If you're a Member, you already know this. But if you're a Vendor, this forum is a dramatic change for us. We've been non-commercial since our inception. And while we'll still be Ad-Free, we've opened up this forum to allow Vendors to present their products to our members, and to have discussions about them, their features, benefits, costs, installation, etc.

IMPORANT!!! HOW TO REGISTER. To register as a "Vendor", when you submit your registration, please be sure to set your Username as "Vendor: XXXXXXXX". For example, Vendor: Joe's Motorcycle Tires. This is very important because it tells our Admin Team that when we approve your registration, we need to code you as a "Vendor." Only Vendors can start new threads in this forum. Anyone can reply, but only Vendors get to initiate. Also, as a vendor you should only post here under your Vendor account name. If you have a separate Member account, please don't use that here.

GENERAL POSTING RULES: As for posting rules, one thread per vendor please. If you sell red widgets and you come out with green ones, same thread, please. However, if you invent a completely new clakityclank, then that might warrant a separate thread. Keeping to your own thread helps give everyone a chance to be seen and read. As for frequency, right now that's kind of open. All we ask is that no one turn this into "Deal of the Day" or otherwise abuse the privilege this forum provides (that includes "no bumping"). Be smart. Communicate well. Do it a couple times a month so our members know you're interested in engaging them. Please be sure your product/service is motorcycle related. And please be sure you clearly state a retail price as well as how you can be contacted.

Your participation with the Vendors is important. We want you to ask questions and engage them so they know we want them here. However, this is not the place to air any personal issues you may have. Take those offline, though if it's sufficiently serious, tell the Admin Team about it. Please don't bother with minutia like My Shipment Was Three Days Late, or No One Returned My Email For A Week (or at all). Stuff happens. However, if you have a serious case of being mistreated or ripped off, let us know. We'll keep tabs. And if enough people have compelling complaints about a given vendor, we may open a discussion about that vendor. Still, singling out a vendor for ethics/integrity is going to take a LOT of evidence. Remember, the purpose here is to have an informative communication exchange. So, support those who support our BMWST community and who take the time to post here and keep us informed on the latest.

We've had a long-standing policy against member-organized Group Buys. In the past, some have "blown up" and people expected the Admin Team to somehow "make it right." The Admin Team is all volunteers, and sweeping up other peoples' messes is not part of what we're here to do. Therefore, the policy against member-organized Group Buys stands. However, now that we have this forum, if a Vendor wishes to propose a Group Buy and fully manage it to a successful conclusion, we will allow that. Vendors, it's up to you. YOU start it. YOU organize/manage it. YOU make sure it goes well. And if it doesn't, YOU sweep up. Fair is fair.

This forum is free. You can post here without donating to this non-commercial, member-supported board, and without offering our members the occasional special or three. However, if you feel like donating to the board because it has helped your business, everyone would appreciate it.

OK, we're starting off with as few rules as possible in order to let this new Forum grow its legs and stand on its own. There may be changes from time to time. But generally (and VENDORS, This Is Important) our members pride themselves on their decorum and courtesy. We expect the same from everyone.

Oh, and Members, when you interact with a Vendor from whom you're purchasing something out in the bizworld or e-World, tell them about this forum and invite them to participate.

Cary, Gleno, Rodger, Paul,
Godspeed, my brothers.
We will never forget you.

Teach your children about taxes. Eat 40% of their ice cream cone.

Do you have a MotoReflective Reflective Kit (Link) for the rear of your BMW?