In the relatively brief time he's been a member here at (about a year) Mike Greiff has impressed the Admin Team with his level headed approach to things, his constructive demeanor, and his wisdom in dealing with sensitive situations. We've been thinking about adding a new Administrator for a while, and Mike met our criteria.

Please welcome him ( similar thread is open in Riders Discuss Other Topics). He's got a steep learning curve ahead of him as he wades through all the behind-the-scenes issues and controls that help keep this place running smoothly, but we're certain that he'll be making this an even more welcome place for all our members to visit in very short order.

Cary, Gleno, Rodger, Paul,
Godspeed, my brothers.
We will never forget you.

Teach your children about taxes. Eat 40% of their ice cream cone.

Do you have a MotoReflective Reflective Kit (Link) for the rear of your BMW?