Not that long ago, we added several new Admins. Glenn Reed, Greiffster and Eddd. Unfortunately, Eddd, as well as Kathy, have decided to move on, so they've resigned their commissions.

Eddd says he's made a LOT of friends on this board, so he'll be sticking around. And of course we'll see him at the Un this year, as well as several Torrey events. Since he moved from gulf coast to Hurricane, UT, Torrey is now just a hop, skip and jump away from his home (lucky guy).

Ed's an extraordinary person. He's innovative, creative and he's got a deep caring for his fellow man that shows in how big his heart is. Some of you may remember the Gold Wing rider who came up missing while out on a tour (not a member here, but elsewhere). I know how impressed I was with Ed's diligence in helping to search for the missing pilot. He rode. He searched. He coordinated with others. He gave it a superhuman effort. Unfortunately, that did not have a happy ending, but not because Ed (and others) didn't do a remarkable job. And he didn't even know the man.

Kathy has been a one-person Admin machine. She's been on top of the board first thing in the morning verifying new member registrations that have come in overnight, approving those who look to be good folk, and blocking the undesirables (those who check out as spammers). Kathy's also made the Classified section her personal mission. It runs smoothly as well as has a Classified History Forum where people can check out a seller's previous transactions. This is all because of her.

We'll miss both of them around the Admin water cooler. But we still have a very strong and diverse Team to help run this place, so we'll keep marching forward. There are some forum changes and additions that will be taking place later this summer, and a few other things to freshen this place up as well as give it added versatility and appeal.

We wish Ed and Kathy success in their other plans and adventures. And we want to make sure we thank them for the service they've provided this board and its members. It's a better place because of their contributions.

Cary, Gleno, Rodger, Paul,
Godspeed, my brothers.
We will never forget you.

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