This may already be known, but I haven't come across it before --

I've always found the primary coil removal tools to be awkward to use -- too easy to slip out of the coil's groove.

Last time I had one out, I noticed a couple fairly stout surfaces on the underside, next to the connector:

I found that an offset screwdriver fit perfectly for *slowly* leveraging the coil out far enough to pop the COP off the spark plug and be grab-able with fingers:

The tool tip should rest against the thicker parts and not on the thin connector sections, and you should concentrate on sliding the "elbow" of the offset screwdriver toward the coil body as the coil moves outward (keeps the tip next to the coil, not sliding outward to the thin connector section).

Offset screwdrivers are now a part of my on-board tool kits.

Mark Neblett
Fairfax, VA