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#945802 - 10/18/15 05:37 AM Re: Sorry, mate, I didn't see you! [Re: szurszewski]
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Thank you, excellent write-up. I get it now. Makes a lot of sense. thumbsup

#945858 - 10/18/15 11:18 PM Re: Sorry, mate, I didn't see you! [Re: szurszewski]
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Very good effort on your part! clap


#946833 - 11/02/15 03:25 PM Re: Sorry, mate, I didn't see you! [Re: Bill_Walker]
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I tend to think that being aware of our invisibility is 90% of the battle. The evolutionary truth is that the human brain does not do all that well with processing small objects moving straight at the viewer at 100 feet/second.

Being aware of this and adopting some affirmative strategy--weaving, a triangulated lighting system, modulators, high-viz clothing--are all helpful, but most helpful is riding with the attitude that you're invisible.

Fundamental to that is playing the "what if" mental game--constantly anticipating the unanticipated, and factoring in at least one "escape," whether it's hard braking or a steering maneuver.
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#964185 - 06/22/16 10:05 PM Re: Sorry, mate, I didn't see you! [Re: Dave_zoom_zoom]
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Great posts. Some times, while traveling in a straight line, I'll rock my bike side to side in a small arc so as to break the stationary plane and create headlight movement. This is especially helpful when I'm in small and close together traffic lanes and have no room to weave or make other directional changes

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