly a loss for us all.
Pat Allaire
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#901021 - 08/25/14 07:25 PM Re: Passing of the Legend [Re: upflying]
Stan Walker Offline

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He will be missed.

I'll take some curves for him on my trip to Sipapu next week.

Stan Walker
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#901022 - 08/25/14 07:31 PM Re: Passing of the Legend [Re: Stan Walker]
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Ugggh, that sucks.

Cary was awesome. What a great guy. We have very fond memories of him. He hosted Patti and I after the Un on our honeymoon ride cross country. What a memory. What a man.

The impact he had was quietly tremendous.


#901026 - 08/25/14 07:54 PM Re: Passing of the Legend [Re: Kris]
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We had planned our honeymoon cross-country trip to coincide with the first Unrally in Gunnison, CO. The final destination was Cary's house, where we stayed for a few days touring up and down the coast and having some bike work done at Marin BMW before Cary crated it up and shipped it home for us. The first night we were at his house happened to be Spike's birthday, so he threw a mini surprise party. If I remember correctly, he cooked steaks and got a really nice cake... I have pictures somewhere. smile

We were so sad to hear about Marin BMW closing. I'm equally sad now to hear that he has passed. He'll be missed by a lot of people, including us.

#901028 - 08/25/14 08:09 PM Re: Passing of the Legend [Re: Kris]
tallman Offline
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Sad news indeed.

I owe him a debt that can never be repaid.

So many people, memories, and miles...

all because of his dream to make the boxer world more user friendly.

RIP and yes, Beth and I will celebrate his life.
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#901033 - 08/25/14 08:23 PM Re: Passing of the Legend [Re: russell_bynum]
weaselwayne Offline

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Gone to soon. Thanks for all you have done. Rest in Peace

#901041 - 08/25/14 08:41 PM Re: Passing of the Legend [Re: tallman]
WURTY Offline

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Sad news I read today.
All of our lives could have taken a much different turn if not for Cary Littell . Where would we all be without Cary and his BMW influence on our lives ? I would still be a Poser on another Black Harley. If not for emailing Cary on a BMW motorcycle he had for sale I never would have met him . Soon after talking on the phone he made sure I barfed up the Harley Koolaid and realize that there are motorcycles actually turn and stop . 2 days later I was the owner of the 1997 bmw RT1100 I bought from him and I was now Free from the curse of the shitty loud motorcycle.
A hundred thousand miles later I still have a great group of friends that I would have never met without Cary's vision.
He came to Idaho visit us not too long ago. How was I to know the last time .
"The Butcher of Boulder"
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#901042 - 08/25/14 08:44 PM Re: Passing of the Legend [Re: Kris]
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Very sad news. Cary was always smiling and happy every time I saw him.

Life is very short for the good ones.
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#901052 - 08/25/14 09:45 PM Re: Passing of the Legend [Re: Kris]
BrianT Offline

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Thanks for letting us know Kris! Great guy who I did not get enough time with. But I will always be thankful for having had him in my life, because without him I wouldn't have had the adventures I had or the friendships I made here for the past 14 years and hopefully many more. To steal a line from a movie, "The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long. And you have burned so very, very brightly." Godspeed Cary, you won't be forgotten.
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#901058 - 08/25/14 10:45 PM Re: Passing of the Legend [Re: Kris]
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Cary, rest in peace, and thanks for being the genesis of this family-like community. You will be missed.
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